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Three Riddles. Can You Get Them All?

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Started: 9/24/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The game is simple. These are the rules.
    1. Each round I give you a riddle. You have 12 hours to respond to each, so make sure you publish your rebuttal in time.

    1. You answer it correctly, and we move onto the next one. You get it wrong, and you must immediately forfeit, and I will win. As the rounds progress the riddles become increasingly more difficult.

    1. I will allow a maximum of two guesses for each riddle. If one of them is correct or close to correct, you will still win the point. I will deem what is "close".

    1. If you get all three riddles correct you win the debate.

And just a heads up - don't bother searching for these online. They're all from my own mind. Each one has a reasonable and achievable answer that any intelligent person can get. If you think there is information that is absent or lacking then it is on purpose by design. Think carefully.
It would be both helpful and enjoyable if in your answer you could also show your thinking, i.e. how you arrived at the point.
Good luck.

Riddle A

Each day during his commute home a man spies six front gardens outside his train. The gardens belong to the only houses that exist along his journey. The numbers coincide with the order in which he sees them.

    • Garden 1: The grass is long, unkempt and the garden path is barely visible. The picket fence bordering it is white and dated - paint is peeling.

    • Garden 2: Tidy, clean-cut grass, a small fish pond in the centre. No fence.

    • Garden 3: No grass, only brick and stone. No fence. The path is straight and narrow leading to the front door of the house.

    • Garden 4: The grass is green and luscious. Flower beds surround it. The garden fence is brown and tall.

    • Garden 5: Two dogs in two kennels doze every day. The grass is dry. The fence bordering it is wire.

    • Garden 6: Roses and hydrangeas grow throughout the garden. The grass looks always to be well-watered and fresh.

These houses all lie on only one side of the train tracks. On the other side is nothing but forest. Which garden belongs to the man?


I am allowed two guesses, the fist being a throw at guess I will pick garden 1.

Now onto my real answer.

Clue 1- A man is mentioned. It is the only time a man is referred to in the riddle prior to the question so obviously the question at the end asking about "the man" refers to the commuter.

Clue 2- The gardens are the only houses that exist in this fictional or hypothetical world, so one of these gardens must belong to "the man"

Clue 3- the houses are on the opposite side of the tracks as the forest, which is the only thing described as existing on the opposite side. The gardens are referred to as front gardens and also at one point the author specifically states that all the gardens belong to houses.

I am forced to believe that there is a train stop at each house, otherwise the question is unanswerable. Obviously you would not pass your house in this hypothetical commute or so the first 5 houses do not belong to the man. The 6th house belongs to the man; and I would advise the author to use a car as his example instead of train and specify that each house comes with a usable garage so we know this is not one of those communities that shares garages.

So the correct answer is garden number 6
Debate Round No. 1


Well, you're half correct. I'll still award you the point so we can keep going, even though your reasoning is entirely erroneous.

I'm not sure why you insist that there is a train stop at each house. Why would people not pass by their house? On a train you must pass places to arrive at the stop, that's how train lines work.

Notice how it says "his" train. The man is the train conductor. Each day he drives to the end of the line, which is at Garden 5. He then turns around, goes back to Garden 4, which is now the 6th garden he sees, making it now Garden 6. Therefore, his garden must be 4, (but it is also 6, which is why I'll give you the point). If you read the descriptions of the Garden it is possible for 4 and 6 to be the same. It is not possible for any other garden to be the same. Garden 4 is the 4th garden he sees, but then becomes Garden 6, the 6th garden sees, when he comes back the other way. Garden 4 and 6 are the same garden.

If you have any objections it's okay, it's a riddle so it's supposed to be slightly abstract. But anyway we're not here to argue. I'll still give you the point so let's move on.

Riddle B - The Fisherman

A fisherman owned a boat too small for more than one person. Each weekday at seven thirty he would set off into the lake nearby his house. The fisherman and his wife lived in the mountains - with no one else nearby for miles. The lake was 1 mile in diameter and had a maximum depth of 130 feet. On a good day the fisherman would be back home by nine. If nothing had been caught by ten thirty he would generally lose faith and head home empty-handed. At seven thirty one day he set out as he normally would - rod and tackle by his side. Out on the lake the man sat for hours - without a single catch. At ten thirty he had caught nothing.

Three hours later the wife found the fisherman's body - dead. His boat was no where in sight. The weather that day had been warm and the man had not drowned. There were no signs of blood. The fisherman had no heart conditions or any health infliction to render him suddenly dead. Yet the wife knew immediately how he had died.

How did the fisherman die?


Wow hearing the response to the last one has me convinced my opponent is retarded. I did accept his debate but not the rules to the debate. As long as my answer is a possible answer, it will be deemed as correct. House 4 and 6 could have just as easily been two different houses and we should assume they are given how they are listed.

From here on out, my opponent is required to explain how any answer I give is impossible. If he cannot prove my answer is impossible given the information the riddle contains, I command the judges to award me the win.

The wife spotted the fisherman hanging from a noose in a tree. Next to his body was a fire burning with a paddle sticking suspiciously out of it
Debate Round No. 2


Hahaha, mate, calm down, it's only a bloody game. "I command the judges to award me the win." You sound like a petulant child in need of his afternoon nap. Quite telling when I see that you're in fact a man in his mid-thirties. Don't be upset just because you didn't understand the riddle. So, because the answer is only possible, and not the only possibility, you have a cry and throw a tantrum. You clearly don't understand how riddles operate, do you cunt? I'm not sure why you accepted this debate if A. you're a moron who doesn't understand the fundamentals of riddles in the first place, and B. you're a sad, whiny little man who will only accept his feeble answer as free from error.

And just so you know you got this riddle wrong too - the answer once again I'm sure is too much for your tiny mind to handle. This "debate" is over. If anyone's even reading this, please, I urge you, give this child the win. If you don't he might throw another fit in the comment section.

Farewell faggot.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by Nomadn 3 years ago
just going to say "Notice how it says "his" train. The man is the train conductor." - this is completely wrong, when i take the train i say it's "my train" even though i don't own or drive the train, i class it as mine because i ride on it.
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
You Never said the answer to the last riddle
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
You guys are dumb.
Posted by missjones 3 years ago
Even though masterdrave was harsh to the point that he totally demolished his opponent, he is right. Wylted is just a dumb cunt.
Posted by hellojohn 3 years ago
haha woww Wylted got rekt. What an idiot. Go home.
Posted by masterdrave 3 years ago
Yes I'm sorry you can only accept the debate if you're ranked higher than me on DDO. A lot of peplple are though. And I won't be answering any queries about the riddles in the comment section, as I want my opponent to arrive at his or her answer alone.
Posted by Nomadn 3 years ago
tried to message you but i cant and i can't accept the debate. would the first one be the sixth house since that's the last house the man sees, presumably when he gets off the train?
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