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There should be more Moderators on DDO

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Started: 3/29/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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During a recent interview between PhiloChristos and Airmax, it was revealed that there are only two Moderators on DDO.

Airmax and Ore_ele.

Recent events have shown that although both moderators are generally reliable, all humans are subject to lapses of judgment.

These two men control the community of DDO and it's users.
They have the ability to Delete posts, Delete Debates, Delete Opinions, Delete polls, Delete Accounts, delete, delete, delete.

Although thier powers are used for the general good of the community and the site, they are not necessarily all wise in thier dealings.

Spam posts are rampant in the Forum Section, Spam polls are rampant in the Polls section, Spam debates are rampant in the Debate section, and Spam oppinions are rampant in the oppinions section.

Although many DDO users have had thier accounts blocked over the years for spamming, there seems to be a few individuals that skate by without fear of reprisal. I believe this is largely due to friendships between the users and the moderators.

But the real reason that there should be more moderators is two guys just don't have enough time to cull all of the content that is on the site. Some of the old forums should be locked, some should be deleted that aren't, and some of the stickied informational forums should have posts removed that do not attribute to the information trying to be conveyed.

I will give examples and rebuttals in round 2.


I accept. State your case.
Debate Round No. 1


The most beneficial use of increased number of moderators will be to sort an organize content on DDO.

Here are some examples of where a volunteer moderator has benenfited the site by using a forum to oganize content.

The Mafia and Fate Mod lists.

Theese two list are beneficial to keep the Games organized and provide an outlet for the game makers to be curteous to one another in the spirit of community.

F-16 has even created a list of old mafia games that is consolidated and easy to navigate.

I bring up thes mafia games because I believe they are prime example of how a number of Moderators can work together in an organized manner to create better content for the site.

The Priority of Moderators
I am not a moderator, but here is my list of priorities of what I believe the moderators should focus on.
-Abusive Users - Users who continuously abuse the site rules and TOS.
-Abusive Content- Content that detracts from the integrity of the site. I.E.posts that include advertising, Harrasment, or other malcontent.
-New User Assistance- When new users join there should be people who are willing to help them out.
-Making the site better- upgrading the site's features, making voting better, adding team debates, moderating tournaments. Stickying posts to the forums.
-Organizing the site content.-

There are multiple areas of this site where content organization should happen quickly. It is my belief that this is not happening because there are too many other issues that are prioritized above organization. Airmax and Ore_ele are busy assisting new users, resolving conflicts among members, and ensuring that voting privlages are used appropriately. There isn't any time to go through the pleathora of content and make it more easily siftable.

The moderators as they currently stand
I believe that is inherent in human nature that no moderator will be completely honest in thier dealings as an individual. But a team of moderators would be able to group think and come to reasonble conclusions that are as a whole beneficial to the site. Although I have full faith and confidence in the current moderators abilities and interest to act in favor of DDO, they are subject to thier own personal views. In the short time that I have been here, Both Airmax and Ore_Ele have been accused of agregious mis-uses of thier assignments. Some of the accusations have included favoritism towards certain abusive users, harsh punishments against unliked users, over all acting unpofessionally. A group of 5 moderators would provide a level accountability for the moderators to act professionaly towards the users, and an outlet for users who have been wronged by other moderators to vent thier frustration in a professional and contributory manner, rather than post explitive forums.

When the forums are being used as a retaliation measure, it isn't good for the site.

The moderators as they could be with a team of 5

With a group of individuals become a social group they begin to create rules and design systems which a culture of the way they operate. A group of five people can keep each member of the group more honest because the individuals are likely to fear being rejected by the group. When there are 5 members on a team, the members are likely to know the responsibilities of the other team member and the ability to replace a rouge member is easier and more desireable than allowing a permanantly corrupt member to continue.

Have you ever tried to tell your best friend that something was wrong? It never works out. You lose a friend and they still do whatever it was that they wanted to do in the first place. Let's say the Ore_ele did something and Airmax doesn't like. Airmax and Ore_ele are best friends do you think that one disagreement is going to cause them to stop being friends? I don't. Even if one did do something wrong, the bond between the two cannot be broken by tattle taling on the offending moderator. However, if there are team of five, the individuals are more likely to hold the culture in higher prestige than they do other individuals.




