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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that Trump is a really bad president for one is that he has made racial jokes to Mexico, China and lots of others. Another reason is that he has groped people and got away with it. He has made threats to other people and fired a FBI agent because he know what was going and trump didn't want anyone to find out


Before I jump in, I do not support Trump. I would like to sort of break this down. Yes, he has done several no good deeds, however, I believe the media amplifies his negatives, while shying away from the things he"s done well up to this point.
First of all, jobs have been coming in at a continuing growing rate. He has already surpassed 1 million jobs created since early April (currently stands at 1.7 million). The employment rate continues to stay relatively low, at around 4.1%. There is a 62.7% labor participation rate, which is starting to make a comeback from the recession in 2008. There"s also been 159k manufacturing jobs created. Overall, jobs have been growing at a slow and steady rate.
Also, the stock market has been doing very well under President Trump. Since Election Day of last year, the Stock Market has gained nearly 5 trillion dollars in monetary value. The main stock that went up exponentially was Dow Jones Industrial (DOW). Their company has surpassed 24k per stock, and will continue to rise, as it has been since the outcome of the 2008 recession. Of course, it"s not that much of an accomplishment, since it has been growing at a continuous rate, but the fact that it keeps climbing is always good.
Overall, I believe Trumps cons outweigh his pros, but the government is still holding up, growing in fact. And trust me, there have been several presidents that were worse than Trump. There were several presidents who owned slaves, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. There was Nixon who was part of the Watergate scandal, which eventually forced him to resign. Many more presidents doing way more bad things than Trump. Of course, Washington, Jefferson, even Nixon, didn"t do all that bad. No president can be terrible. Each and every US president has done bad things, yet they"ve also done good things as well. Trump is currently helping sustain our governments wealth and making more US jobs, increasing the GDP, all that fun stuff. As long as the President sustains (or increases) the US wealth, doesn"t kill his citizens, and doesn"t start a World War, I say that"s good.
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Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Your Pro position suggests that you are to argue for Trump, and yet you argue against. Decide please.
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