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Top military small arms

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Started: 2/9/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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(Sorry if I have typos as I am writing this on my phone.)
So this debate is similar to a topic that another user has posted. Which firearm is the best for each position (Rifles/Carbines, DMR, SMG, LMG, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns)

1st Round: Simply state your respective choices.
2nd Round: Make you argument for each choice.
3rd Round: Rebuttal on the opponents choices
4th Round: Further rebuttal and no new arguments.

My choices: Robinson Armaments Xcr, HK 417, HK Mp7, M27 Iar, XM 2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle and m26 mass


Welcome to DDO!

I'm not fluent in small arms and I've only shot a pistol, but I know a little.

Rifles/Carbines: AK-47/AKM.
DMR: M16 rifle.
SMG: P90.
LMG: M249 SAW/FN Minimi.
Sniper Rifles: Reminton M700.
Shotguns: KSG-15.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my challenge. So lets first go over a problem with your argument. The M16 is not a dmr. So I will just put down the SAMR which is a dmr variant of the M16.

My argument that these weapons are superior is one which is based off the ideology of functionality and versatility. Also I will be choosing new top of the line weaponry compared to cheaper proven designs.

Assault Rifle/Xcr: The Robinson Armaments Xcr L is a fusion of the Kalashnikov style rifles with the more modern Ar platforms. This gun uses the long stroke ak style internals but keeps the modern ergonomics of most modern rifles. Thus giving this gun higher reliability of an Ak paired with the accuracy and ease of use with other modern rifles such as the Scar/Acr/416. This gun also has a quick change caliber set meaning that you can change from a 5.56 to a 7.62 caliber gun. This gun is superior to the Ak and Ar series rifles due to keeping the best of both worlds.

Dmr/Hk417: You can never go wrong with Heckler and Koch and the HK 417 is no exception. The big brother to the 416. The HK brings a reliable and accurate gun to the table. Using the 7.62 instead of the smaller 5.56 this gun has improved penetration and damage. Which is perfect for the Dmr role. The reason I love the 416/417 platform is the familiarity with the Armalite M16/M4 family. Using M16 style ergonomics this gun foes away with the "dirty" direct gas impingement system and instead uses a short stroke gas piston. This may be more expensive but is worth every penny. Meaning that the 417 is a direct upgrade from the M16.

Smg/HK Mp7: Continuing the trend with HK firearms is the Mp7. This pdw/smg is very unique. Using a special armor piercing round made specifically for this gun is has greater penetration through body armor and has the muzzle velocity of a 5.56 NATO round. The Belgium VBR also produces a two part fragmentation bullet for this gun which gives it twice the chance for killing a vital organ. If you want lethality in a short package you can not go wrong with the mp7.

Lmg/ M27 Iar: This gun is simply the whole package. Another gun from HK 416 platform this one is remarkable. Fully loaded this gun weighs only 9lbs compared with 22lbs of the m249. This is a advantage because now the LMG gunner is not a burden to the squad and can still be used as a force multiplier. Also the m27 can blend into the standard m4 and m16 rifles making it lesser of a target therefore improving the survivability of the gunner. Now you may think that this gun lacks suppressive fire. That is simply untrue because the m27 is extremely accurate compared to the m249. The m249 is great at putting alot of lead downrange but the Iar does the same thing but because of its accuracy 1 bullet of the m27 has the same suppressive fire has 4 bullets from the m249. Due to this the m27 soldier would consume much less ammunition and would have to sap the supplies of the other squad members. The final advantage of the m27 is the versitality this gun is a dmr/lmg/assault rifle in one awesome package.

Sniper/XM2010: The xm2010 is the direct successor to the proven m24 rifle design which in itself is the military version of the R700. The xm2010 brings to the table much needed modernization and modularity. With an adjustable stock, integrated rail system, and a harder hitting .300 magnum bullets. This .300 magnum bullets brings a 50% increase in effective range compared to the R700 which is ideal for the afghan mountains. The xm2010 truly shows lots of potential of repeating the success of the m24 platform.

