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Tsunade is a bad Hokage

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Started: 9/21/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Same arguments as before, accept this time I won't forfeit.

1) She sent an ill-prepared team to capture Sasuke.

The Hokage sent an ill prepared team (Shikamaru, Choji, Naruto, Neji, and Kiba) who contained only a new Chunin (Shikamaru) and genin against a powerful team (the sound four). The team was VERY lucky to have all its members survive, and Sasuke managed to escape. This was a very important mission that Tsunade should not have taken lightly since Sasuke was known to be potentially very powerful, vengeful and was heading towards Orochimaru, one of the Leaf village's main adversaries that killed the third Hokage.

If the mission was successful, the Leaf Village would have a very powerful ninja on their side. Instead, Sasuke wants to destroy the hiddel leaf village.

2) She sent Naruto on too many missions that would allow the Akatsuki to capture the nine tails fox.

It was particularly important that Naruto be kept safe since Akatsuki wanted to capture all the tailed beasts in order to unleash their secret plan. In the kazekage retrieval arc, Akatsuki became dangerous close to capturing Naruto's nine tail beast.

3) She has too much of temper

Her temper makes her an ineffective leader. She does not think rationally but instead gets angry. She even at one point almost killed Jiraiya, destroying both of his arms, 6 of his ribs and rupturing many of his organs. his is not something one wants from any leader.

4) She is a compulsive gambler with debt

First off, it reflects badly that the Hokage has debt she has no interest in paying back. This is both immoral and illegal.
Second off, the Hokage is in charge of the lives of others and huge sums of money. Perhaps a compulsive gambler, is not a good position for a Hokage.

5) By drugging Jiraiya, and not acting until later due to her fear of blood, she lost out on the chance to kill Orochimaru.

There was no better time to kill Orochimaru then when both Jiraiya and Tsunade were present and Orochimaru was in a weakened state. Yet, did Tsunade take advantage of this huge gain. No! Instead, she decided to drug Jiraiya putting her in a weakened state and cowarded in fear over the tiniest amount of blood. Naruto almost died because of this mistake and Orochimaru and Kabuto were able to make it out alive.

6) Through her bad actions and displeasing Danzo, Danzo and roots did not help during Pain's invasion.

Danzo, most likely through the first five reasons, hated Tsunade so much, that he told Roots not to help attack Pain during the invasion, in the hopes that Tsunade would die. Not only that, but Tsunade constantly refused to make any compromises with Danzo, something that should not be done with someone of that great power. If Tsunade was a better Hokage and compromised with Danzo, then he would have helped in the battle and Pain would have been defeated quicker.


1) All the elite shinobis were already on high ranking missions because of the Sand and Leaf war. The Hokage sent 3 Genin and 1 Chunin to take down 4 Genin ( The entire sound 4 were genin) Any team would have been lucky to survive, those were powerful opponents. Tsunade did not take it lightly she called for reinforcements from the hidden sand village which included Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari shinobi who were already thought of as shinobis that had chunin/jonin type skill already. Gaara is the Sand's most powerful weapon so Tsunade did take this mission seriously.

Sasuke has proven that he cannot be persuaded to let go of revenge, it would have only been a matter of time before he attempted to leave the village again to join Orochimaru. Sasuke wanting to destroy the hidden leaf is accumulated by a number of mistakes made, way before Tsunades rule as Hokage.
If the First Hokage was successful in killing Madara Uchiha there would be no Akatsuki and no influence for Sasuke
If the Second Hokage hadn't used fancy words to segregate the Uchiha clan into the outskirts of the village the Uchiha would have bared no grudge.
If the Third Hokage would have just worked harder into settling on a peaceful agreement with the Uchiha then there would have been no need to Itachi to kill his own people. If the Third Hokage had killed Orochimaru when he was still young and dubbed the most powerful kage, Sasuke would have had nobody to run to.
If the 4th Hokage had not sacrificed himself to seal the fox into his own son and allowed his wife to kill the 9 tails on her own, the village would have had a powerful enough ninja 16 years later to fight Orochimaru face to face.

