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This Party Would Ban School Uniforms

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Started: 8/3/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe school uniforms should be banned from schools because half of our lives are spent at school and every person deserves to express themselves as they are. I find it unfair that teachers are telling students to express themselves more then again, some express them selves using paper, pencil, markers, their voices ect. but some use the art of fashion. It is basically hard for them to express their personality. Use a person with a angry personality for example; I am sure you would not want them expressing themselves verbally do you? and not all are good with drawing, painting and other 2-Dimensional work so many use the art of fashion to express themselves and that my opponent is my major point.


It wasn't specified whether the first round was "acceptance only", so as part of this post in which I accept the debate, I will briefly outline my major arguments and why I feel my opponent's "main point" is not sufficient grounds to ban school uniform.

1) Uniforms act as an equaliser, and help conceal problematic divides such as class differences.

2) They therefore are also better for families which have less money, as students do not feel pressured to buy expensive designer clothing.

3) Non-uniform clothes can contain offensive or derogatory language. Uniforms remove this problem.

4) Students who wear uniforms are, on average, better behaved, and perform well academically when compared to their non-uniform counterparts.

5) Students wearing a uniform are identifiable as school students. This makes them less likely to truant, as they would be at greater risk of being caught.

Onto some brief refutation:
Yes, some students do indeed struggle to express themselves through music, art, poetry, and various other methods. This single point does not outweigh the above points, which are much more solid reasons to keep school uniforms. It is also worth noting that school is not necessarily an appropriate time to express oneself through fashion- this can be a considerable distraction from students' academic pursuits, and students can easily express themselves through fashion outside of school.
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