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Transgenders have a mental disorder

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Started: 11/3/2017 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First round is acceptance round, accepting to the terms and rules of the debate below;

1. Burden of proof lies on any claim made by both pro and con.
2. No semantics, trolling, insults, or logical fallacies.
3. Do not accuse the other party of a fallacy without an explanation.
4. Statements starting in "In my opinion..." "Well, actually..." or "I think that..." etc. are not allowed.
5. This debate is a debate of facts and statistics, not opinions or feelings.
6. No new arguments, Introducing new sources, or accusations of burden of proof in the final round.
7. No forfeiting
8. Be respectful

I will be arguing as Pro (for) the argument that Transgenders have a mental disorder


I accept my oppenent's conditions for the debate.

I will argue that Transgenders do not have a mental disorder.
Debate Round No. 1
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
11 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Bitch_Goddess 2 years ago
How does a sexual homosexual relationship negatively harm others?
And there's something called the prostate gland (I suggest you look it up) that acts as, more than anything, a "g-spot" for men. The only way to reach it? Through the anus. So really, when two men are acting in sexual intercourse, the anus is the best way for the other man to, well, reach orgasm.
It's like saying being in a relationship (heterosexual) with another and having unprotected sex is "dangerous" because one or the other might have an STD/STI. Is it harmful if neither have any diseases and use protection? No. Is it harmful if they just use protection? In most cases, no. So using the argument "it's harmful" isn't a good one.

I'd also like to add, two guys not making out all over doesn't mean they're not in a relationship. You could say the same for two heterosexuals; a woman and a man just "hanging out". Even though they're in a relationship; they're not currently kissing, so they MUST just be "hanging out", right?
I also think it's funny how you only bring up male homosexuality.

"You can say that two men can be in a homosexual relationship and not be sexual, but it isn't homosexual then."
HAH! Are you serious? A lot of homosexual men don't participate in sex. They're still gay. They think guys are attractive and girls are not. They'd still kiss their partner. You're an absolute twat if you think someone can only be gay if they do anal.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
While a homosexual relationship may not harm those outside of the relationship, in the case of a male homosexual couple, it physically harms them. You can say that two men can be in a homosexual relationship and not be sexual, but it isn't homosexual then. It would just be two guys hanging out. When sexual actions occur between two men, it is physically harmful.

To be honest, one of the biggest problems with homosexuality (mostly male homosexuality) is Anal. It's not natural and spreads disease and harms the giver and reciever.
Posted by arugula278 2 years ago
FoC, how does homosexuality harm others?
Posted by Ridiceo 2 years ago
hahahahah he copied my terms from the debate hes doing with me
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
Sexual perversion is not a mental disorder, its a lack of character, restraint, and absence of moral decency. Defined by self absorption, irresponsible behaviors at the expense of others welfare.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Well pink elephants are a sort of "facts" if that is what you see...
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Green / blue is not a disorder or fact..
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
"Blue / green...Who cares..."

People who care about facts.
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Blue / green...Who cares...
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
So is it all transgender, most transgender, all the transgender I have met so far or is it just a generalisation?
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