All the problems you blame Tsunade for with accordance to Sasuke's leaving, his current motives, and the failure to kill Orochimaru is not Tsunade's fault.

2. Naruto would not stand to not leave the village and do stuff on his own. Tsunade realized that she could not stop Naruto but instead took measures to increase his fighting experience so he can fight Akatsuki. Not like Tsunade put Naruto in complete danger, she put Hatake Kakashi with him on every mission, who is the Leaf's most powerful Jonin due to the fact that he is next in line to be Hokage. Tsunade put faith into the growth of Naruto and faith in Kakashi to protect him that is what a leader must do sometimes, trust their men.

3. Her temper makes her more passionate of a leader. If it was not for her passion, the elders would always get their way and none of the future generation shinobis would develop. The elders rely too much on the old veteran shinobis and refuse to pass down the "will of fire". Tsunade understands the importance of trusting the future generation and giving them the necessary experience to protect the leaf in later years. She attacked Jiraiya and destroyed his body in the time BEFORE she was Hokage. Jiraiya constantly was trying to hit on her, he deserved to get beat up for sexual harassment.

Also what Kage in the current naruto series does NOT have a anger problem???
Mizukage- has anger problems because she is still single and in her mid 30's, she has threatened to kill her subordinate many times during the meetings if he didn't shut up.
Raikage- He is the King of anger problems as he resorts to violence in any situation, at the 5 kage meeting he broke a table because he was getting impatient
Tsuchikage - He does not have a shown anger problem but he does show instances of being corrupt as he has hired Akatsuki for his own personal missions, plus he is ridiculously old.
Kazekage- He is not respected by any of the 5 kages because of his age. Plus, are you really gonna try to tell me Gaara has never had anger problems?

Tsunade is a much better Kage compared to all the above. Her anger problem does not even compare to the Mizu, and Raikage. She is not corrupted to use enemy forces like the tsuchikage, and she is one of the most widely respected ninjas of her time.

4) She had a gambling problem, but since becoming a Hokage she has not shown any moment of gambling money. Like I said before every Kage of all 5 nations has flaws, it does not make them bad kages. A Kage's main duty is to be the most powerful ninja in their village and at the moment Tsunade fits that title in accordance with her reputation as one of the 3 legendary Sannins and she is of perfect age to be a respected leader.

5) It is not clear weather or not Tsunade and Jiraiya could have killed Orochimaru. Orochimaru is seen as the most powerful of the 3 sannin in terms of ninjutsu. Jiraiya and Tsunade still have close ties to Orochimaru and we do not know if they even had it in them to kill Orochimaru. Jiraiya eventually joined the fight and Tsunade got over her fear of blood during the middle of it. Their door reopened to kill Orochimaru they just failed. Tsunade just joins the past Kages who failed to kill an enemy.
1st- Madara Uchiha
2nd- died by a ambush
3rd- Did not have the heart to kill his student which led to hid death
4th- failed to kill Madara

6) Danzo's grudge with the Leaf started way back in the time of the 3rd Hokage. Danzo holds a grudge because Sarutobi Hiruzen was selected to be the 3rd Hokage and he wasn't. It had very little to do with Tsunad, Danzo would have hated any Kage that was not him.

Danzo cannot be compromised with, we have seen how he operates, he assisted with the assassination of the Uchiha clan which was a factor of Sasuke Uchiha's current grudge, he worked with a known fugitive Orochimaru to get the 1st hokage's cells into his body. Danzo, if actually made the 6th hokage should be regarded as the worst hokage of them all.
1. His past is full of betrayal with the members of the hidden leaf
2. He botched the meetings of the 5kages by putting the neutral party under genjutsu and losing trusts from the 5 nations
3. Danzo could never get approval from the leaf's jonin, so if tsunade did compromise, root would have never been able to work with the leaf's regular ninja due to a conflict of leadership and loyalty.
Debate Round No. 1


1)"All the elite shinobis were already on high ranking missions because of the Sand and Leaf war"

What important high ranking missions? The war was already over. There can be very few missions that rank more important than allowing a shinobi with high potential such as Sasuke to join forces with the most powerful and dangerous enemy of the hidden leaf village. Orochimaru even stated himself that it was very important that Sasuke join his side.

