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There is still too much injustice in this world-we have to lower it

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Started: 5/19/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Yes, we have overcome war trauma, scars from whatever injustice we have faced. However it appears we still have not learned from our mistakes at all.

Women may have rights in the US now, but there STILL hasn't been a woman for president!

When men are whores, no one makes as big a deal out of it compared to women being whores.

A woman can walk around in a bikini and no one cares so you aren't arrested, even though bikini's show over 90% of the body. But when you walk around in your bra and underwear it's considered almost nudity so you have a huge risk of getting arrested. Yes, I know bras and underwear are supposed to symbolize intimacy, but they are covering the EXACT SAME PARTS. You may say, "Some bras and underwear don't cover as well" and I agree. But it doesn't mean they ALL DO. Some are just as fine. But don't judge them as a slut without knowing them. Just because it looks slutty it doesn't mean they are sluts. You have to act like one; it's more than dressing like one.

And how even businesses judge before they know! If you don't have a high school diploma or college degree, they automatically assume you're stupid and/or had no dedication to school when they don't even know the reason why you dropped out or what you have learned anyway! Public/private schools and college are NOT the only way to get educated. Steve Jobs was a college dropout by the time , and LOOK AT HIM! I don't care if it's a rarity. We never know who is going to be that rarity until it happens.

The majority of people are still sexist, judge by tattoos, judge by piercings, judge by this or that

In other words, they have NOT learned from our past and do not use logic the way we should.

They only think this way or the way they were taught.

I cannot stand it.

We need to do what makes sense and what is right, not what everyone will accept or what they consider "normal."

Everyone can have their opinions. But we have got to make sure injustice does not spread. Not end it, but stop it from spreading.


Hi well first off I'll tell you that I am absolutely new to this debating experience so please forgive me for my mistakes. Now I would like to address what is exactly the topic we are debating about? Am I to debate that there is justice in the world or to explain why there is injustice in the world?
Debate Round No. 1


Why there is enough justice in this world today opposed to my beliefs that there is too much injustice.


Hm, well honestly it's just life. Right now even though there are wars and violence and corruption in some parts of the

world in my opinion the world right now is great. It's not at its greatest that it can but how perfect can the world get?

When there is good there will be evil and when there is evil there will be good. Its not only you that has realized how

injustice the world is but a lot of people too! We have all worked on that and crime rates and violence have gone down.

Sometimes you might not be able to see it because of what the news portray but what does the news portray? To catch

people's attention the news most of the times presents bad events. Good things do happen in the world but sometimes

you just got to look harder to see it. People can be bad and horrible but they can also be good and sincere. There are

people who can be optimistic but there are also people who can be pessimistic. In the end it all comes down to opinion

and how you see it. For me, I think that most of us are doing all that we can and I'm happy.
Debate Round No. 2


TheINFJofINFJS forfeited this round.


Ofek forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by brendan4352 7 years ago
i would take this one accept for the fact that i strongly agree with you.
Posted by EndarkenedRationalist 7 years ago
I see how people could argue this, but it wouldn't be easy.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 7 years ago
I don't know.

But sometime's someone's optimism makes sense.

I don't know.

We are supposed to see after each debator making arguments to see which argument the voters agree with more.

You are the ones that decide based on the arguments.
Posted by Finalfan 7 years ago
How can anyone argue against this without a head in the sand approach?
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