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Transgender men and women can not change gender

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Started: 9/4/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe transgender women are men as they were assigned at birth and there is no changing that with the science and technology we have today. I believe this because simply I know my biology, my primary school biology, that a man is born a man and will always be a man and a woman is born and will always be a woman. People believing and feeling and convincing themselves that they are the opposite gender inside certainly suggests that they are ill, and this illness is called Gender disphoria. And there is treatment to this however it is highly controversial that they define it is as a mental illness. Furthermore people also seem to believe that actual going ahead and "changing" into a woman or a man is the cure and that is what they should do. However, the suicidal rate in America for trans people is 30-40 percent in a study, and that appears to not change even AFTER the transition into the sex they wish, this suggests that it isn't a cure and it isn't the only answer for everyone. Another thing is that when transgender men and women feel offended when you use the "old" pronouns: if I call a transgender man a "she/"her"" or a transgender woman a "he"/"him", I do not agree that people should have to call them by their prefered pronouns. This is because as soon as pregnancy takes place your chromosomes choose X or Y (male or female) and with the technology we have today we cannot change them, it is impossible. So even if you change your genitals, your appearance and your entire lifestyle you can never be your preferred geneder. When I personally interfere with a transgender man I feel I should not have to change the use of pronouns which SHE will prefer as you can never change your gender. They CAN change there appearance, they CAN change their genitals, they CAN EVEN change their names and I am fine with calling them by there new name, they can do what they want, BUT I will NOT go against my intelligence and forget about primary school biology and change the way I view their sex, that is not fair.
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