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USA should invade Canada (and destroy them)

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Started: 2/12/2018 Category: Politics
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Come on accept the debate. This is for me to make it clear to you why it would be beneficial to the state to invade Canada and annex all resources. We shall give that region a republic to voice their opinions.

1: Canada would be useful. Canada has a population of 36.29 million (about equal to California, a STATE ((one of our biggest though))). Population wise, they are the 38th most populated country (behind countries such as Poland, Iraq, and Sudan. With that small work force they are yet able to have the 10th largest nominal GDP in the world. They pick up their slack and if we invade them we will receive this income (give or take depends on moral). My plan is to have the US government control all oil reserves, hydro electricity and solar plants (main sources of electricity). If they rebel we stop giving them heat and, well, they wont rebel for long.

2. We would have control of most northern pacific trade (more than we do at least). Without Canada who is certainly a player in the North American region, we would have more trade dominance, with less players more trade will be directed at us. Also, I'm not putting citations you can look this stuff up yourself (sorry).

3. Increases USA influence and makes them feared. With the USA taking most of Canada's territory, we will look larger on a map and have more forts and general territory. The USA is 3.8 million square miles, Canada is 3.86 million square miles. Combined this new USA would be 7.66 million square miles. Russia - the largest country in the world, is only 6.6 million square miles. We would be larger than Russia. This accounts for uninhabitable land and unfertile land but yet would look good on paper "The USA is the largest country in the world."

Okay but what will happen to Canada?
We will provide for Canadian needs as much as we can. We will set up Canadian autonomous districts (in the old Canada region) where administrative districts were set in place before, but with the US Federal Government looking over. Canada will be seen as a constituent state. If the Canadians are not acting well, we are not afraid to make it a post Communist state. Also the currency will not be the US dollar due to inflation and deflation risks, it will be the Canadian dollar - to uphold economic standards and keep things as steady as possible. If it is not working we will change everything to USD. We will strip them of welfare and social services if they are acting up.

Some might say more responsibility, more risk, more UNCERTAINTY. It is worth it for the possible economic output for the USA. We became powerful because of our imperialistic ideals. (think taking Mexico's territory in the West USA) Lets keep that up!

Also: NATO and the EU will be fine with it. It will take some convincing for UN but they don't care about Canada.
Thank you for reading this and vote this if you think it is a good Idea. (satire)


Not if those pesky goodie tooshoe Canadians throw your soldiers a welcome party!, your troops wont know what hit them.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Are you kidding me, the USA is not imperialistic. We are supposed to help other nations not wage war.
Posted by apollochar 3 years ago
Well USA is dying just get over it stop trying to be the biggest economic and military power in the world and let the chinesse take their turn in this worldwide game of conquest.
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
Your title implies that we will destroy them. So we wouldn't have to worry about the people rebelling right? We can just take the land and resources. And then use them all up but that's okay. After the resources are gone, we can use Canada as a site for testing nuclear weapons. (satire)
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
No. Not a good idea... It would be more responsibility for the US. Bad idea....
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