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UNCLOS Should be Passed

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Started: 9/14/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm pretty tired of people debating about stupid and unethical stuff like "should we nuke India" and "Should Disabled people pay more taxes. " I always like for my opponent to go first, And I cannot wait for a debate that can help something positively.


I affirm the resolved: UNCLOS should be passed.
I will be running a cost benefit analysis. That means that if I can prove that there will be more benefits in joining UNCLOS, I will win this debate.
Firstly, UNCLOS will provide ample opportunities for the United States, As well as the rest of the world to be successful. Ratifying UNCLOS will help the Navy secure benefits and rights, Thus strengthening its power. Furthermore, It would decrease hegemony throughout the world, Giving each country freedom and rights to make their own decision. Economically, It could help America as trade would improve due to better relations on the sea, Enabling productivity as well as order. With more productivity, Ships and cargo will be able to arrive at the destination more efficiently, And with more order, There will be less "ship traffic", Also adding on to a speedier travel. It enables partner nations with America to effectively combat with the threats to America, Mainly drug trafficking, Migrant smuggling and the shipment of weapons that cause mass destruction.
Another argument in favor of ratifying UNCLOS would be the South China Sea. China has claimed a vast amount of it, Violating the rules of UNCLOS. The United States needs to retool its approach to China in the Western Pacific and move toward a new maritime strategy. That strategy would be signing onto the convention. For example, If America joined the convention, It would help us contest China"s anomalous position, As the treaty would be allowing us to cite provisions in UNCLOS to challenge China"s position and actions. This would be a benefit in a cost/benefit analysis. Right now, We cannot do so as the fact that we have not signed onto the convention strips us of the legitimacy we have in asserting the claims, Causing us to seem hypocritical.
Finally, Joining UNCLOS would help push back the impending Chinese threat, As well as reassure US allies. As of the current situation, There is plenty of doubt as China has been growing its military lately. If the US joined, Our allies would be reassured as we are one of the most powerful countries in the world. For example, The July 12th ruling in a case brought by the Philippines firmly rejected China's expansive claims. The court declared that the nine-dash line, The foundation for
China"s historical claims in the region, Had no legal basis. However, Beijing refused to abide by the ruling. If the US was signed on to UNCLOS, We would be able to support the ruling.
Since the resolution states that America is the one making the decision, We should make the choice that benefits America more, And if possible, Benefit other countries. Because we have stated so many benefits, It is clear that they outweigh the costs dramatically, Which would mean that joining UNCLOS will not cost the US, But would place America at an advantage. For these reasons amidst many more, I can see no other ballot than for the affirmation side.
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Posted by HurricaneStorm37 3 years ago
Yes, That is correct
Posted by Queen_Fabulous 3 years ago
@asta UNCLOS is is the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea
Posted by asta 3 years ago
I like debates like these because they often provide me with easy wins.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
What are UNCLOS?
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