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Transgenders and Using their Pronouns

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Society
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The English Language is currently being warped and changed to meet the needs of a minority with a mental disease. Transgenders and gender identity politics are currently dominating American Politics, where we could be focusing on far more important topics such as border problems, economics, and so forth.


I mostly accepted this debate because being transgender is definitely NOT a mental disease.

As for the pronouns, I will call transgender people what they prefer and look like. If they are a guy to a girl, I'm going to call them "she". Same with the other way around. Whenever agender people get purposely offended when I mis-pronoun them and freak out about it, that's a different story. If someone kept on calling me "she" even though I'm a he, I would be annoyed at first but could accept it despite it being not true. If someone who calls themselves an agender individual demands that they be referred to as "ze" or "zir", that's just ridiculous. We don't need to add any more words to the English language because of how they feel.

I will be happy to talk about this further if you would like.
Debate Round No. 1


Don't mistake me for being someone who hates all transgenders, I believe that they do have a mental disorder., please excuse me for calling it a disease. Anyways, I completely agree with you when you say, "If someone who calls themselves an a-gender individual demands that they be referred to as "ze" or "zir", that's just ridiculous." I agree, I don't think we should add new pronouns to help a minority of people who are suffering from a mental disorder.

In regards of someone using the wrong pro-noun on someone,there are people who wish to penalize (by law) those who mis-pronoun a transgender. I think this concept is completely outrageous. For example, in California a first grader accidentally called her transgender friend by the wrong pro-noun, that first grader was then called to the principals officer and suspended (I believe) due to their "insulting and inappropriate" behavior.

The idea that we are promoting this mental disorder, especially to younger children is ignorant considering the majority of adults today do not understand the concept of being a transgender themselves. Not only that, but you can be thrown out of a school for mis-gendering someone!

What it really boils down to, for me that is, is the fact that men can not be women and women can not be men. The majority of biologist today agree that there are only two genders and that gender is not separate from sex.

Back to you.


If you wouldn't mind telling me, how is gender different from sex?

I never knew people had gone so far for simply mis-pronouning someone. That's just ludicrous.

What makes you say that transgender and agender people have a mental illness? I understand that what they've done cannot be justified, but why do you believe what you do?

Telling children about being trans-gender is a very bad decision. They can easily think they want to be and later regret it in their life. It makes more sense for a teenager to do it after thinking about it for a long time.
Debate Round No. 2


"If you wouldn't mind telling me, how is gender different from sex?"

I do not believe Gender is different from Sex. That idea is a late 20th century concept which in my opinion is false. I do not believe I made that arguement that Gender is different from Sex in round two, nor will I as I do not believe they are different, I believe they are the same.

"What makes you say that transgender and agender people have a mental illness?"

I apologize for saying Illnesses in round one, I meant disorders. It is scientifically proven that it is a mental disorder, it's known as Gender Dysphoria (which was known as Gender Identity Disorder, the name was changed due to "political correctness").

" I understand that what they've done cannot be justified, but why do you believe what you do?"

Personally, I believe that Transgenders should not be permitted to enforce the pronouns they want to be called onto society. I believe that society should be able to call them what they are comfortable calling them. In my opinion, a Girl can not be a Boy and a Boy can not be a Girl and I will not throw away simply biology to fit the needs of a minority with a mental disorder. Now, there are exceptions to this, for example if a Transgender has gone through the surgery and I need to point them out to someone, if they are Transgender (male to female), and look like a female I will call them a "her" as it is easier pointing "her" out to a person who doesn't know (s)he is transgender. I hope this answers your question.

Back to you.


I'm sorry. I meant to ask how gender is NOT different from sex. That is my mistake. If you can, please answer it in the comments.

Mental disorder and/or Gender Dysphoria is a better term for transgenders and agender people. When you said "mental disease" and "mental illness", that was what caused me to act. It was mostly the "disease" part of it.

Thanks for answering the question. For the most part, I'm the same way but am more lenient on what transgender people want to be called (as long as it's an ACTUAL English word unlike "zir" or something like that). I believe that transgender people can request that others call them either "he" or "she", but shouldn't get butt-hurt about it if someone doesn't go by what they ask. If a transgender person purposely gets a different person in trouble for simply "mis-gendering" them, that would be PURPOSELY being offended. Of course, if there were bullies that would be a different story. Overall, I believe that transgender individuals have the right to request that someone call them by a certain pronoun, but shouldn't go crazy when someone doesn't call them by that.
Words have the power you give them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jeter1011 3 years ago
Let me clear up a few things. I am NOT saying that we decide who or what people want to be, what I am deciding is that they can not enforce upon us these new pronouns, or us calling them their "preferred pronouns". If people want to call others pronouns based on biologie, they can. The problem is societal standards (dictated usually by the left) doesn't allow us to do just have.

To answer the Contender's question, Gender isn't different from Sex because biologically, for the longest of time Gender and Sex have been the same thing. This idea that they are seperate was an idea created in 1940, so it is a relatively new idea and one that the country has decided to not enforce or adopt.

Not only that, but many biologists agree that Gender is not different from Sex. If you want, I can link you to articles.
Posted by Npower987 3 years ago
I'd agree with the Contender, for the most part. It is not up to us to decide how people feel about their bodies, while I don't support many things associated with the push for Transgender changes, I understand why they'd not like to be called, 'He' if they identify as a girl.
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