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Tom Brady is a better Quarterback than Peyton Manning

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Started: 9/15/2012 Category: Sports
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I think Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. I will prove it when you accept my invitation to start this debate!


Just to clarify, BOP is still on Pro, Con will refute Pro's arguments and give case in the 2nd round. Without further adeau, I await Pro's case.

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For some reason i can't post any pictures without receiving an error message also...
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, so my argument is based on three things: 1. Playoff wins and Super Bowls/ clutch performances 2 Succeeded from an early time in the league 3. Can blend with any player he's pieced with.

1. Playoff wins and Super Bowls/ Clutch Performances
As we all know Tom Brady has three Super Bowls (2001, 2002, and 2004) and he also wins almost 3/4 of all playoff games in history. As he is 16-6 with a .727 winning percentage. He ranks 1st on this list. While Peyton Manning doesn't even crack the top ten! Peyton only 13th on that list below .500 in wins and loses. Peyton only has one Super Bowl (2006). [1] Another thought is that Tom Brady has always had the lead in the Super Bowl when leaving the field for his defense to hold all five times!

2. Tom Brady has succeeded from an early time in the league.
Once Brady was the starting quarterback he delivered by starting a dynasty in New England using Bledsoe's weapons to his advantage. Passing over 60% and a passer rating about 87 in the 2000 season. And he just went up from there. [2] While Manning lead the league with the most interceptions and didn't even take his team to the playoffs that 1998 season (The 1st year he started). Manning was selected 1st as the 1st pick in the 1998 draft while Brady was selected in the 6th round in the 2000 draft. Now you tell me who they expected to produce first!

3. Brady can blend with any player he's pieced with.
Let's be honest here Brady has barely known these Patriot wideouts when given the reigns. While all of the Colt wideouts have been placed around Manning. The only receiver in recent memory who could not work with Brady or the Patriots in general was Chad Johnson (or back then Chad Ochocinco). The only reason that didn't work out is because he couldn't learn the playbook. But this is probably the biggest reason I feel this way about Brady! He knows what to do and how to do it.

So now I give you the floor Chicken and let you speak your rebuttal!
P.S. I might have to get that KFC meal deal, it sounds really good!


I thank my opponent for giving me my first real debate on this site. I'd also like to thank my opponent for citing sources. 3k word-count, so let's begin.

Pro Case Refutations


A. First off, Super-bowls do not define a quarterback. It takes an entire team to be good, that includes having decent Wide receivers to help that quarterback. Tom Brady has 3 rings, but according to my opponents logic, Terry Bradshaw who has 4 rings is better than both Brady and Manning, which we know is not true. [1] Also, according to my opponents own source, Eli Manning is just as good as Tom Brady if not better? He has the EXACT SAME Winning percentage. [2]

B." Tom Brady has always had the lead in the Super Bowl when leaving the field for his defense to hold all five times!"

This may be true but there's no source, and my opponent fails to give a stat showing the Patriots defense doesn't help make this possible. Therefore it is not a valid argument until proven.

C. Overall win count

Peyton Manning is currently 4th on the all time wins record (Including the post-season). Tom Brady is 5th. If according to my opponent, wins define the quarterback, it's quite clear who the better QB is. [3]

2. My opponents logic is once again faltering.So a rookie season defines a quarterback? Then what was my opponents first argument for? No impact here judges, my refutations of point 1 already take care of this. But to further add on, I'd like to point out that in 2008, Tom Brady missed the entire season. Matt Cassel, now with Kansas City (where is he isn't even doing well with a win percentage under .500.) Went 11-5 with TOM BRADY'S PATRIOTS. What does that tell you about Tom Brady? He has it easy. Manning on the other hand missed the 2011 season. His team went 2-14. Hmm, which team needs their star quarterback more? In the end, It's quite clear who impacts their team and the league far more. [4] Manning has also not had a good offense, Brady on the other hand has the best Tightened in the league (Rob Gronkowski) and some good wide receivers. [5]

3. No source= no argument. This is a debate about who the better Quarterback is, Pro is simply giving his opinion on the issue, no statistic or valid evidence backing this claim. Also, Manning has been voted consistently as the smartest quarterback out there (over Tom Brady and many others). [6] .

