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Trump is better than Hillary

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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I feel like arguing about this. And please back your arguments up with evidence and reasoning I am tired of people attacking him saying, "he's racist" or "he's sexist"
- Hillary Clintons families background is extremely shady
- Hillary Clinton is trying to take our 2nd amendment right away and take guns away
- Trump always tells the truth, publicly supported or not
- Trump will stop majority of drug deals in America
- The media was biased against trump but he still won.


I would like to, instead of arguing about them as a person, we view them as a politicians. i will address the political issues of trump, and then the problem of his constant lies and russia ties.
trump has a tax plan that he cant pay for, and plans to give the rich tax breaks. He also refuses to release his tax returns.
trump plans to keep guns in schools, which is a bad idea, obviosly.
doesnt belive in it, and plans to gut the EPA
has no plan for isis, and wants to start a trade war with china and mexico. spilts up families by deporting people.
this is a big one. the wall is a terrible idea, for many reasons including the above mentioned trade war, no way to pay for it, and is fairly useless considering that only 30% of people who come here illegaly come over the border, and has many obvios flaws such as tunnels, drones, gang sabatauge, and even boats.
wants to take away obamacare without replacing it, taking 40m off healthcare
no, just no.
brought in kellyanne conwaye, steve bannon, and betsy devos.
belives in non existent voter fraud
belives in school choice for suberbs, and has no transition plan for urban areas
doesnt understand the econemy
doesnt belive in abortion
supports torture and attacking civilians
anti NAFTA and NATO
supports stop and frisk and police brutality
no idea why u think he will stop drugs, see wall.
said he would release his tax returns, stop tweeting, donate to vets, made a fake coladge, lied about the murder rate, the cost of the wall, the illegal immagrent surge, mudrer rate, terrorism, lied about climate change, posted a false, racist statistic on twitter, mocked a disabled reporter and lied about it, lied about the iraqi war, sex tape, birther movement, obamas birthplace, death panel, his inauguration, lied about the polls, sex harassment alegations, and around 20 times during the debate. I can give you more if you like. Always tells the truth? Really?

i think you know the full story by now, about the massive corruption in the white house, and trumps ties to russia
She has no shady family background, and is only for better background checks and against semi autos, but that's for another time.
The media only became heavily biased when Trump begin to attack it. Claims that the media portrays Trump negatively are true because he makes it so easy, constantly lying and causing controversy comma the media's portrayal of him is negative but only because it's spot. Hillary Clinton isn't perfect. You may disagree with some of her policies, but at the end of the day it's fairly clear that she is much better than Trump.
Debate Round No. 1


- Taxes-he refuses to release his tax returns , he doesnt have to,but Hillary has 33,000 emails missing and you are not addressing that?
- Guns - Its not, Columbine would have never happened if the school had a security guard with a gun
-Global Warming - Ok you have one on me
- Foreign Policy If America had took the oil from one of the middle eastern countries (I forgot sorry) which trump supported, isis would have never been this strong in the first place.
- Wall 0He does have a way to pay for it he is placing a high tax on american goods bought from mexico, and el chapo brought in 2,000,000,000 dollars worth of drugs
Health Care - Obama Care is probably the main reason of Americas humongous debt
- Muslim Ban - it is justifiable as (its a fact dont lie) most terrorist attacks are from muslims
- Hillary Clintons cabinet had incited violence in Donald Trumps campaigns to promote a bad name for him.
- Voter Fraud- and you know its non existent how?
- School - You got me there
- Abortion - Abortion is wrong you are killing an innocent life
- In what way does he support torture and attacking civillians
- Lies - Hey, its politics, who doesnt lie?


For the record and for the sake of simplicity, I will keep a record of the issues that you have conceded to, and the ones that you refused to address.
Trump does not believe in global warming and wants to gut the EPA
He's education policy dangerously relies on school choice which is a terrible form of education in many cases.
Trump is a serial lier, and doesn't have a clear grasp on reality.
Trump won't stop the majority of drug deals
Trump has a terrible, lying, unqualified cabinet who have racist veiws(Steve bannon).
Hillary has no shady family background
Supports stop and frisk and police brutality
Is anti NAFTA and NATO
Trump's unfundable tax plan
How to actually DEAL with ISIS
Trade War
Deportation splitting up families
The inefficiency of the wall
The fact that he has no replacement for Obamacare, which has been a huge success and is widely beneficial to many people
His dangerous Russia ties
Releasing tax returns is a custom that is done by every single president before him, as a way of showing that they have nothing to hide and have no corruption that will determine their decisions in office. The question isn't if he has to, it's why won't he.
first of all, according to the common sense party which I belong too gun-free school zones does not mean there cannot be an armed policeman, it means that no kid can come into the school with a gun, which has been the cause of most school shootings in the past 10 years. Second of all, it is debatable whether a security guard could have stopped him, especially since he would have shot first.
Taxes will not pay for the wall, he already threatened to do that and rolled it back after realizing how stupid it was because the American taxpayers will pay for any tax that you put on Mexico. They Will just raise the price. I'm not sure how you think you know what El Chapo brought into this country, or its relevance to this debate.
This is an outright lie. What is the basis for your claim that Obamacare is a main cause of debt.
Of course she didn't. The violence at Trump rallys was inspired by people of different races at the rally who got beaten up because people thought quote they could be Isis.
I know what the voter fraud is non-existent because of multiple State investigations and a comprehensive federal investigation that George Bush did that came up with 86 accounts of voter fraud over numerous elections. more importantly, making a claim like this without proof is called a lie. Moving on, Trump has gone bankrupt 6 times, and has said I quote that our GDP is below zero, wants to reopen the Ohio tank Factory, and made a fraudulent College. look it up if you need more.
the inherent value of the mother's life is always greater then the child she carries inside her until it is born. There have been many debates on this, they only end one way. It's the mother's choice.
Look up what he said he does support torture and attacking civilians.
Of course many politicians lie, the point here is that Trump lies more than any of them by a huge margin. PolitiFact says that more than two-thirds of his statements are false. Obama had one fourth. Hillary had one third. Please respond to the statements you refuse to address.
Debate Round No. 2


