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Ugly People Should Be Segregated From The Rest of Society

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Started: 7/21/2013 Category: Society
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I propose that people who are deemed to be ugly ought to be separated from the rest of society to live in a society of their own, for their own benefit and for the benefit of normal society.

I think there is nothing really wrong with this idea. People who are ugly live worse lives anyway. I think segregation could actually help improve their lives, as well as contribute to a better society overall.

Round 1 is for acceptance only. Opening arguments will be posted in Round 2.

For each round, you have only 48 hours to post your argument.

I thank my opponent in advance for accepting the debate.


I look forward to this argument about "Ugly people".
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, KB240o, for accepting the debate.

Here are my key arguments for why I think ugly people should be separated from other people:

1. It will make their lives more enjoyable.

Many people who are ugly experience a lot of emotional pain because they are bullied, shunned, degraded, and rejected by beautiful people. They constantly suffer for this, compare themselves to beautiful people, and wish they were beautiful. But they never can be. Some people end up committing suicide due to the social ostracization.

This is the unfortunate reality for a lot of people who are aesthetically disadvantaged. However, if these people were to be reintroduced into a community of their own where they were welcome and among equals, this problem would be eliminated. They would have nothing better to compare themselves to, and they would not be pressured to look a certain way, and would not suffer from a lack of confidence. They would be in good company.

2. Normal people will not have to be offended by ugly people.

Almost every society in the world (if not every one) values beauty. Why? Because it is good. Beauty is inherently a good thing. It brings people together. It makes people happy. It inspires people. It has value and is respected. On the other hand, ugliness is the opposite of beauty. It is inherently bad. Therefore, ugly people are bad for society. They offend people's good taste. However, if ugly people were to be separated from normal society, this would not be a problem.

3. Ugly people would contribute to society and the economy better.

If ugly people had a community of their own, they could serve as a valuable organized workforce. They would be perfect for manual labor jobs that more attractive people wouldn't want.

4. They could receive better care and special benefits.

If ugly people were an organized community then they could have the benefit of receiving better health care, education, and general welfare from the government than they otherwise would. Think of it as the government compensating them for their disadvantages.


I see your point in "ugly people". But how do you define an ugly person?

Is this person ugly? What if you are ugly yourself Pro, & your own debate backfires you? Ugliness is defined on the inside reflecting personality as for the entire world is beautiful. The Golden Rule shows how not one person should be neglected because they can ensure success in general & or be active in just about anything.

The sterotype of "ugly people" is wrong. Some ugly people tend to become very successful. The motivation of all the negative impacted towards "ugly people" makes them stronger & can sometimes turn into CEO's or even doctors.

This debate is hard, sorry I took so long but I'll come out stronger next round.
Debate Round No. 2


Con has asked me how I define an "ugly person." I think everybody knows what they think of as "ugly," but that's a matter of opinion. It's a scientific fact, however, that there are certain features that most people agree on when it comes to beauty, and, likewise, ugliness. If we identify these features, we can find an objective definition of what an "ugly person" is. But I think it's safe to say that anybody with a major facial deformity or disfigurement would be aesthetically undesirable. So for the purposes of this debate, I will propose that an "ugly person" is "any person with a severe physical deformity, abnormality, or disfigurement that renders them repulsive or offensive to one's sense of beauty."

According to Google, the "Golden Rule" says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." But why exactly should we do this? If a man has everything he wants and his life is perfectly fulfilled, why should he concern himself with those less fortunate than himself, rather than simply enjoy his own fortune? The Golden Rule is a moral principle that tells us we should treat others equally and with empathy.

But let's be realistic. Not all people are created equal. Some people are born smarter, stronger, more attractive, more talented, etc. These qualities are valuable because they are worth something to society and because of this they bring happiness to the individuals who have these qualities. People who are attractive have a much higher chance of being successful in general than people who meet our definition of "ugly." So why should we give these ugly people false hope by telling them they have the same chances as anyone else?

Personally, if I were ugly, I would not want to display myself to the public and be judged negatively and constantly rejected. I would not want to consistently try and fail just because somebody thought it was right to give me a chance. I would rather be part of a group where I was surrounded by people at the same level as myself.


KB240o forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by huggly 3 years ago
That is funny because you are actually right and this will happen.
Posted by OpponentDestroyer 5 years ago
I would just like to add that I don't really believe in this resolution.
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