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Trump will win in 2020

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Started: 10/23/2018 Category: Politics
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Trump will win in 2020


I would definetly say he has a shot, But you can not really say that someone will or will not win an election when we do not even know who else is running. And on top of that, Movements, Allegations, And alleged stories can all come up and change the way we view the politicians, So the likability of President Trump may be high today when in one year may be even lower or higher due to the events that happen during his presidency.
Also, Most people are against Trump. He didn"t even win the popular vote, And I really don"t think he could win it in 2020 if he runs. And on top of that, Many people are against Republicans. Many people have seen them run the country and many don"t like it at all. I honestly don"t think there is a solid potential Democratic nominee, But like I said before, Events can happen that may change our stances on issues and ultimately could lead us to choose one candidate over another.

In the end, We are too far from the election to even start making prediction.
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
I believe the democrats will double down and use a female ethnic minority as their candidate.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
He has proven to keep his promises. The economy is thriving, He is fighting fake news, And his approval rating in almost all communities, Like the blacks, Has gone up by 10%. No weak democrats can outrun what Trump has kept his promises on. He is proven to keep promises. Democrats have weak candidates, Have awful policies, Don't follow through with promises, And there is no way baldy Booker or Pocahontas will win. She ruined her own reputation.
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