There is nothing wrong with stop and frisk it is there to keep the saftey of the community.
Does Hillary have a plan to deal with ISIS, this is a trump vs hillary debate I only see you addressing Trump.
Deportations are for the better of our country El Chapo sold 1 billion dollars worth of drugs to Americans.
-Obama Care is stupid all it does it add to our taxes
- Heh as to be audited by the IRS to release his tax returns
He never said that kids can come to school with guns what are you talking about
Hillary Clinton did incite violence in trump rallies look at this.


For someone who's opening statement was, bring proof, you completely failed. Thus, I won't count anything you refused to bring proof for.
Let's make a chart of what we got from this debate.
Trump pros
He's against abortion (I am pro choice, but I'm writing this from your veiw.)

Funny, isn't it. Thats all of the things that you found good about him, and that's just from your view. Now for the cons.

Trump cons
Doesn't believe in climate change and wants to gut the EPA.
He's education policy dangerously relies on school choice which is a terrible form of education in many cases.
Trump is a serial lier, and doesn't have a clear grasp on reality.
Trump won't stop the majority of drug deals
Trump has a terrible, lying, unqualified cabinet who have racist veiws(Steve bannon).
Supports stop and frisk and police brutality, the former which has been proven to be ineffective and used to promote racial bias.
Is anti NAFTA and NATO
Trump has no way to fund his tax plan or any of his promises.
Has no way to deal with ISIS.
Wants to start a trade war with Mexico and China.
His deportation policy rips families apart.
Wants to build a 50B dollar useless wall.
The fact that he has no replacement for Obamacare, which has been a huge success and is widely beneficial to many people, and would repeal it without considering that.
Has dangerous Russia ties which could be treasonous.
Is against gun free school zones, see debate.
he does support torture and attacking civilians
Doesn't understand the economy.

Now for Hillary
Has political plans that conform with my veiws.

You had none except the violence one, and that's been debunked.
Look at that huge list for Trump and then the one for Hillary that's empty.
It's a simple as that. But now that he's our President we have to work together to keep our country safe.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
To make it fair anything on or before November 8th, 2016....I await your challenge...
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Trump vs Hillary....simple.....
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
ok, pick your subject.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Come on man, debate me....
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
Time is almost up.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
What I said about the FBI is true. I'll provide evidence in the debate itself
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
No, it's funny seeing your ignorance. First of all, the KKK support was sparked almost immediately after Trump refused to disavow the KKK. When he did, he disavowed David Duke. You have no evidence of what the FBI found, and you make these baseless accusations to The Shame of your party. I know I can have multiple debates running. I currently have around 10. I choose to spend my free time in other ways. I'll get to you next. and don't bunch me in with the Liberals. You don't even know my policy stance on 80% of the issues.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
It's funny seeing your ignorance. Trump has repeatedly denounced the KKK. The FBI did find something but they weren't allowed to prosecute because of the Obama Justice Department. It's as simple as that. You can have multiple debates going on at once if you would like to start one up. I've literally heard every liberal talking point by now. I dare you to post some thing new once the debate is created.
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
First of all I do think it was a coincidence. Because, as you and many of the people in your political party like too neglect to mention, the FBI did 3 comprehensive investigations and found nothing. This is because there was nothing to find. For whatever reason, they met. Trump refuses to disavow the KKK and they support him. does that mean that the he runs around in a white sheet with his spare time? I don't think so and I hope you don't. Break your head out of the conspiracy theories, and listen a moment. The bottom line is that Hillary is in no way a criminal, and Trump tried to smear her and discredit the FBI's work by saying that he would appoint a special prosecutor. Your claims that she is somehow sleazy just come from a hate for her and the fact that you have a hard time defending your own president. If you want to hear more of my opinion then convince liberal moron to respond to the debate and then I will debate you.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Innocent until proven guilty. I completely agree. There was no way to convict her when Obama was President. The Justice Department refused to appoint anyone to the case. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, a day before James Comey was going to make his decision. Bill was randomly just playing golf in the middle of AZ in the summer? And oh look, there's the AG's plane, let me go talk to her about my grandchildren! Who does that? James Comey even said that he Hillary did send/receive classified information and a couple were Top Secret. And then, that goes to the point of the "C?" If you honestly believe all of this a coincidence, then I can't help you with that. I can provide evidence that she has committed a crime, but she has not been charged yet. If there were riots when Trump won, imaging the violence if he decided to prosecute Hillary! It would be catastrophic. It's common sense. Safe it for the formal debate. Send me a challenge with 10k character limit and 72 hours to respond. I'll reply within that time period.
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