"The Hokage sent 3 Genin and 1 Chunin to take down 4 Genin ( The entire sound 4 were genin)"

You could not be more wrong. If we include Kimanaro, there were actually five of them. The entire sound 4 were Orochimaru's elite bodyguards. They did not only have just a cursed seal, which has been shown to increases one's strength and speed dramatically, but a level 2 cursed seal, even more powerful than a normal cursed seal. Here is data on the missions the sound four ninja were on:

Kimanaro: "0 D-rank, 0 C-rank, 15 B-rank, 5 A-rank, 2 S-rank."
Sakon and Ukon: "20 D-rank, 15 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 1 S-rank."
Jirabo: unknown
Kidomaru: "20 D-rank, 15 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 1 S-rank."
Tayuya: "20 D-rank, 15 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 1 S-rank."

Since Genin can usually only complete either D or C missions, it is obvious these were not genin.

"Tsunade did not take it lightly she called for reinforcements from the hidden sand village which included Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari shinobi who were already thought of as shinobis that had chunin/jonin type skill already"

She sent the villages ENEMY to help them out! That's not the best idea. Also, all those sand ninjas were genin not chunin, and especially not jonin.

"it would have only been a matter of time before he attempted to leave the village again to join Orochimaru"

Not necessarily. Sasuke was in a bad state of mind after meeting his brother and feeling inadequate due to Naruto becoming stronger than him. If he was not in this state of mind, he probably would not have joined Orichumaru. Also, Naruto said that he would take Sasuke back even if it was through force. The point of the mission was to send Sasuke back, not convince him to return. If Sasuke decided to come back on his own, it would be even better, but the main point was so that Sasuke would not join Orochimaru, even if it meant by force.

"Sasuke wanting to destroy the hidden leaf is accumulated by a number of mistakes made, way before Tsunades rule as Hokage."

Your examples of the other hokage's actions are bad. The first hokage defeated Madara and thought he killed Madara, it is unknown how Madara lived. The Uchiha clan had a grudge against the leaf village before the second hokage arrived. The second Hokage tried to resolve peace. The third Hokage tried his hardest to settle peace. The forth Hokage saved the village from the nine tailed fox to save the village. All these Hokages did the best they could to resolve issues in their time.
The same does not go with Tsunade, since she failed to assemble an adequate team to return Sasuke back to the village.

2)"Tsunade realized that she could not stop Naruto"

Not controlling your own soldiers = bad hokage

"Tsunade put faith into the growth of Naruto"

In the Gaara rescue arc, Deidera was almost able to capture Naruto by showing Gaara's corpse. This caused Naruto to chase after him, causing Naruto to fall into his trap and almost get captured. Not exactly showing much growth there.

3)Tsunade's temper is indeed a huge drawback.

The art of war by Sun Tzu, the greatest guide to warfare, that has lasted not for centuries, but for millenniums shows us many examples of why Tsunade's behavior might not be ideal for a leader.

"There are five dangerous faults which may affect a general: (1) RECKLESSNESS THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION; (2) cowardice, which leads to capture; (3) A HASTY TEMPER THAT CAN PROVOKED BY INSULTS; (4) a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame; (5) over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble."

"The general, UNABLE TO CONTROL HIS IRRITATION, will launch his men to the assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain, while the town still remains untaken. Such are the disastrous effects of a siege."

4) However, since she is a compulsory gambler, she is at a high risk of a relapse. Anybody who has a serious problem like that will often experience a relapse. Addictions never truly go away. She's only been hokage for three years. IT is still likely for her to return to her ways.
Also, notice how while the war between the sand village was going on, although she was very powerful, she did nothing to help the village since she was gambling. She could have been a powerful ally in the battle but was instead decided to screw the village.