Shotgun/M26 Mass: The M26 is the ultimate option in short range breaching. The most compact shotgun, this lightweight weapon can be under slung or can stand alone. Coming in at a mere 3 pounds this gun can be moved and pointed in great speed. Giving it an edge over slow clunky shotguns. This can mean life or death in close quarters combat. The extremely short overall all weight and length paired with the modularity of an under slung weapon is simply the best shotgun for cqb and breaching.

So in conclusion my weapons all run like a well oiled machine. State of the art tech with functionality and reliability. Also all of my guns share common ergonomics making some of them a seem less transition from one to another. When you you simply want the best you should choose these guns. Therefore my guns are better.

Thank you for reading my argument. Now it is your turn to argue. May I remind you that there is no rebuttal in the opening arguments.



Once again welcome to DDO; I hope this will be a good debate. I will accept the M16 rifle to SAMR modification.


Rifle/carbine: AK-47/series.

There is one thing I have to say about this rife, and I’m sure you are all familiar with: reliability. It all comes down to practicality of a medium range rifle; it’s not the rate of fire that matters – war isn’t spray and pray; it’s not the power – getting hit by any bullet with over 2000 J will wound you; it’s not pin point precession that matters, 1 or 2 MOA over 200 meters isn’t going to make a huge difference. It’s the reliability. The AK can fire after being dunked in mud [video 1], stuffed with wet sand [video 2], and buried for 18 years [video 3]. The AK also requires 5 times less cleaning than most modern AR platform rifles, costs very little to maintain, and is much easier to field strip. Imagine fighting in a battle field, having a gun that doesn’t jam at the worst times is the utmost important aspect of the rifle.

The second point is cost. Most AKs cost about $100-200, and in some parts of the world, a used AK can cost $40-50. Compare this to an M16, which can costs $500 on the cheap side. There’s a reason why there are 100 million functional AKs in the world, with a functionality age of up to 40 years []. AKs sold in the U.S. must be modified with “American made” parts, significantly increasing their cost. The modern assault rifle is the staple of the army, out numbering all the other small arms other than pistols. When you have 4 soldiers and you can only afford to arm one, it means 3 of them are dead.

AK-75 and AKM versions that shoot 5.45x39mm rounds are also available. These are more accurate and more controllable, at the cost of power.

DMR: SAMR (M16 mod).

The SAMR is a modified M16 [], used for medium range (500-800 meters) sharpshooting outside of the range of most rifles. M16s themselves are known for their accuracy, and remain one of the most accurate rifles to this day. The M16’s proven technology has been applied to guns like the AR-15, M4, and the new HK416. The SAMR has been used by the U.S. Marine Corps since 2001.

SMG: P90.

Submachine guns are used for their high rate of fire, controllability and maneuverability. Personally, I believe that pistols are a better option for indoor combat, but SMGs can come in handy when suppression fire or spraying is really called for. The P90 is a futuristic gun designed by FN Herstal. It has a top feed system, can hold 50 rounds in one magazine, highly maneuverable and concealable due to its bullpup design, accurate, and can fire at 900 RPM (that’s 15 rounds per second). It can shoot the common 9x19mm or the armor piercing 5.7x27mm. The P90 is currently used by the U.S. Secret Service, telling you how prized it is.

LMG: M249 SAW/FN Minimi. /

The M249 SAW is the main squad automatic weapon light machine gun used by the U.S. army, since 1985, adapted from the FN Minimi. The weapon does what a SAW is supposed to do: offer sustained suppressive fire. It has a belt feed system, and comes standard with a detachable 100 round box magazine. Its power gives it an effective range of 700 meters, offering suppressive fire from a safe distance.

Sniper Rifles: Remington M700.

