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Trump is neither a sexist nor a rascist, But a good president

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Started: 10/19/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am going to let the opponent start but to make my standpoint clear, I think that Donald Trump is neither a sexist nor a racist.
I would also argue that President Trump is one of the best presidents ever.


I would argue that more than likely you nor I have ever met Trump in person and even if either of us have we still wouldn't have gotten to know whether or not he is indeed a racist or a sexist. I'll grant you that he is taken out of context often and given a lot of bad press at least.

As for him being the best President or at least one of the best that's entirely subjective. What you define as being the best and what another person defines as being the best are capable of being entirely different. Furthermore he hasn't even completed his first term in office so It's difficult to speculate what he may or may not accomplish next.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate your way of going forward to that debate.
But I think that even tho his first term isn`t completed, His ideas speak for him, And if he will accomplish all of them, He will be one of the greatest presidents in history. He created lot of jobs and I think Ideas such as the wall or a temporarily Muslim-Ban are good ideas. Or would you disagree


I think it's naive to credit Trump with the economic recovery we've seen in America (not to say I'd credit Obama either or any other president for that matter). To do so would be like saying F. D. R. Fixed the American economy following the great depression when the generally accepted reality is that despite the policies he spearheaded having eased the suffering of many Americans, It was the call to war and subsequent Military mobilization that fixed the economy.

Similarly now there are a lot of other factors that led to and continually contribute to new economic growth besides Trump merely existing as a pro-business leader. To go deeper on that one could surely argue that his tariff's and potential trade war with China as well as the call to dissolve the North American Free Trade Agreement could have dire consequences economically and politically in the years to come. After all when talking about economics one of the key tenants of that study is realizing trade offs and opportunity costs of certain trade deals and business decisions.

As for the wall and a Muslim ban, That again get's a bit subjective and heated. I for one don't think all Muslims are bad, Nor do I think Latin american immigrants are all bad either. After all mine is a country made up of immigrants. I think in lieu of a wall we'd be much better inclined to pave a better more constructive path to citizenship. After all a wall can only do so much to blot out the real issue of drug trafficking and the violence that comes with that trade, Which I would argue is the real issue at the center of border security. And with that in mind the inception of a wall would be a very expensive symbolic gesture that in all reality probably won't stop the flow of illegal drugs, Guns and Cartel violence. The only positive I could see is that it would be more difficult for families and regular people to illegally immigrate and require them to register as citizens and pay taxes, But even then I don't think illegal immigration will altogether be halted by a wall.

With regards to the Muslim Ban, I guess I can see what Trump's logic would be given the fear of terror attacks, But I also think that it's misguided and is in effect racial persecution. After all there's plenty of mentally ill white dudes in their late teens/early 20's shooting up schools, So would an appropriate response be to ban all Caucasian immigrants on the grounds of fearing any more school shootings? Furthermore if the Executive branch can wield the power to reject other people from entering the country based on their ethnic or religious background there's a slippery slope to then kicking out all of a certain ethnic group which then potentially leads down a very dark path that you as a German can surely appreciate and understand (i. E. Ethnic cleansing and a Holocaust type situation). I'm not saying that's guaranteed to happen but history has shown that it is indeed very possible for such a series of events to transpire that way if no one is being vigilant.

I'll be honest, I don't really care for a lot of what Islam entails, Nor any other religion for that matter. And that's okay as I'm able to hold and express my own opinions so long as they don't impede on anyone else's ability to do the same. The bottom line is that individual liberty and freedom are some of the core tenants of which my nation was founded on and anyone seeking to dismantle those principles for any group, No matter how small or large, Loved or despised, Controversial or mainstream, They deserve fair treatment, As otherwise to not do so would in effect ruin what I'd like to think is the only real noble gesture towards the betterment of humanity that my nation has brought forth.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.


I'm confused why the website is requiring me to respond to my own argument from round 2 when myself and my contender have already contributed to round 3.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BerryFinns 3 years ago
I am a citizen of Germany living in Brandenburg.
But if you disagree feel free to accept the challenge :)
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Let me guess, You are a resident from West Virginia working at some steel plant
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