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Trump has finally gone to far

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Started: 12/27/2018 Category: Politics
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I would say this is a case of the straws breaking the camel z back every day things just keep adding up his treatment of women, Tax evasion, Treason, Trade wars. . I think with mueller brave brve noble mueller clsong in on this evil traitor, His days are finally numbered


The Pro says that Trump"s days in office are numbered however this could not be further from the Truth.
First is that Trump being in office will all but assure than the Dems will win in 2020. The longer Trump is in office the better chance that the democratic candidate will have to flip Republican moderates in 2020. The Dems know this and will not impeach Trump.
The next reason he will not be impeached is diversionary war. Trump will just start wars to divert attention away from any domestic problems
Jonathan Power writes in 2017 that Trump would start a war with Iran if threated with Impeachment
Trump could play the nationalist that would rally his electorate. Trump could begin his diversionary tactics with Anti-Trump congressmen feel that they couldn"t continue with their effort to impeach him while America was in such a serious situation. There is a military stand-off But Trump is off the hook
Lastly If Trump is impeached Mike Pence would become President and allow for Shock therapy.
Debate Round No. 1


As the Trade war heats up with China, The stock market roller coasters out of control, And the mueller investigation carefully exposes the trtuh about Trumps crimes, Trump will have no choice but to resign, Pence will do no better and yes democrats look good for 2020 if they don't screw up again, What a bunch of clowns they are.


The Pro just lists things that are going on in the world but that doesn't mean Trump will leave office early.

They say that Trump will resign but I already answered this, The Power evidence is really good on this issue. It says that Trump will start wars to stay in power. That means he won't willing resign.

Also the Dems won't impeach or force him to resign either. The fact of the matter is Trump is just far to valuable to the Democrats while he is in office. If he reigned and Pence took office not only would conversion therapy be a thing but a pence presidency would damage the Democrats in 2020 by allowing the GOP to appeal to moderates again.

Trump is just not going anywhere he is more valuable to the Democrats in office than out of it. They won't allow him to be impeached.

And the evidence that shows Trump would start diversionary wars to avoid being impeached is not a person that would willingly resign.

It is for those reasons that the Probos wrong Trump's days are not numbered
Debate Round No. 2


His family broke the law, There is a very good chance they will be indicted, To spare them, He wil resign, This is my prediction, Mueller isnt a hack he is noble, He does this out of love of country, Trump may make history when they arrest him


Your voting Con in this debate for 2 reasons
1. They concede that Dems won't let Trump be impeached
2. They concede that Trump is willing to start wars to stay in power
look someone who is willing to start a war to stay in power won't willingly resign. Even if you don't buy what I am saying the Pro themselves prove that Trump won't. They talk about how he treats women terrible and how he is evil then they say that Trump is suddenly a noble person and will resign to save his family. Hold the Pro to what they have said, And that is that Trump is not a great person
My clash with the Pro was their statement that Trump's Days are numbered meaning that he would leave office early because he had gone to far. He has not gone far enough to have to leave office early the dems won't let it happen.
Even if his family are indicted the dems will make sure it is after the 2020 election meaning Trump won't leave office early. Trump in office helps them in the 2020 election the Pro is just wrong Trump will not leave office early. Look even if you don't agree with what I have said about Trump leave your personal bias out and judge this debate on what was said in the debate and not your personal opinions.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Classy_Top_Hat 3 years ago
Yep, Two lefties arguing
Posted by Alek_aa2002 3 years ago
Jesus Christ is there even any opposition here. 2 lefties arguing about something from the same viewpoint. Most boring debate I've seen in a long time.
Posted by DrunkHoboSniper 3 years ago
I didn't have enough characters to include the cite in the round so i will put it here
https://archive. Indepthnews. Net/index. Php/opinion/1197-trump-has-cards-up-his-sleeves-to-avoid-impeachment
Posted by WhiteHawk 3 years ago
What has he done to commit treason?
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