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Two Rhyme Rap Battle

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Started: 5/1/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Rules: This rap battle consists of only one round due to constraints of difficult rules.

In case you didn't know, in rap battles, you have to insult the other person to the best of your ability.

20 lines max. Both of us can only have two matching rhymes before the end of each setence. For example, you can have:
A, A, A
B, B
A, A,
B, A

such as
school, lose, booze
raft, taft,

But you cannot have:
A, A
B, B,
C, C

go, pro, no,
run, bun,
change, range

We are allowed to not rhyme our lines at all (adding lines that don't rhyme)

If we violate these rules, the lines with extra rhyme(s) are simply ignored.

You begin rapping in round one.

Let me go first:

No pain, no gain, that's what they say
Yet even just by looking at you, you're goin' insane
Don't even bother to pray, I won't be swayed
Every word I spit contaminates your brain

I thought competition would be difficult to maintain,
How mundane, you're just a trinket to adorn,
Your body's mine to obtain, habeus corpus,
if this was a trial we'd be already adjourned

I'm a thunderstorm, you're hardly a drop in the rain
You're gonna wish you weren't born, even your parents think you're lame
Like a bane, I make you torn, deliver you scorn
Bite you off like a cob on a corn

Your spirit I drain, you struggle in vain,
This is my domain, I can't be contained,
Kneel down fool, while I reign,
Oh, poor baby, did that give you a sprain?
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