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Traditional Marriage (Man/Woman) and Same-Sex unions are not Equal. Convince me otherwise.

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Started: 11/9/2018 Category: Politics
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There are many many different kinds of relationships, And not all relationships are equal. One of the primary objectives of the State is to ensure the continuation of the State. If the State does not do what it can to ensure the continuation of it's Society, Then it's failing in one of it's primary duties.

There is only 1 relationship that will ensure the continuation of State, And that is the Male/Female relationship. Without the Male/Female relationship, Society will not add new members and thus the State would not continue to exist. So, The State has a vested interest to promote, Encourage, And dare I say, Protect the Male/Female relationship above all others, Because it is the ONLY relationship that ensures it's continuation.

Thus, Male/male relationship or a female/female relationship does not provide to the State what the Male/Female relationship provides, Or has the potential to provide.

When the State promotes, Encourages, Provides benefits, And protects the Male/Female relationship, It is not discriminatory.

Convince me otherwise.


Happy to think with you today,

Your argument is that due to the fact that male+female partnerships can lead to children in and of themselves, That means the state should favor them over other partnerships.

My arguments against this contention will be as follows:

1. Not all male+female relationships will, Or even CAN lead to children.

Some m+f couples do not want kids. Some are too old. Some were born or became sterile any number of ways. Any privileges m+f pairs get that m+m. F+f pairs or otherwise do not are meaningless if it is all on the basis of children.

2. Mm or ff pairs can still have kids.

Ff partners can have kids via sperm donation. Mm pairs can currently get a surrogate mother to bear their children. Either pairs can adopt. There is no shortage of orphans in the US alone.

3. Marriage is by no means "for" children.

One could argue that in the past or in some societies it implies children, But marriage is about celebrating the union of two partners. Nowhere in wedding ceremonies is the intention of having children outlined.

4. Few societies are hurting terribly for people.

Birthrates lower than the replacement rate have only occurred in recent history when civilizations advance past a certain point. Immigration can be used to offset the difference.

If and when immigration and birthrates cannot, The state can put other programs into place to ensure the stability of its state.

Marriage has nothing more to do with children in today's society, Even before the legitimization of gay marriages. At best there is a vague implication. Child tax credits, Public education, And assisted healthcare/foodstamps are more along the lines of programs targetted specifically for those with children.

These are my basic arguments against your outlined position. Happy to debate you on any of these points in more detail.

Happy to think with you today,

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Posted by Tentak 2 days ago
Thoht has made a very strong argument which has seemed to debased GuitarSlinger's argument entirely. Thoht so far on this first round has convinced me that a male and female couple is not strictly for bearing children and that same sex couples can operate similarly in terms of children to a male and female couple, Therefore traditional and same-sex are very similar in terms of continuation of the sate, And thus deserves to have an equal standing together.
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