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Transgender Children Who Identify As Males Be Able To Join A Boy Scouts Troop

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Transgender children who identify as males should DEFINITELY be let into a Boy Scout Troop. It is a boy scout troop not a biologically born boys troop. Many children who change genders do it because they aren't interested in what their original gender does or is classified as. If a biological girl wants to become a boy and join a boy scout troop, let him/her. They probably aren't interested in selling cookies and doing crafts (although that isn't all girl scouts do) should be able to join a BS Troop. Society is extremely messed up if they think that a male identified child should not join a BS Troop. Who cares what feces extruder part they were born with. So if anyone thinks that they shouldn't, you are a moldy chicken nugget stuffed in a wet sock that was made in an easy-bake oven!


There are two arguments my opponent basically makes.

1) Children who identify as male should be let in, which is basically just repeating the claim without any warrant, you can dismiss it based of those grounds.

2) Boy scouts should allow transgender children because it doesn't explicitly say biological boy scouts. However this doesn't make sense because then every single title or label, would have to explicitly write down every single thing they mean, which is not practical. Not every single sign at a grocery store has to say don't steal because it's common sense. Therefore this argument is debunked.

My Arguments

1) You can not be a male just because you say you are, being a male or female has everything to do with biology and nothing to do with mentality. Every single transgender out there still is biologically a male or female, thus overall male or female. Sure someone can identify with the other sex, but that has nothing to do with what they are.

Therefore in conclusion, there's nothing put forward by Pro that deserves change.
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Posted by RC-9282 2 years ago
And I assume that you are referring to genitalia when you say, well... "feces extruder". Wrong. Urine is not considered feces. And it does matter. Gender is directly determined by genitals.
Posted by RC-9282 2 years ago
My question is why, as parents, are you condoning your kid making these decisions with the lack of life experience and bad judgement they have? By decisions I mean transitioning between genders.
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