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Twitter Equals= Better Than facebook

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Started: 11/7/2016 Category: News
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Facebook is spying on you, and now they are requiring for a copy of your state i.d. or they will disable your account, so Twitter is now my main new home. Once I started using Twitter, I love it wayyyyy better than demanding-facebook. Twitter lets you be who you are or want to be! VOTE TWITTER!


Facebook is better than Twitter in a multitude of ways. The mere principle of Facebook outweighs that of Twitter. The length duration cut for twitter (140 characters), while great for little blurbs of information or status updates, is hardly practical for the world we live in now, where people are spending more time than ever on their cellular devices. According to Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Youseff Squali, he points out that people have actually spent only 15% of the time they spend on Facebook on Twitter. He also notes that the average Facebook user spends 846.1 minutes on Facebook, compared to a mere 124.6 minutes on Twitter. He states that "Unless this gap narrows, this disparity in engagement is likely to favor Facebook with brand advertisers and limit Twitter's ability to fully monetize its user base," he wrote.

Facebook is also much more versatile and a much better website in general than Twitter. It's more flexible, as you can upload pictures, videos, games and apps to your profile or even embed videos from Youtube or post calendar events while on the other hands, Twitter only allows for text in small numbers.

Facebook's profit and leadership has also been extremely stable, led by Mark Zuckerberg, who still runs the country he has founded. On the other hand, the founders of Twitter own 12%, 4.9%, and 1.6% of Twitter shares, while Zuckerberg owns 57% of Class B voting shares, keeping control of the company he created. Current Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, owning 1.6% of stock, has even been described as "an 'un-CEO' who's more focused on user growth than revenue." The Market Cap of Facebook, as of Jan 28, 2014, has been 132.58 bn, compared to Twitter's 33.05 bn. The price/earnings ratio of Facebook has also been drastically different, as Facebook has been profiting at 54.36, while Twitter is making a loss at -134.67.

In response to your initial argument, Facebook actually requests users to cover up sensitive information like a liscense or passport number and deleting the photo shortly after, securing your privacy. Facebook also states on its website that by submitting this document, you'll appear more frequently in the people to follow list, and will be able to connect with friends and colleagues much more easily than Twitter.
Debate Round No. 1


(Why Twitter Will Live And Facebook Will Die/ )
Plus, if you like to write more than the 140 character limit on Twitter, you can do so by creating your own blog on Blogger, and shorten that link with Twitter's Bitly url shortener: or, Google's URL shortener: , copy and paste the URL link to your Tweet and Tweet with an image attached if you want. You can also attach images and add emoji s on your images before sending out with the Twitter app. You can also add GIF(s), polls, and locations. The problem with Facebook is that I don't trust the workers there. I don't trust them because after sometime, weeks, months, years etc., they'll ask you to submit a photo of your i.d. or they will disable your account if you don't until you do. To me that is not fair, as you may already know that so many Facebook users identify themselves with aliases. So Facebook is not doing a good job. It almost feels as if they target anyone they disagree with on the things they post by requiring a photo i.d. to prove thier identity. And the catch here is that they know so many wise people will not submit their private and personal information, so then in that way they can cleverly disable your account. They can also sell your identity to companies behind your back by hiring someone to hack them and then making it seem that way. And one day if and when Facebook does get hacked, guess what that will mean for Facebook users. I am not concern with the scores as you are because in due time Facebook will die, what I am concern with is the PRIVACY to my identity. Some people just don't want to be found and Facebook shows no respect for that, but Twitter does.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jo154676 2 years ago
I personally don't like facebook because there are too many old people on it and I use twitter a lot but twitter is going downhill. They are censoring people and banning them for speaking their mind which I think is morally objectionable.
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