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Turkey should be kicked out of NATO

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Started: 11/8/2019 Category: Politics
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Turkey has violated many policies of NATO and should be held liable for those instances. Such as jailing, Torturing, And killing Journalists. However, Kicking them out of NATO isn't the correct option for them because of the many backlashes.

One is Turkey and Russia's continual relation improvement. Turkey and Russia are in a major economic alliance. They have signed an agreement to build at least on nuclear power plant in Turkey. Turkey has also obtained a Russian surface to air missile, S-400, That allows them to detect aircraft's and other targets. If this resolution is enacted, Turkey will be removed from NATO, This will cause Russia's influence in Turkey to significantly increase. If this Russian and Turkish partnership continues, Turkey will be become dependent on Russia. This will cause Russia to gain control of Turkey and have more influence in the region. This completely opposes NATO"s purpose, Which is to stop the spread of Russia.

Because of the increase in Russia's influence in Turkey, It will further harm our ally, The Kurds. Currently, Turkey and Kurdistan are skating on thin ice when it comes to their relations. "Turkey disagrees strongly with U. S. Support for Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, Who they say have links to Kurdish terrorist separatist groups operating in Turkey. It is also pushing forward with controversial seabed oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, Alleging that it is authorized by the Turkish-aligned government of so-called Northern Cyprus " a nation not recognized by any other country. And finally, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan"s continuing oppression of the media, Judiciary and opposition groups raises legitimate concerns about authoritarianism" (Bloomberg July 18, 2019). Turkey has already shown key interest in going against the Kurds and by effectively increasing that influence in Turkey from Russia, It will destroy the border tension between the two nations and, Most likely, Erupt into a war. This war would interfere with our efforts in the middle east and, Effectively, Diminish our effort to help democratize the region and only increase the influence of Russia.

And so by increasing the influence of Russia in the middle east, It will only create more, Prolonged proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Since Russia's influence in the Kurdish/ Syrian region will increase if we kick Turkey out of NATO, It will provide Iran more power in conducting their own proxy wars. "It also coincided with a perceived separate risk to US interests and those of its allies in the Persian Gulf and led to a heightened threat that more than a decade of proxy conflicts may spill over into a direct clash between Washington and Tehran" (The Guardian May 16 2019). In the status quo, There's already a huge amount of tension between the US and Iran. So therefore, If we increase Russia's influence in that region, It will only lead to more violent proxy wars than are already happening. This threatens millions more lives and only increases the overall violence in the Middle East. Iran funding the dictatorship in Syria, Which has repeatedly had many humanitarian crisis', Will only increase without the US influence between them in Kurdistan.

Now I agree with the affirmation that Turkey should be held responsible for what they've done. However, This is simply not the right way to punish them because it hurts the whole volatility of the region in total.


Since Turkey is killing ethnic and religious minorities, Dare I ask why you want to keep such a government in NATO?
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Yes, I agree that Turkey is killing ethnic minorities, However by kicking Turkey out of NATO we are not only hurting the minorities in Turkey but ones in Kurdistan, A US ally, And other nations. We are threatening lives of many other minorities if we kick them out of NATO.
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