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This house would make physical education compulsory(in schools)

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Started: 12/29/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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first round, acceptance(no arguments)
no new arguments after third round

forfeit results in loss
and pretty much everything else is cool :)
breaking any of the above rules results in loss

best of luck pro :)


I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Physical education- instruction in the care and development of the body(1)

Context- we are talking about physical education in terms of physical exercise that is to be done student for a stimulated amount of time up to a particular level to move up to next grade

Model- the model con proposes is a persuasive model i.e. rather than making the subject mandatory, we persuade students to join in.

Persuasion would be done by educating students about the benefits of physical education and the s same would be facilitated for the interested students, in terms of equipments, trainer(s) etc.

Moving on to arguments

Limits student"s freedom
The problem with making anything mandatory is that we are risking free will i.e. the essence of any healthy functioning democracy, similar is the case with making physical education mandatory, when you talk about making it mandatory, you are simultaneously talking about further restricting(already restricted student freedom).

When we are talking about making physical education mandatory, we are actually exposing everything
that is limiting our education system and these limitations are two fold

1- It goes against basic principles of psychology i.e.
a) persuasion works better than compulsion
b) reward works better than punishment

a) persuasion works better than compulsion- it is a well established psychological fact that persuasion works better than compulsion, but still, somehow, our education system is based around compulsion rather than persuasion , the psychology of persuasion and compulsion helps us make a clear deduction, that in education, whatever is achieved through compulsion, more can be achieved through persuasion.
Applying the above analysis in case of physical education, we can understand that if we want kids to actively take part in physical activities, then we should persuade them to do so(as explained in the model) rather than compel.(2)

b) reward works better than punishment " It is another well established psychological analysis that reward works better than punishment, apply this analysis in case of physical education(or any useful subject) as a subject and you will be able to see how the more effective way to go around would be to reward students for joining the course rather than punishing them(failing them) for not doing so.(3)

2- Treat student like robots
Another problem with education system today is the "one size fits all" mentality, which is exactly what is being tried to be achieved by making physical education a mandatory subject.
The one size fits all mentality is such that one curriculum is sufficient of each and every kid,as if the same are robots.
The one size fits all mentality ignores the human element present in students, students are not like programmed robots in a lab, who all function same and respond to same commands, human beings(students) are diverse and have different needs and requirement and trying to fit them all into a one size fits all outfit is bound to result in over/under sizing issues, which is exactly what making P.E. mandatory would result in.

much more to come in second round, best of luck, pro :)

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Debate Round No. 2
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