The Remington 700 has been in service since 1962. No other sniper rifle has had as much combat experience as the M700. Sniper rifles are powerful, so they are mad of the simplest configuration possible – that’s why the M700 bolt-action design has been perfected so early. Modern precision engineering has greatly boosted the sniper’s reliability, accuracy, and range. Weighing only 4 kg, the M700 can still deliver . The M700 is also extremely cheap for a sniper rifle, at only $500 per unit (without sight). More expensive versions are effective at over 1000 meters, a practical range for snipers.

I have to note here that the gun my opponent has chosen, the XM2010, is based on the M24 which is based on the M700. I’m not sure if there is enough of a distinction here to have a debate, since the differing points are all proportional to cost.

Shotguns: KSG-15.

Again, I believe that close quarters combat is best done with pistols. Having a shotgun offers more stopping power and has a higher potential to incapacitate a close enemy before he has the chance to fire back, and can be used to destroy doors. But it’s not practical to have a slow firing shotgun versus a group of enemies. Shotgun pellet spread isn’t actually as helpful at hitting a human sized target as one may think. The KSG is pretty standard for a shotgun – 12 gauge, with 2.75 in or 3 in cartridges. But it’s special for its bullpup and dual tubular design. This enables the KSG to be much shorter than other shotguns, and provide a high 7+7+1 round capacity.

In conclusion, my guns offer practicality, versatility, and specialization for a squad. The main rifles, AK-47 and Remington 700, are proven, reliable, and cheap. The specialized weapons like the P90 and KSG have innovative features such as maneuverability, magazine size, and usability that are superior to other models.


Sorry about the wait. I had some other work that I had to do. I did a lot of research on the AK on the first day, and then tapered off from there.

Debate Round No. 2


TheOfficialCmoney forfeited this round.


Well it looks like my oponnent closed his account... He was doing a good job on this site.
Debate Round No. 3


TheOfficialCmoney forfeited this round.


Well it looks like another forfeit.

I'd just like to say that most of my opponents guns are rather expensive.

The IAR "LMG" is also virtually indistinguishable from a regular assault rifle.

Vote Con please!

Debate Round No. 4
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by Bullish 6 years ago
Why did you close your account? D:
Posted by TheOfficialCmoney 6 years ago
You are both right and wrong. First of all the user of a gun doesn't change the purpose of the gun. DMRs have a special role to outrange the standard assault rifle. While a assault rifle is accurate to lets say about 500 meters. A Dmr is used from 500 to 800 meters. Now if a Dm uses a m16 it doesn't make it a Dmr. The m16 has to be changed with attachments and upgrades. Now when you said m16 I thought you meant just a regular m16a4 with an acog. Which is an extremely accurate rifle and close to a Dmr but not quite. Dmrs are made to outrange the assualt rifle using match grade ammo compared to the m855 used in the regular m16. Also they will often use 3-9 variable zoom optics and a stainless steel match grade barrells. So you were right in which the M16 can be made into a Dmr but it takes much more than just a scope in order to reach and exceed assault rifle ranges.

Here are some good examples.

Also I know sometimes I can get a little bit confusing so in short here is what I said.

Assault Rifle: 500 meters, standard ammunition, 4X scope at largest, standard barrel, non accurized
DMR: 500-700meters, Match grade ammunition, 4X scope at smallest, Stainless steel match grade barrel.
Sniper 700-1500e33;, High caliber match grade ammunition, 6X scope at smallest, usually bolt action, smaller magazines due to high caliber. Very precise MOA.
Posted by Bullish 6 years ago
I may be wrong here, but there aren't actually guns that are classified as "DMR" or "sniper" or "assault-type". It's the user of the gun that gives it it's name. A designated marksman is some one who camps and aims at midrange, and if he chooses to use an m16, that M16 becomes a DMR, if he chooses to use a SVD, that SVD becomes a DMR. Same with sniper and assault, it's the purpose that the weapon is used for that classifies it. Obviously, a pistol isn't usually used as a sniper, but an AWP isn't technically a sniper unless a sniper uses it.

I chose the M16 because it is known for it's accuracy. Slap a scope on it and use it like a mid range sniper, and it becomes a DMR.
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