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Trump should be president

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Started: 11/1/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Trump is going to be a strong leader and rebuild America


Though I dislike both candidates, I shall be arguing for Clinton in this debate. Due to the traditional structure, this round shall be for my Opening Arguments only.

Contention 1: Deportation

We all currently know that Donald J Trump's greatest and most famous piece of his platform is the wall and deportation of all illegal immigrants in the US. The issue with that is that it's not as easy as he makes it seem, not to mention that it will hurt the US so bad that it pushes us into an economic Depression, not just a recession.

The key thing we have to look at here is the illegal immigrants jobs as well how they affect the everyday American. Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve showed that illegal immigrants, mainly from Latin America, had accounted for a sixth of the US economic growth from 2000-2007. [1] While in the US, illegal immigrants have been supporting their families back home while in the past year, illegal immgirants had sent home $63 billion. [2] This shows that they are not as "heartless" or "lazzy" as my opponent claims they are as it is impoosible to send that much home if you're living on welfare. The CBO reports that if we are to allow illegal immigrants work in the US, they will raise wages in the long hall, but deportation will lead to a decrease of our wages by 0.6%, which despite not sounding like much, is still a significant loss. [3] We have to also look and see that Trump himself has also flip flopped on this issue from going hard line to saying that this is a possiblity within days [13]. What kind of President do we expect to have when they are teeter tottering on an issue that can destroy our nation?

With this being my final point I will review the final costs of deportation. If we were to deport ALL illegal immigrants in the US our nation's GDP would drop by $1.6 TRILLION! [4] This is a huge effect on the economy that would sink the US into another Great Depression not to mention all fo the other impacts that I have brought up this round. There is no logical reason why the US should deport all illegal immigrants, but should instead grant amnesty to those here which Clinton not only supports, but will expand on increasing the US economy while Trump will plunge the world into a second Great Depression.

Contention 2: Clinton the Unifier.

Many times Trump has called Mexicans rapists and criminals. He has attacked all non-white, evangelical Americans. Trump's own rhetoric has caused riots in the US. Many times his own words has sparked riots like in Chicago and many places in California where people don't appriate this Fascist Rhetoric where he constantly gives hate speeches against others and then goes to blame the problems he has been causing on Bernie supporters where he fails to understand the implacations of his own actions [5]. Studies have shown that Trump's own hate speech has created a level of harm where people are more violitile against others.

In a 2005 experiment, […] passers-by were more likely to help an apparently injured person if that person was wearing a football jersey which supported the same team as them than an opposing team. However, when their shared identity as football fans was made salient instead, supporters of both teams were likely to be helped, significantly more so than a person wearing a plain shirt.[6]"

Here we can see the effects, though on a simplistic scale, that such an action can effect people and it shows how people are less able to help out minorities when subjected to this kind of speech while under the normal case where they would easily help anyone. Trump is tearing this country appart and something needs to be done before it's too late.

On top of this, Trump has tried to introduce a program where we survey Muslim neighborhoods and mosques. This is an extremely flawed plan. John Horgan, the Director of the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at UMass pointed out a great deal of the flaws in this plan. He showed that there is a great deal of vagueness that is involved in this plan like "How do we define concerning behavior?" "How do others and how should they recognize it?[7]" These are some key issues with the plan that are very vague making it impossible to actually enforce or even to do so without people being wrongly accused and improsioned. This breads distrust and zero co-operation which was a key flaw in Trump's Plan. Hilary will not do such an autrocity where our own Constitutional Rights are being intruded on just to follow through with some sort of xenophobic plan.

Contention 3: Domestic

This is a very broad topic here, so I'll only be able to lightly touch some of the topics here. For Starters, when we actually compare the two campaigns, we can see that Hilary is more open with her campaign than Trump. If you look at both campaign websites, you'll only see that Trump lists and defends 7 political issues, while Hilary supports over 35 political issues [8][9].

Hilary has openly stated that she supports a minimum wage increase to $12 per hour, but Trump, on the other hand, has purposed things that will destroy the economy as well as the well being of every American. Several times this election he has changed his stance from opposing the raising of the minimum wage, to wanting it raised, to his newest stance where Trump wants to abolish the minimum wage [10]. This would completely harm many of the average Americans as many of the costal states would have high minimum wages, many of the Midwestern states would have a mimium wage that is decreased which would harm the well being of every single American as many would be unable to afford many of the rising prices that would occur with this as their incomes shrank.

The next key issue is abortion. Hilary Clinton has been a great supporter of women's rights, but Trump on the other hand, has said some terrible things on the matter. Trump had stated that women who recieve abortions should be punished. This was an outrage that someone who is running or even going to be President, would even consider. This is a clear violation of female rights as the SCOTUS has ruled Abortion to be Constitutionally legal. Within 3 hours of his statement, Trump changed his stance on it, not once, not twice, but three times [11]. This is something that shouldn't be over looked as he simply did this as damage control to hide his own motives and this isn't someone we should have as President.

Hilary Clinton has supported clear common sense gun control, but Trump on the other hand, has flip flopped many times on this issue. Trump had stated that he had supported the second amendment, but he has also stated that he supported Assault Rifle Ban, magazine bans, and longer back ground checks. He has also stated the exact opposite [12]. Can we really support a President who flip flops so many times on these issues that are extremely important to our nation? Especially when these flip flops are within months of each other, others over time. ;

Sources in the comments section.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
They are talking about Trump for literally 97% of the segment! It's a fact!
Posted by stay_trippy 1 year ago
Media has also been against Hillary! Even if I did have evidence against Trump, no one would believe me as some Trump supporters are brainwashed into believing that women are trash and that they ask for rape. He's not my president.
Posted by GrassyPunk 2 years ago
This debate is a mismatch. Triumph clearly won by a landslide...
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
No they haven't, which is the point. It's not journalism when 95% of the segment is against Trump! And do you have any evidence that he has sexually assaulted women? I don't think so.
Posted by stay_trippy 2 years ago
Has mainstream media also been hiding the fact that Trump has called women nasty, basically admitted to using them as little more than sex toys, and that he is a corrupt business man who only wants to further himself?
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Why are you "with her" when she is a bloody criminal. Debate me, and I swear I will bring out the truth that the Maintstream media hides from you...
Posted by stay_trippy 2 years ago
Trump is the single most idiotic man to ever be a Republican presidential nominee. To him, your opinion only matters if you're a straight white male. Trump supporters are mostly either rich men who want tax breaks and rednecks who are married to their cousins. I'm with Her.
Posted by RamyRheRam 2 years ago
Hey i wonder how hillary will look in the white house wearing an orange jumpsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
this explains a lot...................
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
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