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USA should significantly spend less

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: Politics
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our debt is out of control.
if you look at the experts, we see the congressional budget office, and plenty of current and former administraters in that and realted organizations that say the same thing. a noteable name comptroller david walker. our triple A rating has been downgraded a notch, and they warn us it could be more if we don't get our affairs in order. china is warning us that we need to get our affairs in order.
only people like paul krugman argue it is not a big deal. he probably does this mostly to be a contrarian and get attention. he argues for keysian econonomics, that we can grow ourselves out by spending more.

while keynesian econ has some merit to it, it's not applicable now. that theory says when we are in a recession we should spend so as to stimulate. now, we are not in recession, and while we are not optimal, i would argue it's the new normal. employment won't go down more, cause our economic structure doesn't need that many people working. and similar arguments could be made about other economic indicators.

the measure of how much we should spend is often GDP v debt. we are about 75% debt to GDP, and the highest it has been was around WWII. what makes now different, is that the country was developing, and had a marked advanged over less developed and war torn counties. that allowed them to pull themselves out of the mire. now, we dont have things like that to pull us out.

also, probably a better measure, is that we should compare debt to national revenue. if we continue to grow in debt, we revenue won't increase in proportion.

also, within maybe thirty or so years, interest on the debt will eat out much of other spending, even to the detriment of entitlement spending.

i'm not saying we are beyond the point of no return. but we are getting there. things need to shape up. we can't keep spending like a drunken sailor.


USA should keep spending so it goes into more debt.
Debate Round No. 1


what you gonnawhat you gonna do airmax? i'm going to reiterate my last points and win this debate.


dsxkQ0IpgG8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


should i concede?

i conced....
no wait.

no, i can't do it.


dsxkQ0IpgG8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by UnderStated 7 years ago
This debate does vaguely interest. E, but however, if I am to accept then i need a bit more clarification on what "spend less" means in this circumstance.
Do you mean public spending or military spending or just spending in general
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