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This House Believes That Krishna Or Jesus( God) Could Soon Join The Avengers/Justice League

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Started: 6/26/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We Believe that God should join Avengers as Both work towards Betterment of Humanity. Gods have shown us pathways to lead and become Better and Superheroes become idols for people.


Due to the mismatch between the titular claim and the claim proposed in my opponent's first round, the Con side, us, has decided to argue the titular.

To restate, this house believes that not Krishna nor Jesus have a high likelihood of joining the Avengers or Justice League.

We will now begin our arguments,

The Avengers are part of the Marvel Multiverse, existing throughout many different incarnations, particularly the Prime Universe, Earth-616 (Marvel Wikia: Jesus of Nazareth is also a character that is part of Earth-616 and due to his interactions with characters/events within that universe, we can easily determine that he will not become a member of the Avengers. Jesus, after crucifixion "[ascended] to Heaven, which began Christianity" (Marvel Wikia Jesus was again mentioned twice in Ghost Rider, though each time his image was created by an exterior entity, whether by Miracle Man attempting to recreate the immaculate conception or by Mephisto, as a trick to manipulate Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. Jesus' last appearance was in Howard the Duck Volume 3, sitting in a bar with Howard, YHWH, and The Holy Spirit. Since this comic was released in 2002 it is safe to say that Jesus has no precedent to appear in the Marvel universe again, especially as part of the Avengers.

In fact, since the Howard the Duck cartoon depicts YHWH alongside Jesus, we can gather that the Marvel universe does not have such a character as Jesus (God), since they are separate entities.

As for Krishna, according to Marvel Wikia, he is part of the Council of Godheads which makes sense judging by how important Krishna is in Hinduism. However, due to his allegiance to the council of Godheads, he will likely not join the Avengers who are mortal. Vishnu also has absurd power levels, far greater than any member of the Avengers.

It should be noted that the aforementioned all apply to Vishnu, as Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu, has not been featured specifically.

The DC universe, home of the Justice League, also featured Jesus though he has not played a very major role in the franchise. Jesus's rebirth was disproven by the discovery of the Shroud of Turin (Dc Wikia Jesus has not featured prominently and has not been part of any recent Dc comics so once again it is safe to assume he will not be joining the Justice League of America.

Finally, Krishnu in the DC universe will once a gain be represented by Vishnu, which is the God of Heaven according to one of his titles. Needless to say, the DC universe has absolutely no precedent for including a cannon God in into the Justice League.

This argument should sufficiently disprove the titular claim.
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