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Turkey is in violation of Human Rights

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Started: 5/28/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It is clearly seen that Turkey is in violation of Human Rights as the Government shows ignorance and hatred towards Greeks living in Turkey who are Orthodox Christians. It is the same with Greek Cypriots in Cyprus.


Concerning this original argument we must set objective foundations, along with clear semantics so we know what we are arguing.

Firstly, by 'Human Rights' I assume you mean the declaration made by the United Nations, of which Turkey is a member. If so, the specific articles need to be raised. Are we talking about freedom of expression? Freedom of religion? Freedom from persecution?

Secondly,, hatred and ignorance concerning a minority group HAS NOTHING to do with human rights. A religious or ethnic group can be hated but still be perfectly treated within their human rights.

Thirdly, you refer your argument specifically to the Greek living in Turkey that are Orthodox Christians. Note that this DOES NOT mean all Greeks living in Turkey. Only those who are Orthodox Christian AND Greek. You then mention the Greek Cypriots, but this is not the same as your previous statement UNLESS you declare the 'Greek Cypriots who are also Orthodox Christians.' This was not made clear.

Made clear. Taking your present argument truly, your are asserting the Turkish government is clearly in violation of the Human Rights of Orthodox Christian Greeks and Orthodox Christian Cypriots who live in Cyprus (Cyprus is unclear, I address this later). I hope you accept this interpretation as it is the precise informal form of your argument.

Religion and ethnicity and/or nationality cannot be hastily conflated because they are very different things.

I will also make the assumption that you are referring to Greek Cypriots in 'Eastern Cyprus' which is a part of Turkey and not the Republic of Cyprus.

In order to succeed in your claim that Turkey is clearly in violation of human rights you must clarify:

1) Who they apply to SPECIFICALLY (Ethnic group, racial group, religious group, or certain combinations of all)
2) What benchmark you are using.
3) Which human right(s)

I stress 1) because I do not accept your original statement. The groups you refer too need to be clarified and refined.

The burden of proof is on you as you are making a positive claim.
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Posted by SuperSith89 2 years ago
Idk if anyone disagrees with you really.
Posted by PonticGreekMacedonian 2 years ago
Yes indeed! Not to mention the genocides including the Assyrians too!
Posted by BrendanD19 2 years ago
Don't forget about Kurds and Armenians
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