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Transgenders who identify as Boys be allowed to join a Boy Scout Troop

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Society
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Transgender children who identify as males should DEFINITELY be let into a Boy Scout Troop. It is a boy scout troop not a biologically born boys troop. Many children who change genders do it because they aren't interested in what their original gender does or is classified as. If a biological girl wants to become a boy and join a boy scout troop, let him/her. They probably aren't interested in selling cookies and doing crafts (although that isn't all girl scouts do) should be able to join a BS Troop. Society is extremely messed up if they think that a male identified child should not join a BS Troop. Who cares what feces extruder part they were born with. So if anyone thinks that they shouldn't, you are a moldy chicken nugget stuffed in a wet sock that was made in an easy-bake oven!


I accept this Challenge. I'll explain my stance against having biologically born females joining the Boy Scouts of America. I hope this debate won't involve any insults, although your last post really doesn't put me at ease.

I am a man of Science and fact. I believe that feelings will never trump science, which is what the large majority of any LGBTQ+ and SJW communities have been trying to do. When in reality there are only 2 genders, Male and Female. This being said, people are wanting to force an organization made for boys and young men and completely change it to fit around a group of girls who feel like they're men. They aren't unless they have that an XY chromosomes and a natural penis. People who have actual deformities are understandable but people who believe they are the opposite gender than what science has shown and proved are not right mentally.

Why aren't girls wanting to change The Girl Scout of America rather than forcing another organization to change its members and doctrine?
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