F-16 has even created a list of old mafia games that is consolidated and easy to navigate.

This is off topic for the "Resolution." Any games is different from "Mod" job.

Priority of "Moderators"

I appreciate the ideas of my opponent but again this is off topic, even two moderators can fulfill all the priorities.

The Current stand of "Moderators"

All my opponent has done is presenting his opinions. DDO is running smoothly and the "Mods" are doing a pretty good job.

Moderators team of 5

As said earlier, the present system is running better and smoothly but I agree there are some misunderstandings here and there but the present two moderators here are doing a pretty good job.


1. The Current System is going on good.

Change is only necessary when there is a serious necessity, but as the present system has no serious issues there is no need for a change as of now.

2. Too many moderators

If there are too many moderators are appointed then there is risk of misunderstanding. One may not agree with another and they themselves may fight.

3. Problem is solved effectively

As known, the present system is going on good. Any problem is solved with care and accuracy.


I'm not providing any sources as this topic is well known for users, therefore I request voters not to award source points. In addition, My opponent merely presented his opinions and has not shown effectively, Why there is need more moderators on DDO? When the present system is running smoothly it should not be disturbed which may create problems
Debate Round No. 2


Ok, so this moderator thing is getting rediculous.

Did you know, Krazzy Player has been going around the forums claiming to be a "hunter"? 0_0

This is an obvious reaction to a low number of moderators.

I'm providing a short video that represents the way that Krazzy Player has been acting these past few days.

I believe that he thinks he is a real life super hero. If there were enough police who had the best interest of of the town in mind, there would be no need for these clowns to go around harassing everyone with out the proper authority.

Likewise, there would be no need for users to try moderating without the proper authority to do so.

Krazzy player, has overstepped his bounds as a user and been banned.

An adequate number of moderator could have stopped, not only his hateful post conerning too much banning, but could also put a stop to the excessive number of spam posts concerning people leaving.

It is easy to see that the posts are spam, and that they are not deleted. This either says that the moderators are not doing thier job so amazingly as we would like to believe or they just don't have the ability to moderate every little post that shows up on the site.

There should be more moderators to deal with increased forum spamming.
There should be more moderators to create a moderator culture and an adequate level of accountability among moderators.

Thanks for moving the Debate out of the Challenge phase Krazzy.


Krazzy_Player forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by wrichcirw 6 years ago
Hmmm...I just read this. I'm in near-full agreement with PRO's round #1 and #2.

IMHO the flaws of the current moderators are pronounced, and I have a far more negative opinion about the level of collusion and cronyism that pervades the "higher ranks" here.
Posted by 9spaceking 6 years ago
Ore_Ele is a mod?!! Didn't know that. Does AirMax ever debate?
Posted by Josh_b 7 years ago
vikki is that you?
Posted by Dragon28391 7 years ago
Sorry I have to forfeit for the 1st time.
Posted by Krazzy_Player 7 years ago
Can't say 1 day left. T'm I'll become busy. I'm thinking what to do?
Posted by Josh_b 7 years ago
thanks for moving the debate out of the challenge period.
I'm sure anything you type will be fine. Please don't forfeit.
Posted by Krazzy_Player 7 years ago
I'm feeling hectic and don't know I can debate this.
Posted by Josh_b 7 years ago
Because no one has accepted this debate, I am going to assume that it is largely agreed with. So I am taking it to the opinion sections. Feel free to comment.
Posted by Josh_b 7 years ago
I'll just bring up something I think is obvious.
This is a thread about how to play Mafia.

It contains a lot of useless information that should be deleted, and the thread should be locked from allowing any future user to post to it. Does one person have time to do that for the whole site? NO! Is it trivial? only if you only have one moderator. It's like focusing on speeding tickets in a war zone. There needs to be enough moderators to deal with everything from the traumatic to the trivial.
Posted by GodChoosesLife 7 years ago
What problems do you refer to Josh? Just curious.
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Vote Placed by 9spaceking 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: pro was more compelling
Vote Placed by Haroush 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Even though I don't agree with pro, he made a more convincing argument by going into more detail than con. I will say this con.. I do agree and in my opinion you were arguing on the right side of the spectrum.

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