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Tolerance, Political Correctness, racial bigotery and all that progressive Crap

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Started: 5/30/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It was all about tolerance and about not expressing bigotery in any way we have always been admonished but those who have benefited from "political correctness, racial bigotery, and tolerance, the most, the Minorities, are now demonstrating that they didn't really believe in being tolerant nor in political correctness either all that much after all. The minorities have until fairly recently used a type of "Diplomacy." As Will Rogers once wrote, Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie'....accomodating the white race in positions of authority.... until they could find a rock."..... a way to unseat and replace them in positions of power.
This black Mayor of Baltimore for example is demonstrating that the Black race will as soon as they gain positions of power as this black woman has, will by her promoting the removal of Confederate monuments under the rubric of the Mayor of Baltimore that all their talk about tolerance and being against hatred and any signs of bigotery was as as far as they were concerned, just that, just talk.
The Black Woman Mayor of Baltimore who was supposed to represent all of the citizens , Black as well as the White of that city has decided that she would use her position as Mayor to remove Confederate monuments that she evidently personally found offensive. Never mind that those Confederate monuments also record the White race's efforts in the civil war to do away with the slavery of her race in the early history of this nation, never mind that these Confederate monuments also were a record of the advancement of her race since that period in which white men sacraficed their very lives in their battle to end the institution of slavery.
The Black race and other minorities in this country have used race as their pathway to positions of power in this country, they have achieved this mainly through their playing victim of the white race's oppression supposedly denying them from their rightful place in society.
"The White Man's Guilt," has proven to be a very powerful tool which has been so effective in advancing the minorities agenda of relegating those of European ancestry to a position of obscurity and of relativeness. The Mexicans have been the only minorities which has been open about The Minorities have used the handy tool of ...."Diplomacy" which 'Will Rogers'
once wrote, Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock." that is until the white race could be unseated from their positions of power.

The Mexicans were the only race which was open about their objectives when one of their organizations said , " La Raza uera de La Raza nada.' - 'For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing."
In the book,titled," RULES FOR RADICALS," Saul D. Alinski, under the title, "Their Own PETARD," wrote, " The basic tactic in warfare against the "Haves," is a mass politically jujitsu: the have-nots do not rigidly oppose the Haves, but yield in such planned and skilled ways that the superior strength of the haves becomes their own undoing..." Its becoming more apparent that the Minorities plans for the future relations between the races is the roles each race will take in America, "Tolerance, Political Correctness, racial bigotery and all that progressive Crap will no longer be just rhetoric but will be openly practiced in America and condoned.


I accept the challenge and will develop my arguments in the next rounds.
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Posted by levi_smiles 3 years ago
Perhaps the better service would be to allow weak rhetoric & incoherent thesis to stand unrebuked but I stoop to note that the instigator looks to Will Rogers for wisdom. Never mind that Rogers served as Ambassador to Mexico & honored American diplomacy by practice at odds with that tongue in cheek witticism, Rogers was also a life-long Progressive and Democrat who campaigned for Roosevelt and the New Deal. I doubt Rogers, himself a Native American born on a reservation, would truck much with frightened alarms against the improved franchise for all Americans. Didn't Rogers also say that we'd never have a true civilization unless we recognized the rights of all? Roger's epitaph famously states "I never met a man I didn't like" - as American a sentiment as any, I think, and a fine foundation on which to build a happier state. I am hard pressed to recall many examples beyond the Civil War where the victors tolerate such a proliferation of memorials to the vanquished. The Confederacy was unjust treason, conceived in greed and prolonged by stupid pride. Confederate veterans sought little in their lifetimes to honor the captains of their catastrophe, preferring instead the peace of a new patriotism. Most Confederate monuments came later, during the Klan revival and a renewed romanticism regarding the Lost Cause. Such markers are perceived as veiled threats by minority classes because they conceived as veiled threats, promises of violence against classes of Americans who dare seek an equal footing with the ruling elite. I'm no fan of tearing down old statues: I believe we are stronger for remembering the failures of our past. But I acknowledge the offense & the recognize the impulse to destroy them is the same as those American citizens at Bowling Green, tearing down George III and melting him into musket balls.
Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
Posted by tmssean "...... What must the contender argue"
thanks for your response. As Con, you are in opposition to any or all of what I posted under the Title,"Tolerance, Political Correctness, racial bigotry and all that progressive Crap." and demonstrate where I had appraised the present situation in America wrong in regards to race relations here.
Posted by tmssean 3 years ago
What must the contender argue?
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