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Started: 12/19/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Why is Transgenderism impossible? And why is their suicide rate so high? Why should I as a person conform to a trans persons standards and call them something they aren't? Well, I am gonna answer all of those questions. Transgenderism is not biologically possible on many standards. All you can truly do is chance your external appearance. Your chromosomes may be the same, you may have boobs, you may have the opposite genders parts, but that doesn't make you the opposite gender of what you were at birth. You are born with genetics and chromosomes dedicated to making you your own gender. You can't change those chromosomes that identify your gender. It simply cannot be done. It is a mental disorder, and I wish people with that disorder the best of luck to get the mental assistance they need to fix it. Next question. They suicide rate in the trans community is a shocking 40%. That's insane. Why is it so high? It isn't because they get bullied by society, it's not because people don't conform to their standards. That's been proven by multiple studies. Their suicide rate is so high because they have a mental disorder and they aren't receiving the proper help. Going back to when I stated that we aren't to blame for their suicide because some people call them what they really are instead of their trans form. I am not going to change my thinking so someone feels good about them self. Get over it. Get some help. :)


Be who you want to be don't let other people control you. It's just changing you're gender why is it such a big deal it is not hurting anyone unless it's a young child becoming transgender leave them alone
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