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US Involvement in Wars

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: Politics
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As a power, the US should be involved in war. First of all, the US is a global power and the residents of the country feel a sense of security. That feeling exists because the US has a strong following and it's a part of the country's culture. If a country tries to engage in disputes with the US, there are strong consequences. It's like branding for a company. Take a company like Apple for instance. If a smaller phone producer comes up with a new idea, Apple will jump right in and create a better version of it. That's just like the US and their military. If the US wasn't involved in so many conflicts, they would be just like any small country. They wouldn't be a global power. Without the title of a global power, the people in the country start to feel less confident in their country's ability to keep them protected. Additionally, the US keeps the world safe due to the fact that 73% of the public has trust in their military. They help stop the spread of terror by having their presence in various countries across the globe. For example: US presence in Afghanistan has stopped terror groups like Al Qaeda from spreading. Another main thing is that when the US is involved in other wars, it keeps American soil safe because US residents don't want wars in America. Ultimately, the US should be involved in wars to keep the world safer.


The US invading the middle east trying to be the international world police created Al-Qaeda and ISIL. Both times we funded rebels groups, only for both groups to take the money and push their own agenda, killing thousands. ISIS is already on the verge of defeat, if not already defeated. Our assistance in the Middle East is no longer needed. The longer we stay, the more problems we stir up, and the more American lives are killed.
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