5)Jiraiya was at a weakened state since Tsunade drugged him. Also, Naruto almost died because Tsunade was too afraid to fight. And what was this big bad fear? Blood! Risking Naruto's life against an enemy much more powerful than himself over a fear of blood is unacceptable.
With Orochimaru in his weakened state, and two of the legendary sannin against him, it was by far the greatest chance they had. It is true they still could have failed, but their chances of success would have skyrocketed if Tsunade had not ruined this chance by drugging Jiraiya. Nice one Tsunade!

6)Danzo holds no grudge against the hidden leaf village. His affliction is to the village and holds their best interest in mind. He uses Roots to eliminate threats to the village. For example, he sent Sai to kill Sasuke, a terrorist that is a grave threat to the village. He tried to kill both Sasuke and Madara. In his earlier years, he was willing to risk his life to help the village but Sarutobi volunteered instead.

Tsunade has been shown that she is very unwilling to compromise. Danzo and the elders asked that Naruto not be sent on any more dangerous missions and to better protect Naruto. However, Tsunade refused, even though the elders used better, logically arguments, while Tsunade just used emotional arguments.


1) The missions were unknown but all the shinobis of jonin rank were already being assigned S rank missions. Kakashi before going to the aid of Naruto turned down a ninja scroll with a mission on it with the letter "S" clearly printed on it. The war was over but the leaf had to do recovery missions, securing the borders from invading ninja, remember a war did just happen... many shinobis died, their was not an abundance of qualified shinobi.

The sound 4 were not elite shinobi it is well proven just by the fact that they even lost to 3 genin and a chunin. They lost to Choji... they were not that powerful. Naruto has been on 2 A rank missions, and he is still only of genin rank. (Zabuza mission, and the tracking gaara mission both A rank)

They were no longer enemies of the hidden leaf. The hidden sand had sent a formal apology and surrender to the hidden leaf village after the invasion. The fact that Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari did not kill any of the leaf's genins shows that they were not the enemy. Temari, Kankuro and Gaara are only genin at the time because they did not take the chunin exams the year before,in order to have a reason to enter the chunin exams next year in preparation for war time. It has been already said that Temari could already be a chunin if the sand had not forced her to hold off taking the test till next year. Before the end of the Naruto series leading up to shippuuden and before Naruto's departure from the hidden leaf with Jiraiya. Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro had already become instructors and had subordinates at the hidden sand. They were well qualified ninja to help the genin team that were pursuing Sasuke.

The fact that Sasuke saw Itachi and their power gap showed that Sasuke would forever be in that state of mind. Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi more than anything, friendship was not going to change his mind. His brother killed his mom, dad, relatives and everyone he cared about for god sakes, you think anyone can heal from that sort of trauma? Sasuke would go to Orochimaru again, because Orochimaru at the time was probably considered the most powerful shinobi in the known ninjaworld for killing both the 4th Kazekage, and the 3rd Hokage. The leaf do not have the heart to forcibly detain Sasuke, Kakashi and the rest of the Jonins would protest it, Naruto would protest it, and the Genin population would protest it. Tsunade would not even have the heart to forcibly detain Sasuke from leaving. The Leaf is a moral village.

Your explanations on why my examples are bad, are bad.
How is it defeating Madara if the 1st hokage dies and Madara lives? If I fight you Con and I killed you did I lose the fight? No, of course not because obviously I would be the winner.
The Uchiha had already accepted the Senju, due to the fact that they ignored Madara's pleas to revolt and reclaim their power. The 2nd hokage made them the police of the village, but he put constant ANBU black ops to monitor their actions by putting them all in the outskirts of the village where they were segregated from the rest of the village. This segregation of the Uchiha led to the eventual hatred from the Uchiha. Third tried to make peace but ultimately "FAILED", it does not matter how much he tried, the 3rd could not control the chaos in his own village in his time of rule. The 4th did not need to die. He felt it would be wrong to live and his wife die, while the village suffers from a loss of power from not having a tailed beast, so he sacrificed himself to seal the fox into Naruto. 4th saved the village from the fox this is true, but he didn't need to die for it, that was a decision he made on his own.

