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UKIP represents normal people more than the 3 main parties?

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Started: 4/16/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would argue yes it is more representative of normal people than the other parties.
I would argue this because statistics show votes for ukip are comming equally from conservatives, labour and people who haven't voted. My question is why would someone who is a centrist or left want to vote for a libertarian party who wants a return to the same amount of low regulation that aided the finational crash and want a 31% flat tax for even those on the minimum wage? The answer is simple it is becasue of the key dominant social issues of which ukip trumpets the most on benefits, the eu, foreign policy and immigration which the main parties have largely ignored or given an unsatisfactory response. These issues which largely form under immigration and integration issues are very close to hearts of mostly the working class and the north.


Normal: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. []

2010 U.K. election's results []:

Conservative: 36.1%
Labour: 29.0%
Liberal Democrats: 23.0%
UKIP: 3.1%

Nowhere near as 'normal'.

The three leading parties have a combined percentage of 88.1% of the votes and are therefore more standard, usual, typical and thus expected as a political party for one in the U.K. to support than the UKIP, which is an extreme outlier.

0.881/0.031= 28.4 (3 s.f.)

This means that almost 28 1/2 times as many people are in support of one of the three leading UK parties than UKIP.
Debate Round No. 1


I would accept your argument if we just had the 2010 election however the political climate has changed dramatically polls consistently put UKIP at 17 % and rising 2-3 % a year and lib dems at 8 % however conservatives at 29 and labour at 31 However the issues that UKIP champions are consistently higher in the polls. All three main parties want to stay in the EU however in polls 60% want to leave and more want reform. Take immigration where even the conservatives have done very little to challenge open border immigration. Controlled immigration polls consistently above 50%. However I think people don't really want to associate with ukip as they appear to be "just fruitcakes and loonies" to quote Cameron. However I think more and more are dropping this reserve and that's why we see a rise in ukip support. Of course their momentum will wane however they could end up winning 50 -100 seats within the next two elections


My opponent is stating that UKIP is gradually becoming more normal with time, he is not arguing that UKIP currently represents normal people more than the three main parties. The only one he successfully proved UKIP to be more normal than is the Lib Dems.

He sitll has to prove that they are more normal than the Conservatives as well as Labour to successfully win this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Granted UKIP I not as unpopular as the conservatives or labour in the polls yet but I have explained this. The policies that they triumph and represent are much, much higher in the polls such as controlled immigration, getting rid of the eu. However they're is an image of UKIP as a bunch of fruit cakes and looneys and this reserve is slowly disappearing thus explaining their momentous rise in the polls. However if they equalled the positions they champion they would win 2-300 seats. That's why I think UKIP represent normal people better than the established parties


My opponent has fundamentally failed to prove UKIP to be as normal as either Conservative or Labour, only succeeding at proving its norm over one of the 3 main parties.

Thus, Pro has lost this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kreakin 7 years ago
lol no , have you seen Nigel Farage in action?

He is only tolerated because he counters the Liberal influence of the ConDem Goverment with his far right rhetoric.
Posted by Installgentoo 7 years ago
Are you an immigrant, Kreakin? You sound pretty butthurt.
Posted by Kreakin 7 years ago
Posted by Kreakin 7 years ago
The issue hear is that normal is the center ground. UKIP voters are of lower IQ and therefore out of the normal range... : P
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed that the UIKP is not normal according to definition. Not actually still sure what Pros argument was as it was difficult to follow, also it did not support the proposition. S&G to Con, as Pros arguments were difficult to read.

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