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This debate should not be extended

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Started: 2/15/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate will be simple. Simply send me a message presenting an arguable topic and asking me if I am against it, THEN accept my challenge if I reply saying "yes." The debate will be about whether or not the topic should be debated. VOTERS: please remember that in voting on THIS part of the debate, you are voting on whether or not the debate should be extended. Please note that if you accept my challenge, you are agreeing to a possible two-part debate, and if I win, are agreeing to debate with me about the actual topic. The second part of the debate will be about the topic itself. NOTE: while this challenge is for humorous purposes, I still actually want to debate with someone on the topic.

Round one- acceptance only

Rounds 2 and 3- debaters pick topics and support them.
Debate Round No. 1


This debate should be extended because more users will actually find out that this debate is going on and want to vote on it. This will give the debate more publicity on this website. Also, voters might send messages to their friends about the debate, also potentially increasing its publicity. If this debate's publicity increases over time, then the same may happen with the second part of the debate if I win.


Maybe maybe. But you could be donating your clothes and money to African kids right now. One point for why this conversation should end. Your turn.
Debate Round No. 2


"You could be donating your clothes and money to African kids right now." I absolutely am not. I am not taking any offense to your comment, but I would not have issued this challenge if I had not had the time for it because I am too smart to do that. If you do not believe me, just send me a message presenting a binomial and requesting that I solve it and reply to you with the answer. Also, I do not see how donating my clothes and money would leave me without enough time for this debate or how you can prove that I am donating anything.


This argument is just useless. We are arguing why we shouldn't be arguing it, and there will have no ending effect at the end because the conversational that was possible to end or continue on was continued on to decide if we should continue it on. At the time we've been arguing, we could have learned some Spanish, read a small book, played some video games, done something that provides more entertainment then this crazy discussion. You say you have time, and that is true, but you could use it better.

I will even rap to prove my point.

Yo you think you all smart
Trying to win this conversation
But I'm rapping as fluent as Mozart
After this you gonna have to depart
Outta this Country
Yo head held low
Realize yet, I am the pro?
If ya don't, I got proof to show
Although, I could just rap like
"Oh oh oh"
Cause I am the King
Gimme back the crown
You just a lil clown
My little Jester
An Infester of the bester
Bettah start to flee, I got the whole town after thee!

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Loveshismom 6 years ago
I take it u were trying to extend this debate into a rap battle?
Posted by TheWoodOre 6 years ago
I posted that comment after round one because I forgot to include what we were arguing about.
Posted by TheWoodOre 6 years ago
Now you start debating on why you think this conversation should be extended, I took the side on that the conversation should end.
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Vote Placed by Hierocles 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I like the concept of debating over whether a given topic should be debated at all. I think it would have helped if the audience knew the topic in question. The debate was kind of silly, not a bad thing, and became about whether there should be a debate at all. Perhaps for your next debate, provide a topic and debate about whether the topic is worth debating. For example, I imagine you could think of arguments that debating about sports is not worth debating, and/or that religion is not worth debating etc.

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