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There should be no intercourse before the age of 18

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Started: 5/18/2014 Category: People
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By intercourse, I do mean sex.

It is up to my opponent to decide how low he/she would set the bar.

Also, I do not want there to be sourcing. At least as little as possible.
I believe sourcing internet sources is useless, as you can find pretty much anything on the internet. It might make you feel smarter or stronger, but almost every source on the internet has another one contradicting it. ONLY SOURCE if your opponent says the direct opposite of what you said.

This debate should be based on reasoning and real-life experiences.


I feel the same way about sourcing.
My position is that there should be "intercourse" before 18; Not for everyone of course, just for people who feel like doing it.
Make your points first please.
Debate Round No. 1


First I'd like to adress a few small things; I'm from Belgium and here after the age of 18 you leave high school for university (not sure if it's the same where you live?)
Also, I've checked your profile and I agree with you on the Ukraine situation. You made very strong points there!

Okay, here are my points:

1) After the age of 18, you can take care of the consequences. You'll be able to live alone, take care of a baby (if that is what happened). You'll have finished high school and will have a certain future and would even be able to take a year off before going to college. A baby would no longer be that much of a problem.

2) After the age of 18, you can legally do it. This means that afterwards, you can't possibly be charged with anything.

3) At the age of 18 you are significantly more wise. A lot of people can "feel like doing it", the way you said it (probably everyone already FEELS like doing it at earlier ages), but very little of them are actually wise enough to see that virginity is a big thing and that love is no joke. After the age of 18, regretting your actions will be less likely. But even for the few that do really love each other, isn't waiting more romantic than hurrying it?

4) If everyone vowed to wait until the age of 18, this would have 2 consequences.

A: Alot less jealousy among teenagers. Everyone has heard them bragging, and it can hurt those who are less lucky in life.

B: Generally, love would be much more erotic as some carnal desires would not be fulfilled. Couples will grow more towards one another as it will be so much more special. Exploring the other gender would be much more interesting as temptation will be a bigger factor. Curiosity would not be fulfilled in one big blow. It would also promote romance as we like it, since whenever we watch movies/ read books we never ache for the teenager to have sex. We prefer seeing love and characters slightly getting to know each other. Isn't this what we want in life?

I'm eager to hear my opponent's thoughts!


Thanks for Ukraine thing! I live in Serbia and it works pretty much the same way.
I will address your points now.

1) Babies don't happen often after sex. And in the cases where they do happen, abortion is a nice solution.
I don't think finishing high school would make situation better. In my country there are above 20% unemployed people. People are struggling to find a job, even after finishing university.

2) Rape is crime. If two people want to have sex, no one has right to stop them.

3) If you want romantic relationship more then sex, it is good for you not to have sex. If someone wants sex more then romantic relationship, it is good for them to have sex. You perceive love as a very serious thing, and some people do not. For those people, this is not a good argument.

4) I don't like vows, and I don't take them seriously. Keeping promises for years is way too painful. Not everyone would vow if you asked them. Forcing vows would have as effect people breaking those vows in order to feel more free. It would indeed be a good thing, just like it would be a good thing if people could fly like an airplane, but it is not the case for consideration.

I do like your points and the way you put them. I will make my points now.

1) It is hard for teenagers to resist their desires. They would feel deprived of something good.

2) Impulses that teenagers feel are very natural. Society says we should wait until we are wise, but our DNA disagrees.

3) If people in relationship really love each other, their relationship will feel incomplete.

4) Sex is good stress reliever. And not just stress. People accumulate need for violence when they feel oppressed. Significant part of this is disappears with satisfaction of sex.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your reply! And since you live in Serbia, I'll also tell you that what Croatia did to Serbia was horrible. They shouldn't have gotten help from America!

I'll reply to your counterarguments first:

1) You are right that babies don't happen often. There are a great deal of protection methods. But, should pregnancy still happen accidentally, the child will still have to tell their parents, get an abortion etc. I doubt these are "happy moments in life", but my opponent has shown that the amount of people affected by it are considerably smaller. I must still use
this small group of people with the most negative consequences as a result of underaged sex, though.

2) I don't know for Serbia, but in my country you could actually be charged for underaged sex. The argument can be dropped, though, if this is not internationally true. But say, if a boyfriend is 18 and the girlfriend 16, wouldn't she be able to charge him?

3) Although that is true, I have said in my argument that people are not wise enough to know what they want. Once they're 18, they could really have what they want all the time.

4) A vow was not the best way to put it, that's true. I spoke of changing the morality, perhaps that's the best way to put it: currently, we all live believing that cheating is wrong. That is a common conception we have about cheating. Yet alot of people still do it. Sex once was like that, and it was a taboo. It should be like that again: people still are free to do it, but it is morally wrong not to be able to wait. Could you reply to the advantages I have given concerning this part?

My counterarguments to your arguments:

1) This is true, but they would also feel more curious about the other sex. It used to be possible for people not to have sex before the age of 18, but now people have sexual desires at such a young age. People should simply suppress their desires until they are old enough to enjoy it. Just like driving a car on the road for car fanatics.

2) Naturally, yes, we do feel the need to make love. That is common with all humans. Yet we don't live in a natural society anymore, and it wouldn't be good if some people actually had their desires fulfilled while a majority is left standing with their desires unfulfilled. This is but one example of how our natural needs no longer concede with our unnatural society.

3) Here we could argue what "really loving" is, but if you really love someone wouldn't it be better to wait? After all, most relationships before the age of 18 do end.

4) Ditto on that, my brother. Although there exists an alternative: your right hand!


In Serbia, if she was 16 and he was 18, she wouldn't be able to charge him. For under 16, there are some complex laws, but they are not available to the public. Not even lawyers in Serbia know all laws, they just know laws in their area.