Tsunade inherited the problems of the previous Hokages dealings with the Uchiha. If the previous Hokages had done a better job and stopped hiding under the "But, we tried" excuse, Tsunade wouldn't even have a Sasuke problem. Tsunade did the best she could in a quick situation, assembling a ninja team would take time and effort considering she had to pull ninjas that were already on high ranking missions. Tsunade sent 8 ninjas (Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, Choji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari) to pursue the sound 4. The mission was to retrieve Sasuke, Sasuke did not want to be retrieved it was not Tsunade's fault that Sasuke did not want to be "saved".

2) Again we go back to the history of the past hokages who failed to control their men.
1st Hokage could not control Madara led to his death
3rd Hokage could not control Orochimaru led to his death

Naruto did not get captured though, Kakashi did his job as his protector, Tsunade's decision has not been proven to be a bad one. Tsunades trust in Kakashi's abilities were shown in Naruto's return to the village unharmed. No mission goes flawlessly, the main point is to complete them.

Tsunade is not the only leader with anger issues, I have already shown this using the other leaders as examples. Tsunade's anger leads to passion, passion that gets passed onto the entire village, which is necessary to motivate the next generation.

4) I have already addressed this, Tsunade has not gambled money once after becoming Hokage, and to assume she will return to her old ways cannot be proven by Con. That is not fair to say Tsunade did nothing to help the village, She did not even know a war was going on. The entire leaf Sannin had already left the village by that time to pursue other ventures in their lives.

5) Tsunade was not even the 5th Hokage yet when this happened. We are judging her term as the 5th hokage so far, so far she has made the best possible decisions given the situations at hand.

6) Danzo does not like the fact that he was never named the Hokage. If he really cared about the village he would have helped the village during Pein's invasion. The reason he was not made the 5th hokage was because Jiraiya and Tsunade were better candidates, he could not fight the candidacy of the leaf's legendary Sannin at his old age.

TSUNADE is the Hokage, the elders and the entire village should be the one's listening to her. She was taught by the 3rd Hokage and has the same moral principles as he does. The elders do not have any trust in the youth of the hidden leaf, zilch, nothing they are not even fit to be advisors because of this fact. The village elders right now should be ashamed they have disgraced the teachings of their sensei (1st and 2nd hokage) colleague (3rd Hokage) and lost the treasured "Will of Fire" philosophy in the hidden leaf. The village elders see the error in their ways when Tsunade finally scolds them.

May I remind you Con... If Tsunade had not taken Naruto out on all those important missions having him gain all that experience and power, nobody would have been able to fight Pein. If the Elders got their way, Pein would have eventually came to the Hidden Leaf Village and tried to take Naruto anyway. If the Elders got their way, Naruto would have never returned to the hidden leaf village at all. All of the elders decisions to "help" the hidden leaf village would have ultimately led to their downfall if Tsunade had not protested.

Tsunade knows what she is doing. She was the only ninja in the hidden leaf who would have been fully accepted by the Leaf's jonin to become Hokage. Tsunade has not done a bad job, she has healed severe injuries, and works fully on progressing the future generations of the hidden leaf.
Debate Round No. 2


Ladies and Gentleman, it is the last round. I thank CON for accepting this rematch and giving me a second chance despite me forfeiting earlier.�

A gambler is defined as
a. To bet on an uncertain outcome, as of a contest.
b. To play a game of chance for stakes.
2. To take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit.
3. To engage in reckless or hazardous behavior

Tsunade before she came back to the village was a compulsive gambler. She still is. Except now, instead of gambling with money, she bets with something more dangerous, others lives. She takes too many risks where the risk way out-exceeds the benefit. It is not bravery to do this put stupidity. One would not say someone who drinks and drives is brave or responsible, even if the outcome results in nobody dying. Tsunade is the same. She is just irresponsible.�

