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This House would prefer a hierarchal feminist movement over a decentralized one

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Started: 6/7/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Today we are proud to bring forward the resolution "This house would prefer a hierarchal feminist movement over the common decentralized one."

We on this side of the house believe that there is no exact definition of feminism. Yes, one could say "It is a movement promoting equality of the sexes" However we believe that in today's society we have too many different types of feminism. We have women who want to turn the tables and say that feminism is a movement promoting female domination. Whilst we have others who say that it is about complete gender equality. We have feminist movements that do not allow men to help, and others that discriminate against the LGBTQ community.
That is why we on this side of the house are so very proud to propose.
In this argument I will be presenting two constructive arguments and proving why we clearly help the feminist movement more.
To begin with. Every movement needs a figurehead. No matter who that may be. For example, it is much easier for a young girl to aspire to be a feminist and promote her rights if there is someone who can inspire her, someone who everyone knows about, we believe that this is important. Why? Because to start with, someone such as Angela Merkel has much more influence and reach than a girl behind the counter at Starbucks. However if that girl behind the counter can see Angela Merkel on TV and can aspire to be her, and join her feminist movement, we believe that it help unite and inspire a much more powerful movement. Why is this important? We believe that there is no point in the feminist movement, or someone calling themselves a feminist, if they are part of a disorganized, non-functioning movement. Therefore it is necessary for the movement to fulfill their purpose, which this resolution can help to achieve.
Martin Luther King jr. was the forefront of the black rights movement in the United States, most people don't remember or learn about any movements that took place beforehand. Why is this? This is because Martin Luther King Jr. was the first one to truly unite the black right campaign. Having him as a figure head was exactly what the movement needed, and thats why it was the only effective movement. We believe, that by applying this methodology to the feminist movement, we can work much more efficiently to achieving the goal of equal gender rights.

Now on to my second point.. Women are calling themselves feminists left right and center. Without actually knowing what they are doing. With a hierarchal feminist movement, a more organized structure would be put in place. Why is this good? This benefits all feminists, as it results in a more efficient process. How does it do this? With a hierarchal feminist movement, certain people can be allocated certain duties, for example: Person A and Person B will go to Street X and hand out flyers, whilst Person M and Person N will stay here and count up the money raised yesterday. This is important in helping the feminist movement achieve their goals, which is the entire point of a feminist movement.

What have I proved. In my argument, I have provided two constructive points, proved why they are important and why they are necessary to the feminist movement. Why the current decentralized idea of a feminist movement isn't working.

Thank you for accepting.
I am so very proud to propose.



1. The nature of the human condition inevitably renders the sexes unequal.

2. You propose a hierarchical organization, clearly based on wealth and power.
A and B have to Roam the streets.
Whilst lucky old M and N get to lounge in comfort and count the money.
Presumably distributing the money in ever greater proportions up the hierarchical ladder. Until the baulk of the wealth
Lands at the door of Z. The Merkelesque figurehead.

3. Your proposition is clearly based on the Orwellian notion. All feminists are equal, but some feminists are more equal than others.

4. I would suggest that your proposition is somewhat counterintuitive.
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