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Trump is not a racist

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Started: 1/24/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Trump has done nothing to show he is a racist, Quite the opposite actually.


In Trump's view, Yes you are correct. He would even say he is 'the least racist person in the world. But some of his actions have killed this juvenile theory. After all, This is the man who proposed to ban all Muslims from coming into the USA. He seems to have this theory that all Muslims are the same as the criminals in ISIS but he obviously hasn't done any research. If he had, He would understand that Islam is one of the most peaceful religions in the world and that in no way does it promote violence to such an extreme level.
Furthermore, On a campaign he repeatedly said bigoted remarks about Mexicans; calling them rapists and criminals. Are these ways to treat fellow human beings as he is the 'least racist person in the world'?
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Posted by XanderG 5 months ago
Thx for the back up guys. Trump IS a racist. No question
Posted by Hezikiah 5 months ago
Posted by IDK8K 5 months ago
Posted by Hezikiah 5 months ago
"Didn't he open up mar a Lago to blacks and Jews. " HAHAHAHA Nope but he opened it up exclusively to Muslims
Posted by IDK8K 6 months ago
Didn't he open up mar a Lago to blacks and Jews. I'm pretty sure a racist wouldn't do that
Posted by Hezikiah 6 months ago
Factcheck became an expert in BS at Trump University
Posted by backwardseden 6 months ago
Really? What evidence would that be to back up your idiotic claims because when looked up, They are completely ignorant and false.
Did you look into the first step act you stupid s--t? Apparently not. I mean are you REALLY this tepid? Do you have any genuine friends or loved ones to actually spread this bile as a legitimate course of action?
"More than two-thirds of federal prisoners serving a life sentence or a virtual life sentence have been convicted of non-violent crimes. "
So that has 0% of nothing to do with racism.
"The FIRST STEP Act will now apply the Fair Sentencing Act to 3, 000 people who were convicted of crack offenses before the law went into effect. "
Wow. A whole 3, 000 people. That's a whole heck-of-a-lot. You've really done your homework.
"ban the shackling of pregnant women; and expand the cap on "good time credit" " or small sentence reductions based on good behavior " from around 47 to 54 days per year. That "good time" amendment will benefit as many 85 percent of federal prisoners. "
Well good!
"The FIRST STEP Act is a critical win in the fight to reduce mass incarceration. "
We're not getting to anything that has to do with racism now are we? Duh.

Now you f--king reread the post that was previously posted by myself because do you even know what the BLM's were and are. Do you even know how your hero maggot Donald rabid rabbi Trump hated them and sent in troops to defuse PEACEFUL MARCHERS? Yeah, You troll that knows 0% of absolute 0 that's racism.

"increased federal funding to historically black colleges blah blah. . . "
Well um no. Again, That thing you call a mighty morphin power ranger believes he is superior to everything on this planet, Well "Congress passed the legislation after a months-long negotiation over several higher education bills. Trump signed the law in December. So, As fact-checkers rightly noted, It"s a stretch at best for the president to claim he single-handedly saved the colleges by signing the law. "
Get some tr
Posted by Hezikiah 6 months ago
"And yet I'm the one showing evidence and you just spout nonsense. " HAHAHAHA
Posted by factcheck7 6 months ago
And yet I'm the one showing evidence and you just spout nonsense.
Posted by backwardseden 6 months ago
Racist: 1. A person who believes in racism, The doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
2. Of or like racists or racism:
racist policies; racist attitudes.
Donald manure spread toilet dust cabbage batbrain Trump, Easily the worst president of all time, Easily fits into the niche of the very definition of what the f--k a bigotted racist is. It 100% not only "believes" but knows that it is superior on all accounts to everyone and everything on this planet. It incited the riots on Jan 6th, It knows it but went into absolute denial 4 DAYS LATER which doesn't count. It looked up to the sky and said "I am the chosen one". Remember that slice of life? It tried to carve out a pathway OF PEACEFUL BLM DEMONSTRATORS amid the murder of George Floyd to hold a bible upside down, Play a nazi, And actually pretend that it believes in a s--t of a god in which case it really doesn't even though it has so many things in perfect union with it. This is what makes a perfect narcissist, A sociopath, And a psychopath which is what Donald rabid rabbi Trump most assuredly is that can't even plant dirt just like the supposed whatever god is pretends to believe in. Anything else?
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