1) What possible "recovery" missions could be so dangerous and so important that all of the Jonin and Chunin ranks had to leave the village, so not to have qualified ninja in cases of emergency? Since the village was attacked, the best plan of action for the village is to repair or build new destroyed buildings. You know, something genin can do easily. So then, what's the most likely reason everyone was sent on high ranked missions? Tsunade sent them is to collect a lot of money for the village even though it was not necessary. Again, the gambling mentality of Tsunade. She sends as many people on missions as possible in hopes that an emergency would not occur. Not the smartest plan Tsunade.�
Again, terrible leadership on the Hokage's part as to not prepare for emergencies. This is like a town sending their police and firefighting force away from a town in hopes that no crime or fires occur. BAD IDEA! You just do not do it, even in cases of war.

"The sound 4 were not elite shinobi"

I showed ample evidence that the sound 4 were elite shinobi. In fact, the narutopedia even says in the FIRST sentence "The Sound Four were Orochimaru's elite bodyguards."
The sound four were able to defeat Genma Shiranui and Raido Namiashi, both of them who were jonin.

Choji had to take a pill that was supposed to kill him in order to defeat one of them. Neji almost died in the process. The others would have died if it were not for the sand ninja that saved them. They were lucky that the sand ninja took the mission seriously and were able to find them. The Sasuke retrieval team was lucky to survive. They all could have easily died. Again, this goes back to the point that Tsunade takes risks that are too dangerous.

"They were no longer enemies of the hidden leaf. The hidden sand had sent a formal apology and surrender to the hidden leaf village after the invasion. "

If Osama Bin Laden made a formal apology for the attacks on 9/11, doesn't mean the United States will use them as aid in any future conflicts. Yes, we have used the Taliban to further our goals before, but never again, not after the attack. The sand ninja could have easily of just pretended that they did not find them and do nothing. In fact, its surprising that they did not do that! The fact that the sand ninja (a) accepted the mission and (b) were able to find the team was very lucky.

Naruto stated himself that he would bring Sasuke back to the village, even if it meant by force. How is detaining a traitor to the village immoral? If a US soldier decided to join Al Qaeda, it would not be immoral to detainee them for their action.

Tsunade just sent a very ill prepared team to find Sasuke that not only failed to complete the mission but almost died in the process. If Tsunade just sent a better team, the village would now not have to worry about the greatest terrorism threat to the village.

CON tries to make the fifth hokage look good by making the other hokage look bad. I will show again why his examples fail.

The first hokage DID defeat Madara. If I defeat you in a fight, we both live, and I die years later when your still around, it does not change the fact that I defeated you in a fight. The first hokage did not die from the fight but for other reasons. It even says on the Naruto encyclopedia that `Hashirama defeated Madar`. Everyone thought that Madara was dead until it was revealed that Tobi is Madara. It is still unknown why Madara is still alive.
The Uchiha clan was always fighting the konoha clan. The second hokage tried to gain their trust but at the same time needed to keep surveillance in case they attacked. This was the best plan, since Madara, their leader did in fact attack the first hokage. The Uchiha clan almost did attack the village when Sarutobi was the third hokage and it was through this surveillance that the leaf village was able to stop the attack. Just because the third 'failed' to make to make peace with Uchiha clan does not make him a bad hokage. The fact of the matter is, the Uchiha clan was a difficult clan to keep peace with. The United States had a constant feud with the Soviet Union, but one does not state that all the presidents who were not unable to stop the escalation were bad presidents. The fourth hokage needed to die to stop the fox, since the jiujitsu that he used in it causing the user to die in the process.

All the previous hokages gave it their best, the fifth hokage did not. That is what makes the fifth hokage a worse hokage.

2) In the United State military, do you know what the most important aspect is? OBEYING ORDERS! The military requires one to be 100% obedient. In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, Sun Tzu states that one of the most deciding factor in a war is which side is more discipline.

