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US Military Intervention in Mexico & Other Countries of Latin America

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The reason for using the US military to integrate and intervene in many parts of Latin America is simple. There countries are causing numerous American deaths and therefore an intervention is practical if we use the same protocol used in the attacks on the twin towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Only 3, 000 US civilians were killed on the attack, And that was more than enough to grant an advanced and coordinated invasion into Iraq.
The Cartels and other Latin American gangs are causing far more than 3, 000 US civillian deaths every year. It is estimated that since 2006, There have been 150, 000 coordinated homicides by the cartels of Latin America. America maintains its conflict in the middle East even though since the years following 9/11 only 95 US civilians have been killed by islamic extremist groups. Using basic math and history, We can easily conclude that a coordinated intervention into Latin America would be justified, Practical, And ethical.


Mexico is a sovereign state. Any kind of open intervention of the US army in Mexico will be a war. I'm Mexican and I'm sure the US army can crush the Mexican army in a few days, But I'm also sure an invasion like this will end in a tremendous defeat for the US in the long term. Mexico is not Iraq or Afghanistan, Mexico its the 11th economy in the world, One of the best commercial partners of the US and the second best market for US exports. Are the US ready to loose all those business? Are the US ready for a war against 130 million of Mexicans? Come on we are not in the 19th C.

2. The US army is designed to fight symmetric wars against other regular armies, In fact I'm sure the US army could hypothetically defeat any other army in the world, But let's be honest, The US army is not that good fighting asymmetric wars against small groups of irregulars mixed with local population and with no concrete bases that could be targets for air force strikes, Like the drug overlords and their "private" armies. What happened in Vietnam and what happened in Iraq and what could happen in Syria are good samples. In the hypothetical scenario where the US army cross the border and go directly against the cartels, It will became automatically in a source of interminable problems, The drug overlords will became a sort of "guerrilla" and they will become indistinguishable of the regular Mexican patriotic resistance; at the end of the day the US are not ready for face this kind of mess so close to the its border.

3. The US invasion of a close partner and ally, Like this will be catastrophic for the US international relationships. What kind of reaction will have the other NATO members? What kind of feel will Canada have? What about the reactions of the other Latin American countries, And the hypothetical support of the Chinese and Russians to the resistance. In the long term I think the US will end alone against the world, And I'm not talking only about political terms but also about commerce. Who will want to do business with somebody who invade a close friend and partner?

4. The US is supporting the Mexican army to do that job, In my opinion is a dirty job. The Drugs war is the main source of the violence in Mexico. The US just don't want to fight that war, So pushes Mexico to do it and bleed because that. In 8 years of war this has caused us more than 250, 000 casualties, Yes your read right, The Drug War has been more violent and terrible that the Vietnam war or the Syrian Civil war; have you ever hear about the "emigrants"? Ok they are the refugees of the drug war, Just the same as the Syrian who want to flee from the war civil. The only options this poor people have is became slaves or soldiers of the drugs overlords, Became a casualty or cross the border. If you were in their shoes what will be your choice?

The drug overlords have a "product" to sell and this product have a high demand in the other side of the border and the profit of this business is huge, This means they have billions of dollars and with this money they can buy guns and political influence. The worst is in some cases the US government is not making them the things hard but is helping them like in ATF gun walking scandal.

At the end of the day all this problem is a big hypocrisy, Because the US government is not doing nothing to stop the addictions or reduce the number of addicts. They believe the only option is fight with the sellers.

The only solution is the legalization of some drugs and work in the prevention of the addiction of other. Today (Nov. 4 2015) in Mexico City in the supreme Court will be a serious discussion about the legalization of the Cannabis, The reasons:

a) Is really stupid forbid the cannabis and allow the open sell of Tobacco, Alcohol and even sugar, Which are more addictive and cause more health problems and far more deaths.

b) What is worst? Allow the farmers produce this openly, Pay taxes, Improve their economies, Have a governmental regulation? Or keep the illegal production leaving the farmers alone with the drug overlords to exploit them and the government to prosecute them? One way or another the US junkies will continue buying it.
Debate Round No. 1


Some great points to bring up. Now starting out, I would like to point out a misunderstandings by my opponent.

1. I am in absolutely no way shape or form advocating for fighting or bringing violence towards the Mexican Military, Government, Or foreign governments or militaries. This would obviously have very serious consequences for America as going up against innocent military members or government officials would have disastrous results. I'm only advocating for US intervention on the criminal aspect. Organized crime, Violent gang activity, And investigating corruption by foreign officials are the main targets I would advocate and endorse america to pursue. As I had stated in my opening statement, I would advocate for the US military to "intervene" into these situations, Not invade these countries. Additionally I had stated integrating into these situations would also be a good strategy. What I meant by integrating is using particular military units to work alongside these foreign governments and militaries to combat the drug war. The army green berets AKA special forces under the umbrella of special operations are specifically designed for this mission. Not only would having a large volume of highly trained soldiers be a valuable asset to these militaries and governments that are already fighting the war on drugs alone or with minimal competent assistance from other alliances, But additionally they would have American assets such as drones, Advanced aircraft, Or better gear & weapons to be outfitted with. Additionally units like the army special forces can build infrastructure, Medical stations, And housing for and with the local populations that they are involved in to strengthen the relationship between each other. So not only would America be making it's own people safer, It would be providing protection for foreign people's, And giving some economical stability to all foreign people's affected by US military occupation and jurisdiction

Now I will address the practical concerns with these operations

2. If you really believe that this is too far from actually taking place, You have not been informed of America's paramilitary units being involved in operations in Mexico and Columbia. The Department of Justice including the FBI & DEA, Have been and are still actively involved in military like operations combatting the drug war in these countries. The special agents can be seen in full military combat gear and have been involved in deadly shootings with foreign criminals. So as you have stated in your 4th point that the US is putting all of this pressure on Mexico to complete the job, I agree we should be putting more than just American law enforcement on foreign ground. We should additionally use our military assets.

3. As you had stated in your opening statement, Mexico is the 11th economy in the world. Yes it is true that "some" Mexicans flee there country due to violent oppression, But even in this situation, Why not just flee to a safer and more economically advanced city or area in Mexico. Some parts of Mexico are so nice that Americans go there to enjoy vacation. The best part of this is they will not get deported back to a violent area if and when they get caught being in America illegally. It's just not rational to think that you can illegally sneak into America and grow old and die in this country without ever getting caught.

4. And finally my last statement has to do with adressing the ATF gun walking scandal officially declared "Operation Fast and Furious". Yes there was an operation where they let guns cross the border to try to track where they were going and hopefully get recovered at crime scenes. This operation though yielding good intentions had disastrous results. A border patrol agent, And a large unknown Mexican civilian mortality rate was identified. Finalizing my point, If America had the ability to use there own military personnel and assets to control the situation, They would not have to get involved in disastrous operations such as "Operation Fast and Furious"
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