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This economic system will save the world

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Started: 10/24/2013 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would like to present to you my economic system. under my system, consumers create money, with a government limit on how much, and then use this to buy goods and services, but must then pay it back by working. The firms must produce in accordance with how much money is produced. When the consumers do labor to pay back their debt, this provides the means to production for firms. Because the government or banks set limits on how much credit money can be made, a crash never occurs because economic agents can never go overboard. This is also because the increase in money supply is offsetted by the increase in production which decreases demand and decreases prices. This ensures that recessions never happen and inflation is at a minimal.


I gladly accept this debate, and find it a rather ridiculous platform.

I will assume that round 1 is acceptance?
Debate Round No. 1


It wasn't acceptance. I'm waiting for you to give your first debate.


Oh boy thats awkward!

Anyways, to set it up to each person to make money is ridiculous. When does this happen in ones life? When one is a baby? Age of reason? Voting age? Smoking age? Alcohol age? What happens prior to that? What supplies is one given to create this money? What happens if they can't pay back the government? Do they die and they're organs are harvested like in the movie Repo Men? What happens to those with disabilities? Are they screwed over for life? Wouldn't irresponsible parents take all of their children's money? If they lose their money or they are robbed, does that mean they're permanently screwed over? If one dies, where does this money go?

It took me 2 minutes to type up all of these questions. All of these are very important and there seems to be so many flaws it almost seems like your trolling...

Your move.
Debate Round No. 2


I never said EVERYONE can make their own currency. I certainly didn't mean children could make their own. And I didn't mean that they print it themselves either. Either they have an electronic currency or they manage a currency printed by a mint which prints for many people, as part of a deal with a bank. Also, because they must pay back this currency with labor, robbers can't steal money because they can't pay it back. Also, robbers can't rob from an electronic currency unless they hack. Unemployed people would be an exception under this scenario. Under proper management the other problems can be taken care of.


"I never said EVERYONE can make their own currency!"
Well, that's odd considering in your first argument, you said, and quote, "consumers create money" (2nd sentence). And I believe that we are consumers, the people of America I mean.

"Also, robbers can't rob from an electronic currency unless they hack."
Yes, that is definitely a possibility. You can not rule that out... if anything, many many people will learn to hack just to get some more money...

"Unemployed people would be an exception under this scenario."
From what scenario? So if people couldn't pay back the money, they're just exempt from this whole economic situation? That is completely ridiculous...

"Under proper management the other problems can be taken care of."
Ok, this one pissed me off the most. First, my opponent just was lazy and didn't want to answer my questions, because he didn't have an answer first. Secondly, not every problem can be taken care of. Proper management is an opinion, and you can't accurately define "proper management" in terms of government. And what if financial problems hit us, like right now? Is what's happening right now in America considered "proper management"?

Considering my opponent gave awful points, dodged my arguments under pathetic arguments, and seems like he really didn't care about this debate, I would encourage you to vote for me.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I think its clear that con took care of pro's arguments pretty easily, and showed many contradictions...such as "consumers create money" then saying that everyone couldn't make their own moneym but everyone are consumers.