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Total War is the best strategy series available for PC

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Started: 1/22/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be arguing pro, that total war is the best PC strategy series.
Con must prove another series is better to win.
Burden of proof shared equally (The word best is key. If neither side proves their game better, it should be a tie)

1st round acceptance only.
I'm not in the mood for heavy mental lifting, so I'm making this two rounds of short debate, but I think we can still make good points.

Thanks in advance to my opponent for accepting and in anticipation of a good debate.


I will accept the position of CON for Total War is the best strategy game for the PC.

I will argue that Command and Conquer is the best strategy series for the PC.

Good Luck Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok. I've not played command and conquer, but I've done research on it since your post. However I will not attack it until you've made your points.

To start off, I'll mention the public popularity of the total war series.
Shogun: 9.5 user review average on metacritic. On, 87% of reviews are four or five stars.
Medieval: 88 on metacritic, 8.9 on ign, and a 90/100 on Yahoo! Games
Rome: 92 on metacritic, 9.4 on ign
Medieval II: 88 on metacritic and 8.8 on ign
Empire (my favorite): 90 on metacritic, 9.5 + editors' choice on ign
Napoleon: 8.9 on ign
Shogun II: 90 on metacritic, 9.0 + editors' choice on ign

We can see that people love total war and for good reason. Total war games have amazing graphics. My 2008 computer can barely handle the second lowest setting. Moving to game play, total war offers a combination of the best real time battles and amazing turn based game play that is available. Not only is it turn based AND rts, but the two types meld perfectly in-game


Both of our games get about 4-5 stars and similar ratings (mine are more flat though). However, here are some special notes for C&C:

    • Over 30 million games sold as of 2009, one of the first Strategy games of all time
    • Command & Conquer's long history resulted in Guinness World Records awarding the series 6 world records in the Guinness World Records. These records include "Biggest Selling RTS Series", "Most Number of Platforms for an RTS", etc.
    • C&C RA 2, Generals, Tiberium III, and RA 3 received "best strategy game of the year" awards
    • The franchise boasts one of the largest and most active fan communities in the world
    • Has spawned over a dozen PC titles, and ranks in the top 5 best-selling PC franchises of all-time according to the NPD Group [1] [2]

My games have better reviews overall.

Debate Round No. 2


To begin: C&C does not garner as good of reviews as total war. On IGN, both Empire and Rome TW rank higher than any C&C game. There are six TW games (ten including expansions) in IGN's top 75 strategy PC games, and one C&C. [1]

C&C may be the "biggest selling RTS" but that is for multiple platforms, not just PC like TW, which is what the resolution refers to. Thus this point is irrelevant. Besides that, sales do not necessarily reflect quality. Transformers movies for example are horrible but rakes in hundreds of millions each.

Of only seven games, less than half of the number of C&C's, 3 have won best strategy game awards, as well as been nominated for best overall game.

Rome TW ranks 6 on the IGN top 100 PC games ever, the best C&C is 77

Also, TW is a better strategy franchise. Whereas the only strategy C&C offers is rts, TW has rts AND turn-based combining the best of both.

TW also has 3 times as many Game of the years since 2004

TW has the best graphics available, C&C doesn't


-C&C has one of the largest and most active fan bases in the world, which obviously represents good quality of their games [1]

-C&C has sold the first edition alone 3 Million games on the PC, more than any of the Total War games [2]

-Some of your points are unsupported, including awards - over half of the C&C universe was created BEFORE 2004

-C&C has had superior graphics to many games during the period they were released

-R.T.S is more popular than turn-based strategy [3]

-I added up all of the average ratings for all of Total War series games, and they rank about ONLY 2% higher (about 86%) compared to C&C (84%) [4] [5]


Both games are very popular. However, Total War has better reviews for a few games, while C&C is close behind. C&C has a stronger fan base, and this series shapes RTS as been shown. C&C also has many world records, also has had more sales by far on the PC market. Stronger sales and fan base and strong reviews = better game.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by qwertsaq345 6 years ago
If you accept, please message me or I might not notice
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