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Transgender people should not be encouraged to "transition". You cannot change your sex.

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Started: 10/10/2019 Category: Science
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Transgender people, For anyone who isnt fully aware, Experience a mental disorder called "Gender Dysphoria". Previously called "Gender Identity Disorder", Gender Dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. These people claim that they feel that their gender does not reflect their biological sex.

In recent times, These people have been encouraged to "transition", Or change their appearance so that they appear to be the gender that they feel they are inside, Sometimes even going so far as to have surgery to change their genitalia. Many people claim that their dysphoria is lessened or even non-existent after transitioning. However, It is an undeniable fact that the suicide rates for transgender peoples are incredibly high, Both pre and post transition. There are also many documented cases of people who regret transitioning, And wish that they hadnt. This begs the question, Is transitioning really the cure for Gender Dysphoria? I believe that it is not. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is medical malpractice to carry out sex reassignment surgery, But that's another discussion.

My argument is this: instead of encouraging physical transitions for what is, In reality, A mental disorder, We should be trying to treat the psychological symptoms of Gender Dysphoria. If we can focus more on *why* someone feels that they are not the gender they were born as, We may be able to better understand and treat the disorder.


I would not label gender dysphasia as a mental illness. After all, There is nothing "wrong" with them, They were simply born in the wrong body. The term condition or disorder would be more appropriate, As people who suffer from it are not ill.

You have mentioned people regretting their transition, And I believe this is due to them hearing about transgender people from the media, And as they likely do not fit the stereotypical image of their gender, Feel like they are the opposite gender. When in reality, They simply do not conform to the "gender-roles" our society is still quite adamant on.

The suicide rates are definitely very high. The ones before transitioning are likely due to them feeling like they don't belong, They're not welcome in their own self. Being trapped in a body you do not feel is you can understandably lead to being highly miserable, Hence they want to escape said life and choose suicide. Now people committing suicide after transitioning are very very likely to experience mockery from their surroundings. This can be the case for pre-transitioning people too, However here the dysphoria is not the problem anymore. A lot of people don't believe in gender dysphoria and bully, Mock and insult transgender people, Which is why man feel that suicide is their only way out of these horrible circumstances.

Transitioning does cure gender dysphoria. If you assume that gender dysphoria means that one is born in the wrong gendered body, Changing said body to the appropriate gender solves the issue, And therefore does cure it.

I will argue that you cannot cure gender dysphoria without transitioning. If you are transgender, You simply are. The majority of trans people have felt different their whole lives, And have subconsciously tried to transition before. While you may be able to convince a trans person through unethical methods of their "wrong thinking", This falls more under convincing instead of curing. I believe that there is not really a definition as to why people are trans. You know that you are your gender, How would you prove that? There is not really a way, You just have the knowledge. I imagine it's the same way for transgender people. I do think that some people who identify as trans are simply more masculine girls, Or the other way around. If they know that it's okay to be a girl with only a small feminine side, They might recognise their miss-identification. However, Society would have to change for that to happen first, As gender-roles are still being assigned to men and women.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, It is Dysphoria*, Not dysphasia. And there is something wrong with them. Gender dysphoria is in fact a mental illness, And a disorder is a form of illness. The suicide rates before and after transitioning are simply due to the fact that they are mentally unwell. Mentally stable individuals do not commit suicide simply because they are discriminated against or "bullied". This is not a valid argument. Gender dysphoria is the problem, And any outside influence is irrelevant.

Transitioning *may* cure genital dysphoria, Which is having an extreme feeling of discomfort from having genitalia of the gender that you do not identify as. It shouldnt be difficult for anyone to see that this is a mental illness and not due to "being born in the wrong body". There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support that anyone is born in the wrong body. To suggest that this is possible is to suggest that there is some force, Supernatural or otherwise, That dictates who is born as what. There is no evidence to support that claim, At all.

You said, "If you assume that gender dysphoria means that one is born in the wrong gendered body, Changing said body to the appropriate gender solves the issue. " But like I said, No one is born in the wrong body. You are literally changing the rules of reality in order for them to fit your narrative, With no evidence to support it.

You also say that you don't think you can cure dysphoria without transitioning, But as I stated before, Transitioning is not a valid cure. You cannot change your biological sex through any means. It is encoded into your DNA.

Lastly, You state that "You know that you are your gender, How would you prove that? There is not really a way, You just have the knowledge. " There is a way to tell what gender you are. If you were born a male and you have male genitalia, You are a male, End of story. Same for a female. The reason that I don't question that I am a male is because I do not have a mental illness.
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Posted by 1leroy 1 week ago
I totally agree with you. . . As i have read in the comments the transgender suicidal rate is 40% which is close to the same as the jews in Hitlers concentration camp. I have heard that with a goup of people that have a suicie rate of over, If I remember rights, 15% is considered insane. So this must mean that trangenders are worse than insane.
Great argument. . .
Posted by Lexmark245 1 week ago

There are no genes that cause you to be transgender. This is complete nonsense and there is no science to support it. I have read the studies, And they do not claim to know that genes cause transgenderism.
Posted by namdorf 1 week ago
So much evidence being posted to back these absurdly sound points.
Posted by NathanH12 1 week ago
The transgender suicide rate is over 40%. For American slaves it was approzimately 12. 5 percent. Are slaves being mistreated more than transgenders, And if that is so please explain how that happened.
Posted by Anonymous03 1 week ago

That seems a little bit controversial seeing as you'd have no proof to back it up, Only statistics that correlate higher numbers of suicide/crime committed by transgender people but you could always say that it's societal pressure that contributes to this. Plus, Scientists have confirmed that members in the LGBT+ community have a tendency to have specific genes that allow for their specific preference.
Posted by Anonymous03 1 week ago
I disagree strongly with Con.

Quite a disproportionately large number of transgender people only do so because of a fetish. Many of them discover a reduced sex drive post-transition as their genitals have been mutilated beyond repair and the sudden hormone supplements only contribute to the lack of sex drive and libido. Many transgender people are prone to being otherwise mentally affected due to the physical toll transitioning has on their bodies. The hormone imbalance can lead to some mental instability in people like the axe rampaging transgender in Australia from a few months ago.

Transgender people who regret transitioning do not do so because of societal pressure most of the time. They regret transitioning because it is either a) astonishingly painful, B) resulting in a non-functioning pair of genitalia, Or c) simply a fetish that turned out to be disturbingly unfulfilling post-transition. No male-to-female transitioners have fully functioning female genitalia. They are prone to feeling pain and more than half lose feeling in their vagina. The simple fact that more than half of transgender peoples' surgeries didn't work up to their expectations is what contributes to the large majority regretting their transition.
Posted by Knight_Dragon 1 week ago
Transgenderism is an mental disorder.
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