Maxed Character Lim.

Debate Round No. 2


1. "Tom Brady has 3 rings, but according to my opponents logic, Terry Bradshaw who has 4 rings is better than both Brady and Manning, which we know is not true." You're right Terry Bradshaw is not as good as Brady or Manning, but Brady had to make tons of clutch plays to get to and win his three Super Bowls. That's where Brady and Bradshaw are different. Brady makes lots of great plays where Bradshaw has his receivers make great plays. That is simply why I had it labeled "Playoff Wins and Super Bowls/ Clutch Performances" [1]

2. Here's my BOP I forgot to list it! This is how below average the Patriots defense was last season.

3. "If according to my opponent, wins define a quarterback, it's quite clear who the better quarterback is." First of all I never said wins define a quarterback. I just do not think this applies because Manning has had two extra seasons over Brady. This will be relevant when Peyton does retire and Brady gets those two extra seasons in. So that list is irrelevant.

4. Matt Cassel by the way was already on the Patriots since 2005 until he got his big break learning from Tom Brady and knowing his receivers traits. [3] The Colts picked up a guy out of retirement (Kerry Collins).

5. I may have few sources, but all of my opponent's sources are irrelevant. They all come from the Bleacher Report. It is an online newspaper for different writer's OPINIONS on topics. So I may use some of my own opinions, but my opponent is using opinions, but they're not even his own!



1. My opponent has thorougly misinterpreted this argument. I am not saying Brady is worse than Bradshaw, or that Bradshaw had a harder time winning his superbowls, I'm saying superbowl rings do not define a quarterback. The refutation from round 2 still stands.

2. Last season, the Colts were awful on both defense and offense because Manning was gone, In fact, they were 28th in the league in points allowed. My opponent also fails to show that Brady didn't recieve help from a good offense, which was the second part of the refutation, that Brady had better Wide-recievers and Tighteneds than Manning. To compare them, simply look at the Patriots 2008 Season vs the Colts 2011 Season to determie who's recievers are better.

3. My opponent clearly had an opening argument stating that Brady was better than Manning based off of Postseason wins, why does the regular season not count? My opponent, because he drops my regular season argument, has conceded that Tom Brady's win percentage is meaningless when comparing the two quarterbacks. Also, the 2 extra seasons argument is invalid, no one can predict the future, an ESPN analyst's prediction is about as good as someone who has never watched football, because football is a volatile sport, one that changes at a dramatic pace due to injuries and complications.

4. So Matt Cassel was already a star in 2005? My opponents source doesn't show that Matt Cassel was good to begin wiith, however Matt Cassel is clearly not good with Kansas City, so it's clear Con has the real-time advantage for this argument.[2]

5. My opponent fails to look towards the statistics placed between each opinion. The Stats and Evidence given to backup these "opinions" is valid. Con is using the statistics rather than just pure opinion, there's no plagiarism at all. Also, i cite wikipedia twice, compared to my opponents one wikipedia source. Clearly Wikipedia is a legitimate source according to my opponent (regardless of outside opinion) because Pro uses that as his main source.

6. Manning has won 4 NFL MVP awards, and currently holds records for most wins, touchdowns, passing yards, and completions. He's been able to break these records without a good offensive line, and without good wide recievers.[3] Brady on the other hand, has been blessed with an amazing Coach in Billl Belichik,(He's also an amazing cheater). [4] To add on, the Patriots defense has been outstanding over the past 10 years, 1 bad season doesn't define a defense either. [5]

All of Pro's arguments have been refuted.


Debate Round No. 3


C-BUS forfeited this round.


Forfeiture By my Opponent, Extend all argumentation, Thank you! (This means my opponent essentially conceded all arguments)
Debate Round No. 4
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Is it ok if i post sources in the comments?
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