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Transgenders Should be Accepted as Boy Scouts

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Started: 3/23/2017 Category: People
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Boy Scouts are now accepting transgenders who identify as male into the program. This has been highly criticized as many agree that transgender boys are girls who think they are boys. I believe that this is false. As a supporter of and part of the BSA, I believe that it is our duty to be open to people. The people we accept must identify as boys and technically transgender boys count as boys but were girls. Humans are not perfect as ethics are not and I understand why people believe that but have any of them been transgender. If some have, I will accept their argument because they know what it is like to undergo that transformation but if not, to everyone that believes that it should not be, a solid assumption can be made that you are saying these things because transgender people are different . They are different from you and most people in the world, they are that 0.3 percent of people that are different than you. They must have a hard time changing genders and not understanding what gender defines them so as Boy Scouts, we should be there to accept them into something different. Our law is to be Trustworthy,Loyal,Helpful,Friendly,Courteous,Kind,Obedient,Cheerful,Thrifty,Brave,Clean,and Reverent. See the ones that make it our duty to include people who qualify as boys. Thank you for reading.


Let me preface this debate with a statement. I fully support transgender rights and believe wholeheartedly that transgender don't want to be the other gender, they ARE the other gender. The rest of the opening statement by pro is pretty much a straw man because there are many reasons to oppose this, as I will argue.

But here is where me and Pro differ. Boy Scouts do not have the responsibility to accept transgender people, nor should they. The main reason I believe this is because transitioning as a child is horrible for their health. By allowing trans children into boy scouts, they are supporting child transition. Let it be known, I am a huge advocate for doing with your body what you please, but children are different. This is why they don't decide what medical surgeries they need, the parents do. Children shouldn't make such a life altering choice during childhood.

Let me go into further detail of the medical risks of child transition.

1. Puberty Blockers

There has not been significant research to suggest whether or not puberty blockers have side effects other than intended for people that are on them for an extended period of time. The medication has only been cleared by the FDA, Food and Drug association, for people with early onset puberty. These people use puberty blockers much less than trans children.

What we do know, however, is that testosterone and estrogen, the main hormones in puberty, play a role in a child's neurological development and bone growth. There is some decrease in bone density during the treatment of pubertal suppression. There isn't enough research to say whether or not that child will regain all of their bone strength once taken off the treatment.

Brain development is a gargantuan part of puberty, and that is also another area we have very little information in with regards to puberty blockers. "'The bottom line is we don"t really know how sex hormones impact any adolescent"s brain development,' Dr. Lisa Simons, a pediatrician at Lurie Children"s, told FRONTLINE." She goes on to state that there is a lot of brain development during the transition from child to adult, but we aren't sure what is the main factor driving that. If it's hormones, then puberty blockers will most likely block the mind's development.

2. Hormones

These bring about changes that are known to be IRREVERSIBLE. A lot of the side effects are what comes with puberty, of course, like acne and mood swings, but there are more. Patients may be at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes later in life. Blood clot risks are also increased for those who start estrogen. Cancer is a risk that is not fully known, but it is still given as a warning to patients. Cross hormones can reduce fertility as well, and there isn't enough research to find out if it's reversible. Long term consequences are also largely unknown.

3. Conclusion

I believe that these decisions are to be made by the adult primarily affected by them, not by the child and/or their parents. Not only could the gender dysphoria be temporary and the child not turn out to be trans, like I personally have experienced, the child could also be trans and still regret going on them so young.
If and when new research is published, my mind will of course change. Until then, however, we should not put children into these risky medical practices. If we aren't doing that then there is no reason for the BSA to allow transgender people.
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Posted by SkySky16 3 years ago
Ah sh&t, I forgot to put my citation, will provide at the start of next round.
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