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Things that are blue should stay blue. Rhyming battle.

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Started: 3/16/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Do you have a clue
why the sky is blue
or why the sea is too
maybe you do
and that is good for you

What color could replace
the blue on the face
of the sea waters and the sky's
with winged birds and butterfly's

are blue sky's and the sea
blue fills the heart with glee
and to no degree
could a color reach the beauty
that blue does in the sea
wouldn't you agree

the sky could be green
but would such color make someone dream
and let sunlight fall as such a beautiful beam

The sea could be red
but then how could sailors instead
know when to dread

The sea and sky are blue
and they should be too
that is true


To debate an opinion is but poetic injustice
in just this sentence, I'm stressing the function
of essential rebuttals, but is this debate?
Or is this the artistry we create?
Regardless of this, here and that, now I sing
to describe in detail of the claims that you bring.
For the things that we see and the ways that we see them
are simply limited shades of the seasons..

The sky will be blue, but should this be true?
with a sunset red just over mountains heads?
The spread of the orange, majestically soaring
to embellish the main event, a yellow so radiant.
To determine true beauty is up to the viewer,
a dogmatic principle would all but skewer
this essence of nature, its nature of change
for certainly do, some like most during rain.
Gray and gloomy, though not my perspective
I cannot say that the sea must seem a reflection.

As color is not without light, to illuminate the darkness
and the beauty of the bright is not without the hours at their darkest.
To return to the claim, what is blue must not stay blue
for without rest we will gaze at but a few stars minus two.
Debate Round No. 1


To debate opinions is called debating
debating the facts falls short of sustaining
the drive we all have to debate something different
something different can become something brilliant
and something brilliant can come if we relate
and we relate rebuttals with the artistry we create
and we create a world of colors
colors that should not be discolored

something different is good and change we should
just as nature is changed by weather of seasons
sky becomes sunset and sunset becomes sunrise
The sky lets this become its disguise
but disguises are not pretty
when the sky becomes dull and gloomy

Yes the sky changes but wouldn't it be great
If over the mountain ranges we never saw caused of fright
What if the clouds alone only act as a white canvas
and after the sun paints it it bows because it knows its the prettiest
and behind such beauty
blue sky's lie in waiting
gray clouds never leave the blue fading
only when the sun would lie over ocean tides
would the sky become sunrise

let it stay day
so darkness would never lay
and happiness could stay

and if the blue stayed in the day
then the sea too could reflect the sun ray
no tall waves to make sailors flee
and no scary days of red sky's to see

The sea is blue because they sky is too
reflect something new and there be a clue
that bad weather would be too come
and the waves would be to succumb
to tides of terror set by gray sky's of error

a blue sky is joy for us to enjoy
a blue sea is open for us to be free
illuminate the darkness this is to our likeness
and when the days come when rest will not come from
darkness but the willingness to love and live happy
every waking moment without being sleepy


BroaderPerspective forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


YewRose19298 forfeited this round.


BroaderPerspective forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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