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This House Believes that "Krishna Or Jesus could soon join the Avengers/ Justice League

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Started: 7/1/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My first Principle Argument will be:

P: Krishna being on the Side of superheroes would give spiritual teaching and winning strategies to ensure good wins over evil.
E: Krishna is a god of compassion, tenderness and a guide. He would make the Avengers believe in themselves as a team and help them in letting go of their ego and work as a team to stop the evil forces.
E': Krishna has been a guide to Various devotees and has guided them to success

Eg: The Mahabharat War was fought between Pandavas and Kauravs, Lord Krishna was a charioteer for Arjun and Guided him to the right path instead of Forfeiting himself.
L: As a Neutral Protector, he guides everyone to the right path which makes us believe that Avengers could finally fight with all their might and strength as Avengers have one mission: Save the World from Evil

When Superheroes come together they become mightier, but when a Spiritual leader comes and guides them they become Worthy.


I think Krishna and Jesus won't take part in these childish pretentious movies when there are real life problems faced by most of the people of the planet.
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Posted by Bhavesh_Shaha 3 years ago
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