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Tupac vs Biggie who was the best rapper

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Started: 4/11/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Tupac(pro) vs Biggie(con) who was the best rapper

While both rappers made a huge impact on the hip hop community individually. It is my opinion that both these rappers were incredibly talented and at the same time influential.

Tupacs lyrics in are life changing. What I mean by that is that his lyrics really make you stop and think about life and what is going on in the world around you. Which is why I think Tupac is best rapper of all time. Tupacs voice forces your attention. You can't help but listen to what was being said. Tupac had the sort of style that made you think that what he was saying was coming from the heart whether it was dissing or rapping about world issues.

To settle the debate I am picking Tupac as my favorite and I will show everyone why I pick Tupac over Biggie(or any rapper for that matter) and why you should as well.


I accept.

Tupac was a better writer.

He was not a better rapper.

This is incredibly important to note throughout the course of this debate.

The two came from vastly different environments and as such are very hard to compare.

I do not accept the paradigm of which my opponent determines who is the better rapper. {One who makes you stop and think, as he stated above}

Biggie related more to the "simple mind" about the every day struggle of African-Americans living in urban America. Because of his simplistic yet profound way of relating to people about life on the streets he is the better rapper.

Also Biggie, had the distinct east-coast, style of voice. The modern-day style of east-coast rap is modeled off of the cool, collected, deep voice of Biggie, which was incredibly unique.

This just a preamble to my following rounds.

Await my opponents opening statements.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagree. My opponent's argument is that 2pac was the better writer but not the better rapper. 2pac's delivery was much better he was much more educated he used words Biggie did not even know so his raps made more sense to his listeners he is also a global star Biggie was just a fake ganster.


His arguments:

1. "2pac's delivery was much better"

He doesn't explain why, he just blips this argument out. They both had good deliveries hence their wide success. I assert, though, that Notorious B.I.G. actually had a better delivery and he did so for the following reasons. Biggie's delivery was a paradox, in and of itself, he had that heavy breath and deep voice but he made it fluent and smooth. This style of delivery was vastly unique and ground-breaking to the American culture at the time. 2Pac just had the usual hyphy wes-coast style of rap, he did it well, but nothing new nor special. 2Pac doesn't compare.

2. "he was much more educated he used words Biggie did not even know so his raps made more sense to his listeners"

This is quite the argument. First of all there is no direct link in better education than better rapper. If there was then I'm sure millions of people would be beggin Alan Greenspan to come out with a debut. Education is benign when it comes to a rap career.

And with the silly "big words" argument if you want to really make this argument then do the following:

1. Show what big word 2Pac used
2. Prove that Biggie did not know that particular word.
3. Even if you prove those two premises, you still definitely do not reach your conclusion of "so his raps made more sense to his listeners.'

That conclusion does not reasonably follow. If anything using bigger words, [which he didn't], excludes audience members as the performer is choosing pretentious, unnecessary words.

3. "he is also a global star"

Yup. They both are.

4. "Biggie was just a fake ganster."


I am very surprised Pro wanted to open up this door, as history shows the exact opposite. This was actually going to be an offensive argument of mine so I'll just kill two birds with one stone here.

2Pac, when he became famous, got access to the gangster world then acted like he's been that. Biggie's roots were in hard streets, and he used music to free himself from the oppressive bondage of gang life. One is a poser and was acting like it was some fun game to play. One knew the truly ugly side to it and wanted to articulate it.

The genesis of 2Pac:

In words of 2Pac himself, "My major thing growing up was I couldn't fit in. Because I was from everywhere.
I didn't have no buddies that I grew up with."

Uno mas, ""I don't know. I just didn't feel hard. I could do all the things my mother
could give me, but she couldn't give me nothing else."

At age 12 he joined the 127th Street ensemble, a play group.

At age 15 he started enjoying rap in New York. He started walking with a swag and called himself MC New York. That didn't pan out.

So he enrolled in the PRESTIGIOUS Baltimore School of Arts. And it was from there that he wanted to become an artist, "But I loved it. I loved going to school. It taught me a lot. I was starting to feel like I really wanted to be an artist."

Then he got into rapping subsequently he felt the need to start submerging himself more gangs for the image.

The Difference:

Biggie grew up in tough street. He never got to go to good, white-kid schools. He witnissed alot more friends dieing at a young age. Since he lived a genuine gangster life at such a young age he knew it was nothing to pose about.

As the Rolling Stones writes, "By the time he was 15, Wallace [Biggie] was selling crack in Brooklyn's
Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood."

But then he began giving it up for rap, as he realized that rap could work as his freedom.

2Pac and Biggie both got entangled in gangs. ONLY ONE though actually had his roots there. ONLY ONE though was actually honest with his lyrics when he talked about those roots. ONLY ONE was more relatable, as he was telling the truth. ONLY ONE saw the stupidity of the gangster world. And that was Notorious B.I.G.


An important question to ask his who left the bigger, more important legacy. The reason this is a good question is it determines who left a bigger "splash in pond." It is also a point in this debate where some objective truth can be found.
2Pac's legacy:

2Pac undoubtedly left behind a legacy. But it doesn't take long to figure out what the main legacy was. The scandal is by far the biggest ripple-effect 2Pac caused. Who killed him? He'll be back in 7 years! He's not dead! The debate over the details of his death was, unfortunatly for him, the legacy he left behind.

Notorious B. I. G. 's legacy analyzed:
Biggie however because he was only caught up in music and not posing a gangster life, set a huge legacy in the music industry. Sean Combs, one of the richest men, in America, according to Rolling Stones, owes his success as the industry's greatest producer to the efforts of Notorious B.I.G. Meaning Biggie created today the goliath producing company ran by Sean Combs. Sean even mentions in his debut solo album in the song "I'll Be Missing You." This fact alone outweighs 2Pac, as he lacked any contribution to music industry.
There is more to this point, but thats all for now.


Biggie had:
1. He had better delivery.
2. He had truth behind his words when talking about gangs.
3. Was far less supportive of dangerous gang life than 2Pac
4. Subsequently, of 2 and 3, related more to those on the streets.
5. Left a huge legacy in the music industry by creating the producing giant Sean Combs.

Debate Round No. 2


KILLUMINATI forfeited this round.


I wasn't contacted about the nature of the FF.

Thus far all of my rebuttals have been conceded.


All of my points on why Biggie is positively the better of the two have been conceded.

Debate Round No. 3


KILLUMINATI forfeited this round.


Pro has FF the following conclusion I have made:
1. He had better delivery.
2. He had truth behind his words when talking about gangs.
3. Was far less supportive of dangerous gang life than 2Pac
4. Subsequently, of 2 and 3, related more to those on the streets.
5. Left a huge legacy in the music industry by creating the producing giant Sean Combs.

He also conceded the rebuttals to his arguments, as such is left with nothing.

The following conclusion is inevitable:

Biggie was the better rapper

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by atpkben 4 years ago
This debate is all a matter of opinion. You could state all the facts for why one is better than the other, but at the end of the day it comes down to who you prefer. Honestly, I prefer 2Pac. I live in Detroit, and his lyrics really relatable to me and give me an outlet. However the reason I think that the winner of this debate is jwesbruce is because he actually knows how to argue analytically while killuminati does not. But it does not matter who is the winner of this debate, because no matter how many arguments you present in favor of Biggie I am still going to personally prefer Tupac's music.
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