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Tony Stark (Iron Man) Is the best Avenger's team member

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Started: 2/5/2013 Category: Technology
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I feel that Tony Stark (Best known as the Iron Man) is the most powerful Avenger. I say this for a couple of reasons:

Tony Stark has access to 100's of weapons and multiple suits. If one of his weapons or suits is in need of repair, he simple uses another.

But not only is Tony Stark a powerful super hero, he is also a very intelligent man. (I mean, he took over Stark Industries from his father and built all of the Iron Man suits and weapons)


Hulk can't die.

Hulk is strong enough to lift and/or break anything and anyone (even a god like Loki).

Thor can control thunder and has a hammer that can smash lightning into you that only he can lift.

Hawkeye has the most flawless aim and secret agent ability of anyone in the history of comics.

Captain America has super strength and virtual invincibility while using his shield, he has high training in hand to hand combat and is the king of mêlée fighting out of all of the avengers.

Black Widow is the definition of sexy, genius and bada** all in one female character.

Then there's Tony Stark... The pathetic geek who was lucky enough to hit it big financially and then use this money on a machine. Sure he's the technical brains of the team and the richest member financially but in terms of his capacity as an avenger, he's pretty pathetic. Tony Stark has a limited power and additionally it is a suit that is able to be used by pretty much anyone if they had the money he had to make it.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank you for acknowledging my points in this debate, for Tony Stark is TRULY the brains of the Avengers. You call Tony Stark a geek, and you say anyone can build a suit like his, but his skills in Mechanics have saved his life, for he is truly a genius. Have you ever met anyone else that has found a way to recreate a heart to save their own life out of scrap metal? I didn't think so.

Tony Stark possesses a very large array of weapons which he could use to defeat any of the Avengers. Homing missiles, which have as good as a locking aim as the Hawkeye himself. The Uni-beam, which could cut through Captain America's shield. Oh yes, there are also the rocket boots that allow him to fly, and the fact that his suit is strong enough to move very heavy materials. So yes, he is a geek, but one that could kick any other Avenger's butt.


Iron man might be an efficient robot but is not the best avenger.

Of all the characters, Tony Stark has barely anything to avenge. Hulk was abused as a kid, saw his father stab his mother and was tormented by scientists for simply being what he is. Thor had the throne stolen from him by his brother Loki. Hawkeye is an orphan who was falsely accused of crimes and has lived on the run for years. Captain America grew up a scrawny orphan in a world where no one cared about him. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) was an orphan in USSR who had her parents burn before her eyes at the age of six. She grew up raised by a cruel merciless secret agent trainer.
Hulk and Thor are both literally invincible (can't be injured at all).

Hulk was a world class doctor and probably has a higher IQ than Tony Stark (to cancel out your brains argument.

Hawkeye, unlike Tony Stark, actually has perfect aim and doesn't shoot heat seeking missiles.

C.A., B.W. and HE., Hulk and Thor all are better mêlée fighters than him.
Debate Round No. 2


Okay, first off, what the heck does a crappy childhood have to do with a fight in which the heroes are in their current fighting ability? Sure, Captain America got the crap beat out of him as a kid, and Hulk had a bad dad, but Tony Stark also had his OWN problems. His mother was gone and his dad neglected him as a child.

Second off, you are making NO proof at all about your statements. You say Captain America would beat him in a fist fight, but if this was a fight to the death, Stark would just shoot lasers from a distance and fly to where no other Avenger but Thor could go. And even Tony Stark can take a blow in his suit from Thor's hammer!

In your closing statement, please use statements that would actually contribute to a one on one fight, thank you.


IncredulousVessel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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