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Trump should continue the National Emergency and build the wall

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Started: 3/16/2019 Category: Politics
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Donald J. Trump has proposed a border wall for the southern border. I agree with the proposal. If you do not, Accept. Good luck to my opponent.


As Con I will show that there is no reasonable reason, Or point to a wall along the Southern Border of the United States. Good luck to Pro
Debate Round No. 1


Im going to keep this nice and short

Its an issue- Illegal border crossings are set to be all-time high for 2019 as well as aliens going in and taking jobs and killing good Americans, Families going to the border is also a problem but 800 million dollars are going to humanitarian needs for families. Also drugs. 8 million pounds of marijuana, The biggest fetanyol breach enough to kill 300 million people. 1 billion dollars for drugs will certainly help.

Walls work- If walls don't work, Why does Israel works, Hungary works, East Germany worked, El Paso worked, A county in Texas has a wall on the Eastern side and thats where only 4% of the immigration takes place.

National Emergency-This is the only way to build the wall since Nancy Pelosi who is half in a coffin won't budge. As of military not getting money. We spend 600 billion dollars on our military. Russia, Who has more active members counting reserves only spends 100 billion in contrast. So no one is going it be affected, Plus it will cheapen the costs of border security.


I will keep it short as well.

The North and South Korean border, Knowm has the demilitarized zone, Is arguably the most defended borer crossing yet people defect and illegally cross the border by the thousands. Armmed guards and millions of square miles of land mines beat a simple wall any time.

Unlike North and South Korea, Or the examples set by Pro, Just about anyone can be welcomed into America's borders.

How does a wall stop a boat, Plane, Train, Or car from crossing at any one of the border crossing ports of entry? All you have to do is say your on vacation and border agents will wave you past.

We do not have an illegal immigrant problem via the Fox New version of people walking through the desert that a wall might address. We have over staying your tourist visa problem or validating it by becoming employed, A. K. A an undocumented worker problem. For that you fine business, Like Trump' s who currently employees 100's of undocumented workers, Through the roof for each and every undocumented worker.

As for it being an National Emergency I wonder if Pro would like it the next Demoricat elected to the Presidency was to declare a National Emergency over health care, Social security payments, Or poverty without congressional approval.

Think about it Pro would you want Berine Sanders to do this for Medicare for all?
Debate Round No. 2


The korean demilitarization zone is a lot different than illegal immigration. You are also forgetting that MANY more people are stopped than crossed. The illegal border crossings in Israel fell over 94%.

" Just about anyone can be welcomed into America's borders. "
Criminals, Murduers, Terrororists, And drug dealers.

Everybody can say that there is alternatives to walls. But statistically it works.

"We do not have an illegal immigrant problem"
Tell people who's family members have been KILLED by illegal immigrants that. As well as the drugs.

A border wall is a sufficient emergency. 80% of all woman who are at a border crossing which can be helped with 800 million dollars of humanitarian needs, Are raped. The wall is fueling the opioid and heroin crisis. The National Emergency is a power given to the President for a reason.


azis2hot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Nothing else to say.


azis2hot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Chrissh0485 3 years ago
I want you to tell my why YOU think its a National Emergency and when did you feel this way?
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