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Trump is good

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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am tired of people talking trash about trump
If you dont like him and want to debate dont just say "hes racist" or "hes sexist"
My points
- He has high standards and a top class work ethic which he is known for.
- A multitude of people are killed or buying drugs from illegal immigrants and now that he is president that will stop.
- He will be extremely tough on ISIS
- He is good with money, could possibly turn America's 22 trillion dollar debt around.
- He is a top class dealer
- He speaks the truth, publicly accepted or not.
Thank you for answering in advance, good luck!


I personally believe that Trump will make a terrible president based on his character and what he has done during his campaign and his time as president of the United States

My point:
-He is a pathological liar who has blatantly lied on multiple occasions.Politifact has rated 70% of this statements to be mostly or completely false [1]. This is unacceptable for the leader of anything.
-His staff has also had a massive problem with giving false information such as Sean Spicer and his claim that Trump had the largest inauguration crowd ever, which has been shown to be completely false [2] along with Kellyanne Conway's famous 'bowling green massacre" which has again proven to be completely false[3]
-Trump has been at the centre of multiple concerning scandals. Trump University has been for [4] "swindling thousands of innocent Americans out of millions of dollars"[4] and some of the instructors had a criminal background or had massive troubles with money in their past [5]. The lawsuit was settled for 25 million dollars[4]. The Trump Foundation, which is supposedly a charity organisation, was used multiple times by Trump for personal such using $258 000 from the foundation to help with legal costs [6]. There are much more but I'll just link to a site which contains the majority of them if anyone wishes to read through [7]. Theses are just the two that I find the most revolting
-Trump has gone through 4 bankruptcies[8]
-Last but not least, some Trump's appointments are completely disgusting. Trump's secretary of housing and urban development is Ben Carson, someone who had no experience in politics or anything related to housing and urban development[9]. His education secretary, Betsy DeVos, is even worse. DeVos has never been part of any public school nor has she sent her child to one, has rerouted taxpayer dollars to charter/private/religious schools, [10], has little knowledge of public education laws such as when she was confused on what the "Individuals with Disabilities Education act' and her performance at her confirmation hearing shows general lack of understanding of what basic functions of the Department of Education [11].

These are all of the points I wish to make. I did not refute or rebuttal any of my opponent's arguments for the sake of fairness as he has no opportunity to do the same in round 1.

Debate Round No. 1


Its politics, who doesnt lie. Politifact has proven on multiple occasions to be extremely biased. He is just money smart. He has got through 4 bankruptcies but he didn't give up he proved to have perseverence and now he is one of the richest men in America. And majority of your sources have been proven time and time again to be biased against republicans.


"He has high standards and a top class work ethic which he is known for"
Trump has played golf every 7.8 days compared to Obama's every 8.8 days [1] This kinda ironic considering how much he bashed Obama for his golf playing

"A multitude of people are killed or buying drugs from illegal immigrants and now that he is president that will stop."
-Trump's plan for getting rid of all illegal immigrants has a lot of problems with it. The realistically do this, the American Action Forum, a conservative-leaning research group, predicted that it would take 20 years and $400-$600 billion dollars. It also predicts that if this was done in just two years, it would shrink the labour force by 10.3 million workers and reduce the real GDP by $1 Trillion dollars. [2] Sure, you would get rid of illegal immigrants but you would also destroy millions of jobs and drastically shrink the economy. The deportations would also, in fact, increase illegal immigrant crime and drug dealing as immigration officials would have to focus on mass deportation and have fewer resources to track and capture drug dealers and gang members.[3] So any attempt from Trump to stop all illegal immigration is unrealistic.

"He will be extremely tough on ISIS"
He may be tough on Isis and defeat them during his presidency but the real problem is the aftermath. with the political chaos in the middle east, another terrorist group could easily take its place and considering he has no plan, the US under Trump could entangle itself in a perpetual civil war [3] and we all know how terrible Iraq and Afghanistan was.

"He is good with money, could possibly turn America's 22 trillion dollar debt around"
-He went bankrupt 4 times. Is he really the best person to deal with America's debt?

"He is a top class dealer"
Business dealing and Political dealings are different things and Trump has shown that he doesn't understand political dealings [4]

"He speaks the truth, publicly accepted or not."
-As I have said, Politifact rates 70% of his statements were false or mostly false.

I will abstain from addressing Pro's arguments in round 2 out of respect as he had no opportunity to do so himself. I do await his speedy response so that I can defend my sources. I would also like to see some of my opponent's sources as well

Debate Round No. 2


I will let you know that Donald Trump has abstained himself from drinking and smoking, not like our fellow Democrat you have mentioned earlier (Barack Obama).
- In what way would the deportations increase illegal immigrant crime?
- Are you saying you DONT want ISIS taken down?
- Yes as he has learned from his mistakes and gotten back up


My opponent has called into question the reliability of PolitiFact as a source. He claims that it's extremely biased and implies that it's unreliable. I will admit that the site has a liberal bias, but it's still one of, if not the most reliable fact-checking websites available and the site has won a Pulitzer prize. [1]

Pro has also discredited my other sources saying that they are biased against Republicans and pro is right in this aspect. However, this doesn't discredit them. They still provide factual information against Trump and at least I provided sources.

"I will let you know that Donald Trump has abstained himself from drinking and smoking, not like our fellow Democrat you have mentioned earlier (Barack Obama)"
Obama's drinking and smoking had little impact on his ability to be the president of the United States and that fact does not have too much impact on this work ethic. I will commend Trump for his abstinence of Alchohol and tobacco, but again, he has golfed more than Obama even though Trump would bash Obama every time he went golfing

" In what way would the deportations increase illegal immigrant crime"
-As I have said before, focusing on deportation would take resources away from pursuing illegal immigrant gangs and drug smuggling rings

"Are you saying you DONT want ISIS taken down?"
- I want ISIS to be destroyed as much as any other person but without a clear plan on what to do after they are destroyed, another organisation could rise in its place that will probably be as bad or even worse.

"Yes as he has learned from his mistakes and gotten back up"
(I'm assuming this is about the bankruptcies). I would hardly call going bankrupt 4 times as learning from his mistakes.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by What50 2 years ago
This debate looks very interesting. Good luck to pro and con.
Posted by Iacov 2 years ago
Now personally I support trump but after reviewing this debate and all the sources provided I believe con has a very good start here.
To those who are already bashing the sources used I ask you to take a moment and actually read the article provided and verify if what is said is true before you dismiss it as "fake news"
Posted by Trump27 2 years ago
Posted by Trump27 2 years ago
Bad grammar con, "rebuttal" is not a verb. In the final sentence of your argument you use this word like it is a verb.
Posted by TrumpFan 2 years ago
Anyone who posts a source from Washingtonpost as an argument against Trump has lost that debate in my book
Posted by Trump27 2 years ago
Pro, so true. I'm so tired of hearing people just rip on Trump because they heard he was sexist from some celebrity, social media star, or biased news network. If you don't support Trump, give good facts and reasons why. I totally agree with your reasons for supporting him. I only don't understand how you can be a liberal and not hate Trump.
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