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Transgender Bathrooms

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Started: 5/18/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Transgender bathrooms. Should we have them? Add as many details


We do. The female maybe in the stall but here is the difference. Boys can not contain a clean restroom. Women do so why mix? It was cause mischief. The men and the women in love would do things in the restroom not meant to do. The women would have to be in a restroom with oters. Yes they can cause smells two, but they use spray. Men are naturally messy.
Debate Round No. 1


This is not about having a bathroom clean. I assume you are a woman so I will ask this. Would you not be freaked out if a man dressed like a woman comes into a stall next to you and has man parts. Switching a gender is a mental disorder, not a condition. If you look like a man, go in the men's, if you look like a girl go in the ladies.


1, I am a man. 2, Yes people would be ashamed if another gender walked up beside them with a whole in their pants to see.
Debate Round No. 2


Only 0.3 percent of Americans identify themselves as Americans so why waste government money and use our resources for such a small population.


Transgender restrooms would not even spread to the whole intre world.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dtien400 2 years ago

Putting gender neutral bathrooms would be extremely impractical. Not only would it be expensive, but the setup of many buildings might not allow for it. It is much more logical for trans activists to lobby to use the bathroom of their choice.
Posted by organicaltrue 2 years ago
there is no such thing as transgender. the most that a troubled person can do is have surgical/cosmetic changes made to his/her body to give the illusion that they are the opposite sex and dress/live out their lives as such. pop culture and laws normalizing gender-related lifestyles will never make those lifestyles normal or natural. ever. no matter how many advocates are on board.

instead of boycotting a state for standing its ground about public restroom policies, these trans advocates need to devote energy getting gov. buildings and public businesses to add neutral individual restrooms. a bathroom is a space where people are vulnerable in the sense that they are doing something that requires the most privacy and requires unclothing to various degrees to accomplish those things. and women have even more personal things that we have to take care of that men will never experience. and if you ask most women, they will tell you that they probably wait until other women have left the restroom before they start rattling wrappers and wipes and other things to conduct monthly-related hygiene because they don't want anyone to know. a MAN dressed and living as a woman should NOT be in a women's restroom creating even more stress for women who are trying to get things done as discreetly as possible.

and the safety issue goes both ways. i imagine that a woman living as a man would be hesitant to enter a man's restroom in fear of being found out and confronted by a man in the restroom (because let's be honest, many of these trans people are not physically convincing).

when you mess up the natural order of things, it is problems like public restroom usage that become major issues. you can wish you were female all day long and get your genitals surgically mutilated, take hormones for the rest of your life, change your walk, wardrobe, and hair. you can do all of that, and all you will ever be is a man desperately trying to be a woman. nothing more. and vice versa.
Posted by nonpartisanomnist 2 years ago
Honestly it would be easy if there was bathrooms that everyone used, and we got rid of men and women rooms, but most people wouldn't like that idea so I agree with a bathroom for just transgenders. To be honest I could care less who used what bathroom. To me a bathroom's a bathroom.
Posted by lyokowarri0r 2 years ago
Do you mean a separate bathroom for just those who identify as trans? Because that is different than just them choosing the bathroom that matches their identity.
Posted by kyleflanagan97 2 years ago
I feel like I agree with the con position but for an entirely different reason.
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