Madara and Orochimaru might have their problems however they:
(a) did their horrible actions in private
(b) were discipline and obedient in battle

If one graffiti's the school in secret, this would not make one a bad principal. However, if one graffiti a school in plain sight, and the principal does nothing, then that makes the person a bad principal. The fact that the fifth hokage can not control Naruto's action when he does them IN PLAIN SIGHT shows that the fifth hokage is a bad hokage who can not discipline her own soldiers. Bad job as a hokage Lady Tsunade.

(3) Just because others have anger issues, does not justify Tsunade's action. One can not justify murder by saying that other people have done it before. The fact is, these other kages with anger issues could also be bad kages. I have already shown, through The Art of War why having anger issues are huge problems. Passion is not always a good thing. In battle, logic and tactics predominate over emotions.

(4) I have already addressed in the beginning that her compulsiveness as a gambler has now been demonstrated through her risky and reckless decisions as Hokage.

(5) CON does not contend that her actions at the time were not very good. She might not have been 'officially' hokage at the time, however the elders picked her to be hokage. Also, it just reflects badly on her character.

(6) He did care about the village. He tried to get a ruthless tyrant out of office. I agree that Danzo was not a good candidate for the Hokage, however that is not the point. He did in fact care about the village, as I stated in the previous round.

The Hokage makes decisions that were reckless and with no thought. She has been able to escape this problem through luck, but that does not justify the actions since it could have also ended in disaster. If Naruto returned before he mastered sage mode, pain would have killed him easily and taken the nine tails. It was a good thing that Naruto was delayed since he still needed to master sage mode.

CON states that the missions helped Naruto train. However, it was the training through with Jiraiya, Kakashi, the sage toads that gave him the rasengan, toad summoning, wind relea


1. Again Pro goes back to ridiculing Tsunade's past. Yes, it is true that she was a compulsive gamblers, but ever since she has become the Hokage she has not gambled a time of actual money in a bet. Pro says that Tsunade has become even worse gambling on her decisions. Pro, she is the leader of the Leaf's entire military force, she has to decide the missons, and take the chance that any of her ninjas can die at any moment. There is no such thing as a risk free mission. Tsunade was a gambler in her past, but she is also the top medical ninja in the entire world, she has led team in the great ninja wars, saved countless lives, and continues to do so as the Hokage.

1) The war just ended many ninjas have already died trying to protect the village. She had to send ninjas to patrol the village, reconstruction, and be at home in case of emergency war time action from the other villages. Remember the Leaf' military force has declined tremendously, and they have lost the 3rd hokage a shinobi village can attack at any moment. The leaf does not have many Jonins, there is barely enough to fit a room full of them. If Tsunade had sent 4 jonins to search for Sasuke, she risks the entire village safety by weakening the home security.

2) Orochimaru only had like Kabuto and scrubs in his fake village to invade the Leaf... They were his elite body guards but so what? Orochimaru was the leader of the hidden sound for how long? He spent an ample amount of his time with Akatsuki how could he have possibly had the time to train actual elite ninjas? The sound 4 beat the jonins because they had the advantage of ambushing them.

It was a A rank mission... Like you said before the sound 4 had already taken out 4 of the leaf's limited Jonin staff, her hands were tied she could not risk the safety of the entire leaf village at that point to save one shinobi. Any mission a shinobi should be prepared to die. Tsunade eventually came up with remedies and treatment to save the lives of both Neji and Choji- Good Hokage.

The Sand could not afford to take such action... The sand village's power had declined worse than ours, and for long periods of time the Sand had to rely on our alliance just to survive. The sand lost their Kazekage, had no leader, lost more shinobis than the hidden leaf, and have disgraced their entire village name by allowing a terrorist to control their entire country. The Sand had to redeem their image and rebuild the relationship with the hidden leaf just to secure their future. If they refused the mission they faced the risk of the Leaf going to war again, the sand could not afford another war with no legitimate leader in place to challenge the Hokage.

