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Time for a coup

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Started: 1/25/2019 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The shut down has gone on long enough, It is proof our government is disfunctional, It is time to embrace the deep state and let adults rn things again.


Although Trump has, At the moment I type this in, Agreed to measures that would in principle, Stop the shutdown for now, I shall debate this topic in a general sense - given the dissent in Senate about the plan to build a wall, Should we have a coup/organized military rebellion? I think not.

Don't misinterpret me - I would support any organized form of power transfer in this case. So, If the Supreme Court were, In any way, Indict the President of maladministration, Or measures are taken in Senate for non-confidence votes, The consequent impeachment of the President, Should a (longer) shutdown take place yet again in the future, Is not wrong. That we are being guided by an election motto that has no practicality with respect to the current situation, Is terrible. What's worse is that the country in question is the USA - the very fulcrum of the global foreign policy, And economics.

Hence I agree with you - upto impeachment. Full stop.

A coup is in no way supposed to ever happen. To any country. Look at South America, For instance. The Bachelet regime in Chile was brought down by a coup d'"tat, And the country was brought down, With future studies showing the involvement of Capitalist minds in Washington D. C. It is not wrong to say that South America has been the United States' playground for policy coaxing - using influence, American governments have, Over the years, Attempted to resist attempts made by leaders in the region to focus on national economies, For more trade and foreign exchange. Hugo Chavez memorably pointed to this when he claimed he could still smell "Sulphur" as he took his place to speak at the General Assembly, Painting George W. Bush as a devil.

A coup is undemocratic. It opposes any peaceful selection process. Where at one place we could impeach through non-confidence votes, Here the military assumes arbitrary power. The sublimity of military power is that dissent is but a dream, And democracy non-existent.

A coup is unreliable. Once power is wielded, There is no telling where the state of the people and the country at large will be at. There are no checks. In fact, We might even expect generals donning judge's clothing in courts.

A coup is unstable. Whenever coups occur, There always is a period of terror for citizens - economies become volatile, Trade sparse, And diplomatic missions shut down in the aftermath of a coup. In the case of the USA, Instability in the economy, Even when we are the largest power driven economy (see what I did there, China? ) will, And I don't exaggerate, KILL INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC STABILITY. A coup will affect the world more than America.

I yield the floor to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Enough damage has been done, And the democrats aren't much better we need a military coup


I understand, Enough damage has been done. But why do you stress on a military takeover of power?

As I have elucidated previously, A military coup turns things from bad to worse. At any given point in a nation's maladministration, We must always turn towards democratic, Peaceful transfers of power. History concurs with my argument. Take any country with previous military histories. Bangladesh suffered from famines and poor economic growth under a military dictatorship. Pakistan doesn't have the terms "equality" and "freedom" due to a de facto military government establishment. Even in Venezuela, Maduro is supported by the military, And the pro-military regime has wreaked havoc on the nation's economy - the currency fell by 99. 9% against the USD. Imagine!

I reiterate my argument that while we need new leaders, Such leaders must be borne out of democratic ideals.

Your turn.
Debate Round No. 2


How could things be worse? And military rule oftens saves broken societies, Strong medicine, ubt better than letting the patient die


I'd like to clear the air over your argument, Touching specifically on how military doctors are more skilled, And armed servicemen distribute effective drugs. The underlying thing here is that these are under the control of a government's orders - it is simply not viable to expect military dictators to be so concerned as to distribute medicine.

I shall reiterate my argument -
A coup is too extreme, Especially in country like Americas where instability spells out to international crisis. Democracies everywhere must live upto the ideals of democracy - that people institute their majority choice as candidate to lead the nation, And that people have all the rights to protest, Assemble and complain against the government. We cannot accept a military coup in a democracy - never.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by F100 3 years ago
Inviting voters! May the better orator win
Posted by kwhy10126 3 years ago
Please define "Deep State? "
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
A coup is like blowing out someone"s filing like a birthday candle. Make a wish!
Posted by Surgeon 3 years ago
Why do you want anyone "running things" adults or otherwise. The problem is big overly big, Overbearing government, Not who is running it. If the government had less powers then it wouldn"t even matter if an old leftist loon was in power, And everyone could get on with their lives to the best of their abilities. Instead everyone is intent on telling others what to do and think because they know better.
Posted by Red_Fox 3 years ago
Aren't you a little behind on this? Trump announced an end to the shutdown a few hours before you posted this. I guess we can put the coup on hold.
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