Some people are much wiser then other people at the same age. If people should not have sex for not being wise, then it shouldn't be up the age.

I don't think jealousy should mitigated by taking away goods from people. I think we can all agree we want love, but I don't think we can all agree we want romance.

I hate waiting. And I don't find anything good about it. Even if sex would be more joyful after waiting, which I doubt; Pain from waiting would still be greater, and waiting would not be profitable.

I don't regard masturbation as an alternative for sex. It may help a little as a stress reliever, but it does not bring that kind of satisfaction. During sex, feeling of love and being loved is enlarged to the maximum.

I don't regard relationship as something meant to last until death. I don't like idea of people in relationship owning each other. They should be in relationship only as long as they enjoy it. As for marriage, I regard it as contract to mutually raise kids, but it is not for necessary for kid to have it's parents having sex with each other. They can be just friends.
Debate Round No. 3


You are right that some people are smarter than others.
The thing is, by setting the age of 18 as a border, it will exclude a majority of people not yet wise enough! It is too difficult to determine for each individual if he/she is ready. That is why we have to use age as an alternative. If we were to allow everyone to do it, that would result in the already mentioned problems above. If we allowed nobody to do it, that would result in only a select few actually going so far as having sex.
Another thing is that alot of people are convinced that they are wise enough and make the right decision, while in fact they aren't ready yet. My best example would be my ex-girlfriend, who was convinced she would always love me. When she stopped loving me, she regretted having done "the deed". She's not stupid, but she just thinks she's wise enough to make big choices while in fact at the age of 16 she did not fully grasp the situation/decision.

You hate waiting. Alot of people will concede in that. Again I must bring up car fanatics who'd hate waiting to drive a car. The question is, would it be good to let these 14 year olds drive on the road? Even though a few would be capable to do so, a general ban is best to avoid all failures. That's why it would be the same for sex.

That relationships shouldn't last is obvious in our current society. But most couples don't split because they've both had enough, no: in most cases, one side stops loving. Love in unequally distributed and one side will always love less than the other.
But that is not your argument; you say that while they are happy in a relationship they could have sex no matter what age. Thing is, the person you give your virginity to will always be someone special. Adults are wise enough to see when someone truly loves them, or can choose to give sex away freely. Children are not aware of this and cannot possibly determine how serious their relationship really is. Again, like my ex, you might completely misinterpret the situation and end up regretting it.


There is one major difference between driving car and having sex. If 14 years old would be driving cars, other people would be hurt. Whole concept of protecting people from themselves is wrong. It is in essence, reducing their freedom.

Maybe your ex now regrets having sex with you, but I can tell you are a nice guy. She could possibly lose her virginity with complete bastard, because she was drunk or she simply had a really bad day.

There is another issue I would like to address. I observed that girls are much more attracted to guys who want to have sex. Probably because they subconsciously interpret it as confidence and bravery.
Debate Round No. 4


My opponent wants to talk about my comparison with driving a car. You've pointed out a very good example why my comparison isn't good!

It's true that while driving a car you may hurt other people. But you also point out that by having sex, you can do emotional damage to other people. Both those who have sex with, as you say it "complete bastards" or who have sex wile drunk or had a bad day. These are good examples of how sex can still hurt people. These people not only hurt themselves, but sometimes others too. That's why sex still is comparable to driving: children most likely don't know what they're doing yet.

Your second issue is that girls are attracted to guys that want sex. That is indeed unfortunate. But, because these guys are ALLOWED to have sex and these girls find it normal, there are a lot of consequences.

A) Guys who do not want sex, but want romance/being nice and are probably the best to have your first time with, will be out of question for girls. Conclusion? Jerks get it all, nice guys get nothing!

B) Girls will have sex with every one of their boyfriends. They WILL compare their sizes and capabilities in bed. If sex becomes such an important thing, it will always lead to dissapointment as in the world, some guys are better in bed than others.


My opponent claims that if sex becomes very important thing, "comparing sizes" would become an issue. That is good argument for having sex with less persons. But it is also good counter-argument for making people wait until 18. Because that way they would think of sex as something much more important. If teenagers can have it whenever they want, they will not think of it as something important.

It is better if young girls are "comparing sizes", so they can get tired of it before it is time for them to become mothers. If mothers were searching for men who are good in bed, they would lose much time for raising kids.
Debate Round No. 5
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by revic 7 years ago
Metalhead, please adress those flaws.
Posted by MetalheadWolfman 7 years ago
I think both parties have some logical flaws in their thinking.
Posted by witherpig 7 years ago
i think the government could find it hard to reinforce.
Posted by revic 7 years ago
Will concede with my opponent on that one. Sex shouldn't be illegal, but it should simply become morally wrong to have sex before the age of 18. Kindof like the middle ages, I mean that's what I'm debating for.
Cold-Mind is right that freedom should be respected.
Authonomy of will exists and offers any couple of any age the possibility to have sex legally. However, I'll be debating that under the age of 18 sex should be prohibited as it is unnecessary and can wait. It should be like 16 year old children having creditcards: if they want, they can use the money, but they should be convinced that they cannot use the creditcard until they are older and wiser.
Posted by Cold-Mind 7 years ago
I would not debate making sex illegal. That idea is way to ridiculous to put up for a debate. Prison is for people who do harm to others. You can't possibly sue someone for doing something that does not affect you, just because you don't like it. I believe in freedom.
Posted by schachdame 7 years ago
I recently got in a very similar debate and the challenger abandoned it from round 2; so I am eager to see this debate actually happening :)

I' throw in the link for the con-side and hope he/she can probably put one or two of my ideas to good use or inspiration.
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