Tsunade would have to get approval from the leaf's jonin to take such action. Kakashi who is the leaf's most respected jonin and next in line for Hokage would not allow his own student to be confined. The Danzo arc showed that the Hokage's relationship with the Jonin are of utmost importance. Naruto and the rest of the genin would not bear to see their beloved classmate detained when he has not done anything wrong yet. The leaf village is all about the bonds of friendship, Tsunade would have risked the village shinobis completely shunning her if she chose to detain sasuke taking such barbaric option on a
1) Child
2) Last member of the Uchiha clan, who were already exterminated
3) a prospective ninja who could carry the "will of fire"
I doubt any of the U.S soldiers are 13 years old PRO.

The 1st hokage died in the fight with Madara, it was already revealed in the recent naruto manga chapters with Madara saying he fooled Hashirama into thinking he beat him in order to acquire one of the 6paths used by the founder of all ninjutsu. The thought that Hashirama beat Madara has not been verified by anyone has had been deemed a LEGEND.
Legend-a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events

The 2nd hokage failing to trust the Uchiha clan led to the distrusts. Madara had already tried to create a coup de teat but the Uchiha had already settled into the leaf's system.

The 3rd hokage could have avoided the coup de teat if he just did a better job with negotiations. It does not matter how hard he tried if he failed to stop a CIVIL war. 3rd hokage had the burden of settling home disputes how is any of this Tsunade's fault that 3rd hokage had to eventually approve of the Uchiha extermination leading to the terrorist Sasuke Uchiha?

Pro nobody died in the Cold War this is a bad example to compare U.S to Soviets. Richard Nixon is seen as a bad president by a lot of majority polls and he dealt during the time of the Soviets.

The 4th did not need to die in the process. Naruto manga chapter 504 clearly shows Kushina begging the 4th hokage not to kill himself because he does not have to.The 4th felt like he had to sacrifice himself to give Naruto power and preserve the balance of the tailed beasts.
Kushina says in the beginning to the 4th hokage. "Why, Why the dead demon seal?! There is no reason for you to die just so i can see him for a few minutes when he's older! Why are you sacrificing Naruto just to preserve the balance of the tailed beasts... to save the village and the country... to save me..."
The 4th's death was unnecessary he just did the dead demon seal so his wife would not have to die alone, and to give them both a chance to see their child when he was older.

2) The Hokages have all shown instances where they have had soldiers who refused to follow orders I don't know where you are going with this. Except the 4th's short term at power.

Again I don't know where you are going with these examples. The 3rd hokage found Orochimaru conducting experiments in plain sight, and saw him wipe out 2 of his ANBU bodyguards and he still let him run away from the village. 3rd hokage if he had less sympathy and emotions, Tsunade would not have had to deal with any of this. It was not Herbert Hoovers fault that there was a Great Depression he did nothing to cause it, he just inherited it. Tsunade inherited all the problems of the past Hokages.

3) Tsunade has not harmed a single member of the Leaf... Murder example won't work here. The art of war does not follow in the examples of a fictional world where people shoot fireballs from their mouths. Tsunade has anger issues but it has not prevented her from being a good hokage. During the Pein arc she gave up all her chakra to save as many villagers as she could. A leader who puts the village first above all else is a good leader.

4) I have tried to explain to you that risky decisions are a part of any leader of a military forces life. Tsunade with the Sasuke arc, could not have sent more than she did, it would have left the village too weak to defend themselves. Village security or the life of one shinobi? These decisions have to be made when your a leader. One person is not worth the lives of hundreds of people. Also technically if you look at it from another point of view. BECAUSE she sasuke successfully left the village, it led to the death of Orochimaru.

5) She was not Hokage and nobody else could have taken the job. Tsunade was the only option that would have at least kept the other villagers from attacking. When Tsunade was made hokage, Kakashi was too young, Danzo was not respected and seemed handicapped, they had to pick Tsunade the Slug princess. Tsunade's actions before that should have wiped her failure to kill Orochimaru.

The ends justified the means. All of Tsunade's decisions in the end led to good for Konoha. Sasuke leaving led to the death of orochimaru. Naruto's freedom led to the death of Pein. Tsunade showed her love for the village, when she threw all her chakra in attempts to save the village. Tsunade is
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